Monday, August 22, 2011

Bisola and Seun's Wedding - A Real Life Fairytale...19th and 20th August 2011

What can we say unto the Lord?
Our very beautiful bride, Bisola... looking stunning!!!
All we have to say is
"Thank You Lord"
"Thank You Lord"
All we have to say is..
"Thank You Lord"

Yes! Yes! Yes! Indeed I can't help but bless the Lord!
My lil' brother, my pal and my number 6 (I, number 5), Dr Sean got married  to his Sweetheart, Dr Bisola over the weekend and God came through for us...
Both events were absolutely fantastic. 19th of August was the Engagement ceremony while the 20th of August  was the Wedding day and both were certainly the very best engagement/wedding combo I've ever been. The beautiful venues were decked out to the nines and everyone had fun like never before...I'm still in awe of how beautifully well things turned out.
My God you are goooooood!
I designated my humble self as the 'Chief Rocker' as per sister of the groom abi? and then added "another feather to my gele" as photojournalist on both days. I think I outdid myself photography wise,  even if I say so myself..LOL!
Bisola, my new sister is beautiful through and through and my brother..well, right now he can do no wrong and I love them both so so much...May God truly bless, shield, protect and jealously guard them in Jesus Name, Amen..
I'm just so grateful for God's eternal all just seems like a fairytale ...
So my SD peeps, this is the reason why I have been MIA for a bit. I'm so proud to share my joy with you..Enjoy Bisola and Seun's (AKA Number 6') fabulous wedding  celebrations, as photographed by meee...:) Yaaay!

The Groom, my fab brother, Dr Sean AKA Number 6...
Abeke Makeovers working her magic....

Dr Sean patiently awaiting Bisola...

The main proposal letter was on a plaque but we also
blew it up for everyone to see..

And then our bride arrived...

Simply beautiful...

The bride and groom sat in this beautiful gazebo

My mother is the 'Queen of Effizy'...our bridal gifts were totally amazing...

Number 6 and friends

We got the family's approval...Whooo hooo!

Dr Sean with the bride's parents, Dr and Mrs Olusoga Ogundalu

Dr Sean with my mum and uncle (who stood in for my unwell dad)

Officially the most beautiful women in my family..

Mee and My Mother..

The Bride's Beautiful Mum, Mrs Abimbola Ogundalu

My sister, Dupe Thompson

The engagement cake was made by Dr Roberts 

These two are so into each other meen...

She picked the Bible as her favourite gift .....nice one!
Notice how the bible was wrapped like a shirt..effizy confirmed!

Me and my bestie..Bo Finni..

My hubby and I with the couple...

Me and my new sis, Bisola

My boyfriend and husband of 10 years.....and I 


My brother-in-law , Architect Akin Arogunmati...

Dupe and Mum

We are now one....Yipeee!

To meet and greet guests, the couple slipped into
something more comfy...

Makeup was by Abeke Makeovers

Now this is how a Princess should look...

Absolutely stunning...

The bride and her dad...

Bride's sister and chiefo, Oyinkan Ogundalu

The beautiful Tejuoso Olori's

My mother....


Photographer toh badt...*Wink!

Bride's younger brother, Dr. Seye Ogundalu

The bridal train had fun too...

Just us ladies...

Cloud nine...

Ope Obileye

Funmi and Paps

Moji  Wusu

Niyi Adenubi and my hubby, Seanooo

Mrs and Mrs Orebajo

My sister, Dupe Thompson baked and decorated the gorgeous wedding cake

Bo Finni, Dupey and I 

Dr Sean with Best Man, Surgeon Lieutenant Niyi Aduwo 

Dr. J.K. Ladipo

HRH Oba Tejuosho

Spot the Brides bouquet being thrown.....

My siblings - We are actually sitting in age order..LOL! That's me way back on Number 5..*wink!

As planned I made aso-ebi hand bags for my siblings and I...

Dr and Dr Mrs,,,,,
Bride's older brother, Dr. Tosin Ogundalu AKA T-Man giving the vote of thanks...

Hmmmm!!! Now how do I start to describe how amazing everything was??? I'm completely overwhelmed with joy. All I have to say is "THANK YOU LORD!!!!"

Photocredit: Bola Obileye AKA Rocker-in-Chief...!!!

Wedding Cake by Dupey Thompson of Peek-a-Cake, London- 07958 035 102
Engagement Cake by Dr Roberts of Robert Cakes
Sisters of the groom's wardrobe - ToTe by Bola Obileye
Engagement Venue - D'Olives Event Centre, Abeokuta
Wedding Venue - OK Centre, GRA, Abeokuta
Wedding Decoration exclusively by B- Cube
Bride's Makeup and Hair - Abeke Makeovers



  1. beautiful bride.. beautiful wedding .. may God bless them both :)

  2. beautiful wedding:) may God bless their home.

  3. Beautiful wedding.......Congratulations to both families.....and u did a wonderful job with your photography..!

  4. you shld completely be overwhelmed. indeed it's a real thank you Lord. May the Lord bless their union. AMEN

  5. Lovely ceremony beautiful couple! i pray GOD for abundant GRACE for the years ahead of em!

  6. Beautiful photos. The church is yum too. Pls give us more vendor and venue details oooo

  7. Gorgeous wedding!!! God bless their home. You looked pretty darn good too misssy!!!

  8. Very Beautiful wedding...Vendors pls! Venue,decorator,event planner etc..Thanks!!

  9. beautiful everything. May God bless their marriage!

  10. Wow, beautiful couple and event......God will continue to bless the couple and keep their home. Suggestion Bola, can you start featuring wedding on your, I can look at wedding pictures all day and not get tired and a little story how the couple met, and the engagement or how he propose....LMAO

  11. Ahahn, family and friends full of doctors toh bahd! Where was my own invite nah? lol .... Your brother looked really happy. GOD BLESS THEM ABUNDANTLY AMEN!!!

  12. Wow...that was tres colorful! That asoebi bag is the ish! Happy married life to them. Those tejuoso women, they look too close to be real!

  13. lovely wedding and doctors full both families o lol

  14. Lovely couple, but the groom was smiling more than the bride o.

    Hope ur dad gets well soon!

  15. ii am in tears always make my day everytime i come to your blog. Beautiful wedding and your coverage is insane. Can you pls post your email addy? i have to contact you for a business deal. pls. i love you girl and i pray you reach greater heights in jesus namae. be lifted

  16. Lovely wedding. May God bless their wedding. No 5 you could have done without the shades sha. There wasnt any pic of you without the shades!

  17. Wow...fantastic!! Lagos people no dey carry last O!! what! Wish them a very happy life together! And ur coverage was the ish!! Wat kind of camera do u use? Congrats once again. And please my regards to ur dad...wish him speedy recovery!

  18. does she work in premier hospital???if she's d one,she's a very pleasant doc

  19. Aww beautiful wedding and lovely couple. I wish them the very best as they enjoy the rest of their happy and fruitful years together. You did good with the accessories and i really like your green jewellery ;)

  20. Funny enough Na u I feel pass
    Those your sunglasses and oleku eji
    Making me appreciate mine more

    The bride defines classy
    Keep the family tite
    Gorg wedding

  21. gorgeous peeps, beautiful event.
    the aso-oke hand bag is lovely
    u r ur mums carbon copy
    I need info on the man in green velvet cap and green ?alligator shoes
    oba Tej is our own hugh hefner
    happy married life to the couple
    get well soo to ur dad

  22. LOVELY! LOVELY! LOVELY! totally moved to tears..Congrats dear brother Seun, it was too beautiful. So Happy to have seen everyone and you all looked splendid. God bless ur union! R.Salami

  23. Anon August 23, 2011 4:30 AM; yes about the sunglasses especially if they were worn indoors like in church. A bit trite. Even in a marquee, wearing sunglasses is a bit off.

    Ha! Ha!! at Oba Tej is our own Hugh Hefner. Why now? He's benn married to all three for yonks and treats them equally (so he says.)

    Congrats and all the best to the couple.

  24. The bride looked absolutely stunning. It was a beautiful wedding. God bless their union.

  25. lovely pics.
    the brides mum is too baaad!!
    No one apart from Stevie Wonder is permitted to wear shades indoors.
    The cakes are such a sight to behold.
    what is Surgeon Lieutenant??
    is that the guy's title or his first name?
    We Nigerian's are a very funny bunch.Our love for silly titles are amusing.

  26. The cakes are truly beautiful. Wish I could taste it. U r right her mum is beautiful, the groom is lucky, his bride will age well.
    Apparently,in the Nigerian Navy, if u are a medical doctor and an officer, you are called Surgeon first and then your rank second. It's actually his proper title.

  27. Thank you all so so much for your kind comments...:) As for our Stevie Wonder 'Sunglasses' don't know what you're missing...hee! hee! We all rocked it indoors and outdoors without remorse...LOL! Sometimes, you make your own rules...All fun and's a little secret u fashion goodie-goodies dunno, sunglasses wearers see much more than your bare eyes see...for real oh...LOL! (smiles) !!! Only insiders will know what I mean...Heee hee!

    @Anon Aug 23, 3:57: Many email addy is, I'm certainly up for business..*wink!

    Oh yes! thanks for the prayers too - My dad is getting better - God is good!

  28. @anon 10:39 surgeon a surgeon in the nigerian army i tink

  29. We give God all the Glory for all HE'S done. We R soo ooo grateful Oh Lord....Eledumare adupe adupe.We can't thank you enough....

  30. Well, I think these photos describe us that how beautiful wedding this is. All the pictures are just so special. Any way Happy Married life & Best of Luck to the Future!

  31. pls I need info on ur green ? cystal ? rhinestone ? CZ jewellery set. thanks

  32. Wonderful!!! Fantastic !!!. God is great. Be Blessed and fear not for your match has equal partners. Glory be to God. Happy Married life may God Nourish you both with the abundant goodness and blessings of marriage.Peace and Happiness will continue to rain upon you both,for ever and ever Amen.

    Abidemi Uruejoma.

  33. Beautiful wedding. Well coordinated decors. Yellow my fav color. Anyway, say hi to ur hubby for me. Nice seeing him after so many years.Guess u only cover the rich in Naija society? Will advice u to do a blog on the underpriviledge children that will become the leaders of tomorrow if only we all are sensitive to their plight. Enuf said about the rich n powerful.


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