Thursday, January 26, 2012


How do we go from talking cakes! cakes! and cakes! to talking accessories? Simple, we start off with another cake...!!  So my peeps, I'm deliciously delighted to let y'all know that  TÓTÉ Collections Closet Store is now open at 46 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi (right next to Double 4 Restaurant)...Yaay!
As for the cake picture below, no, we don't actually sell cakes; we sell great Ankara and Leather Handbags, as well as cameo accessories like the 'Heirloom Brooches' on this gorgeous cake.

Asides from brooches and cameo jewels, what we loooooove doing BEST is creating beautiful fun Ankara and leather inspired bags...From classic tribute 'Kelly' to TÓTÉ Signature bags, you can now walk in and pick up one of our pieces...

For men who loove a bit of luxury...

Backview of above bag from my 5-piece debut Men's collection 

I've been playing a bit with leather and my new collection (Classico 2012) features a lot of use of luxury leathers both for men and women...I'll keep you posted when the official photo shoot happens, meanwhile...please stop by soon, once again we are at 46, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

I look forward to seeing you!

Have a fab day ahead peeps!

PS: TÓTÉ bags are also available at:
L'Espace (19 Olosa Street VI) and The Social Place (96 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi)

Monday, January 23, 2012


It's certainly the 'Fabulous Cake Season' here on Seriously Doughnuts! Today we are delighted to showcase the work of an Internationally renowned award winning, UK-based, Nigerian luxury wedding cake designer, Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium as she presents her new range of wedding cakes – The Inspired 2012 Collection.
The couture collection is a tribute to the most iconic wedding dresses by notable designers including Oscar de la Renta, Helen Rose, Priscilla of Boston, Kosibah and Alexander McQueen.

Designs were crafted from custom made moulds and other sumptuous embellishments demonstrating Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium’s commitment to providing exceptional quality of service and meticulous attention to detail.Full of sensual drama and clean silhouettes, the cakes showcase a range of sugar lace, embroidery and beading techniques infused with modern design.

I love how Elizabeth brings this dress by Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah to life!

Nigeria's Elizabeth Solaru is the founder of award winning cake company Elizabeth's Cake Emporium. Creating amazing cakes that dazzle the eye and the taste buds of any bride and groom, the company has a prestigious list of clients including royalty, celebrities, TV shows, five-star hotels and glamorous West End stores. Renowned for her intricate designs, Elizabeth's cakes are adorned with amazing bridal inspired edible sugar flowers, pearls, gems and jewellery.
Designs have attracted a great deal of media attention, with wedding cakes featured in glamorous national and international publications including OK, Conde Nast Brides, Squires - Wedding Cakes, Party Cakes, Magie de Zuckers and Hello. Elizabeth is the only three times winner of Wedding TV's The Great Cake Bake and is increasingly in demand as an expert teacher of sugarcraft design.
Is this woman amazing or what?

Elizabeth Solaru is also a Seriously Doughnuts reader and will certainly be delighted to read your comments...Personally, I'm completely gob-smacked at her amazing intricate design work and attention  to detail.. Bravo Elizabeth...!!! Truly, truly amazing work!

For further information please visit 
or e-mail:
Telephone Elizabeth on 07958069116 (London)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The cost of phone calls is probably the biggest money making CORPORATE Ole we live with in Naij,  while we silently hate on the service providers (From starcomms, Airtel to gbo gboe) but you know what???  Every time I watch this advert my heart forgives MTN after all not every one that robs you blind  bothers to say 'Thank You'..LOL!

Seriously though this is my favourite Naija advert at the moment...

Can't believe its 10 years already since the mobile revolution in Nigeria....
Looooove it!
Does anyone know who that bloke and chic are both voices are amazing...You like???


Friday, January 20, 2012

Andy Clark Cakes London Comes Home To Motherland, Nigeria!

I met Adetola Andrea Akitoye, the Creative Director and Head Baker of Andy Clark Cakes back in England on a Hertfordshire train about 4 years ago, we were both tired from work but somehow, we got talking.I could sense from how she spoke passionately about cakes, that her cakes would be special and for the rest of the journey we talked Cakes,Cakes,Cakes. We kept in touch afterwards and still managed to keep the 'Cake topic going.' Well, I was an Events Organiser (weekends) and I was pretty keen to work with her but I moved back to Naij on a whim  and we lost touch until Seriously Doughnuts reunited us!!! Yay! Go SD! Go SD, Go...:)
I couldn't believe my ears as she told me she had taken the plunge coming home too, I mean her business was all set up and all but hey, Naija has its was of luring you to her. BB pins swapped and she has since been torturing me with the most beautiful profile pictures of her lovely cakes that I just had to share some of them with you...

"How did she learn to make such beautiful cakes" I hear you say?
Well, She's been baking since she was 9 years old and according to Economic Graduate, Adetola, baking came came naturally, although she went on to formally get certified in Cake Decorating at Enfield College and other cake making schools in the UK.

Not satisfied, I went on and asked her the following questions...

SD: What inspires you and why cakes?
Adetola: For me I love baking but more importantly I love the decorating aspect. Believe it or not I have over 200 baking books. I find it relaxing to sit down think of a design and see it come to life in sugar!

SD: What have you found to be most challenging with baking in Nigeria?
Adetola: There are no words to describe how scary and challenging it has been. In England a lot of things are prepped for you. You can easily get fondant, gumpaste, decorations etc and that speeds up the production process so much more. I have found ingredients here are quite inconsistent and availability is also quite poor so I have to import. In England I could decorate a cake in four hours but in Nigeria it can take twice as long with power cuts and everything else we have to contend with. The humidity also affects everything and I find that quite frustrating as sometimes the the fondant on the cake can start to sweat but fortunately I have never had any cake disasters. So it's not at all doom and gloom.

SD: What is the most important thing in baking fabulous cakes?
Adetola: For me attention to detail is very important so we always ensure that our cakes not only look good but taste heavenly and I have to ensure that I am constantly retraining so I can keep abreast of new techniques in the industry

SD: How long have you been back in Nigeria?
Adetola: 6 Months...

SD: Given all the Naija issues do you think you'll stick it out in Naij
Adetola: Hell Yeah! Nigeria is not for chickens but its definitely worth it!!!

A drunken cake..

Welcome to Nigeria, Andy Clark Cakes! Lagos are you ready??? 
PS: Look out for Andy Clark Cakes' take on 'Cakes Nigeria Loves' (March 2012), here on SD.

Andy Clark Cakes can be contacted on:
See more gorgeous cakes at:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is this the Prettiest Soldier in Naij?

Combat-Ready Pretty Soldier Girl...
As y'all know the FG managed to scare us off the streets with a little bit of help from the Soldier Boys and Girls! But hey! You know what they say "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day!" 

On a lighter note though, I saw the Nigerian Army in a different light ( well for just a minute..) when I came across the picture of this rather pretty Soldier girl on GEJ's mission on Monday AKA #OccupyYourHomes ...

A pretty young girl in the Nigerian Army?? Double take!!! plus you can tell she is a little lady. She even shaped her eyebrows before going on duty...LOL! For the first time EVER and probably on this occasion only a Naija Soldier actually looks approachable.
Hello Soldier girl...:)

PS: Thank God for  restoring peace to Nigeria!


Monday, January 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: FUEL PUMP PRICE IS N97 PER LITRE - Read Goodluck Jonathan's Presidential Address On The Implementation Of The Deregulation Policy

Presidential Address On The  Implementation Of The Deregulation Policy In The Downstream Sector Of The Petroleum Industry, Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Compatriots,
1.    This is the second time in two weeks I will address you on the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. In the last seven days, the nation has witnessed a disruption of economic activities.  Although, the economic imperatives for the policy have been well articulated by government, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) went ahead to declare a nationwide strike.

2.    There was also near-breakdown of law and order in certain parts of the country as a result of the activities of some persons or groups of persons who took advantage of the situation to further their narrow interests by engaging in acts of intimidation, harassment and outright subversion of the Nigerian state. I express my sympathy to those who were adversely affected by the protests.
3.    At the inception of the deregulation policy, Government had set up the Justice Alfa Belgore Committee to liaise with Labour and other stakeholders to address likely grey areas in the policy, but despite all our efforts, Labour refused the option of dialogue and also disobeyed a restraining order of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.

4.    However, following the intervention of the Leadership of the National Assembly, and other well-meaning Nigerians, Labour accepted to meet with government, but this yielded no tangible result.

5.    It has become clear to government and all well-meaning Nigerians that other interests beyond the implementation of the deregulation policy have hijacked the protest. This has prevented an objective assessment and consideration of all the contending issues for which dialogue was initiated by government. These same interests seek to promote discord, anarchy, and insecurity to the detriment of public peace.

6.    Government appreciates that the implementation of the deregulation policy would cause initial hardships and commends Nigerians who have put forth suggestions and credible alternatives in this regard. Government also salutes Nigerians who by and large, conducted themselves peacefully while expressing their grievances. Let me assure you that government will continue to respect the people's right to express themselves within the confines of the law and in accordance with the dictates of our democratic space.

7.    Government will continue to pursue full deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. However, given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after due consideration and consultations with state governors and the leadership of the National Assembly, government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol to N97 per litre. The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has been directed to ensure compliance with this new pump price.

8.    Government is working hard to reduce recurrent expenditure in line with current realities and to cut down on the cost of governance. In the meantime, government has commenced the implementation of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment projects: including the Federal Government- assisted mass transit programme which is already in place, and job creation for the youth.

9.     Furthermore, the legal and regulatory regime for the petroleum industry will be reviewed to address accountability issues and current lapses in the Industry. In this regard, the Petroleum Industry Bill will be given accelerated attention. The report of the forensic audit carried out on the NNPC is being studied with a view to implementing the recommendations and sanctioning proven acts of corruption in the industry.

10.                       Let me assure Nigerians that this administration is irrevocably committed to tackling corruption in the petroleum industry as well as other sectors of the economy. Consequently, all those found to have contributed one way or the other to the economic adversity of the country will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

11.                       My dear compatriots, I urge you to show understanding for the imperatives of the adjustment in the pump price of petrol and give government your full support to ensure its successful implementation. I further appeal to Nigerians to go back to work and go about their normal duties as government has made adequate arrangements for the protection of life and property throughout the federation.

12.                       Government will not condone brazen acts of criminality and subversion. As President, I have sworn to uphold the unity, peace and order of the Nigerian State and by the grace of God, I intend to fully and effectively discharge that responsibility.  Let me add that we are desirous of further engagements with Labour. I urge our Labour leaders to call off their strike, and go back to work.

13.                       Nigeria belongs to all of us and we must collectively safeguard its unity.

14.                       Thank you. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bloggers Actually Got Blushed...Yay!

Not much has been happening on the Lagos social scene given our present national woes but  before  the decadence, one fab Lagos Fashion and Beauty Blogger Neks2U organised a beauty treat especially for bloggers. Yes finally, bloggers,fashion and Beauty writers were dragged from behind the keyboards lured by Champagne, canapes, cupcakes and beauty treats courtesy of Blush...
Say hello peeps to some of Nigeria's fabulous fashion and beauty bloggers...

Nneka of Neks2U in middle 


Stella (

Yvonne Ekwere, Producer STV






Moriam Musa of Morsi PR

Nice one Neks2U...Seriously Doughnuts salutes you..*wink!

Blush Beauty: 1388 Tiamiyu Savage, VI Lagos
Cupcakes and Co: +2348165975161

PhotoCredit: Neks2U, ForStyleSake, Kola Oshalusi
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