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Models in Grey

If there was one thing I enjoyed most about the recently concluded MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week, it would be the exposure it gave to fresh new designers and shinning the light on them. Established brands such as Ituen Basi, Bunmi Koko, Lanre DaSilva Ajayi  gave presentations of their new collection while Jewel by Lisa, Kiki Kamanu and Odio Mimonet joined other designers such as Phunk Afrique, Amede etc on the runway. Prior to the show I hadn't heard of designers such as Switzerland-based Maureen Ikowkwu of Sunny Rose but what a refreshing addition she was. I loved almost every piece she showed and I was not alone, the audience cheered and gave a standing ovation after her collection showed..That said, every designer that showcased at MTN LFDW earned their place on the runway, all in all making the MTN Lagos Fashion Week  the fantastic show of African design talent it was..
Below is a roll call of designers that showcased at the MTN LFDW 2011


Kelechi Odu

Phunk Afrique


Sunny Rose

Anita Quansah Statement Accessories

Kiki Kamanu 
Odion Mimonet


Jewel by Lisa

Bridget Awosika

There is no doubt in my mind that African fashion as a whole and Nigerian fashion in particular have come a long way. What a blessing that all these fabulous steps forward are happening in our lifetime....
A huge Seriously Doughnuts congratulations to all the designers that showcased.

While we edit over 5000 images we shot from the shows, if you can't wait to see the full collection of some of the designers, do checkout the official website of the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week by clicking here

Photo credit:
Bola O for SD
Persnickety for LDFW


Sunday, October 30, 2011


MTN Lagos Fashion Week 2011 has ended and it was totally amazing but before I get into all the gist, I just need to let  you all know the 'wahala' you guys on this blog have got me into oh -  so at different points while I was photographing and doing my thing, several people came over and complained about all the negative comments that have been allowed on Seriously Doughnuts and I have to confess that it bothers me a little, that I directly or indirectly made people feel awful to have been at the end of the 'horrible' comment stick. It's one thing to say whatever you like about me after all I started the blog and I put myself out there (besides I can always delete the rubbish) but for people that innocently smiled for the camera, I think it is absolutely unfair to be abused by 'Anonymous readers'

I'm naturally a lover, I think the best and look for positive sides to every situation but I'm starting to understand that I am blessed and not everyone has the capacity to love, some people are just full of so much bile and hate that they think everyone has a motive for liking someone..

I'm very safe in my skin and I have no problem at all liking or loving someone or something, it's my life and I choose to live it in COLOUR!. The long and short of it is that I admire people that put themselves out there, aim and achieve whatever they set their minds to. Nigeria is a tough terrain to live or work and those that excel have paid a price. That to me is worth celebrating and I choose to do that through Seriously Doughnuts...

I think it's ridiculous that I found myself apologising to people over Seriously Doughnut comments but I did with all sincerity. I have thought it through and decided that rather than put people down, I would rather build them up with words of encouragement.Therefore, henceforth, unkind negative comments will no longer be allowed on Seriously Doughnuts as so many have found such comments to be very hurtful and that we truly regret.

I appreciate you taking time to comment but if you have a problem and with anyone, please take it up directly with the person but Seriously Doughnuts will not be a springboard for perpetuating hate but if you have love in your heart and a great word of encouragement to share, you are more than welcome to send in constructive and objective comments.

Thank you very much for your readership, support, attention and understanding...Let there be love shared amongst us peeps....Have a great day ahead!

Lots of love,

Bola O. for Seriously Doughnuts



 Jewel by Lisa ( Lisa Folawiyo)  continues to excite us with consistently fabulous intricately beaded garments, with enough blings to light up any fashion closet! We marvelled and applauded  as her models took to the runway at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week on thursday. Her inspiration and collection was aptly titled 'Vintage Love' and with every piece exuding the vintage essence, we in turn fell in love with her brilliant creativity....


It was a brilliant blingy show. Here's a Seriously Doughnuts huge well done to Lisa Folawiyo and her team on a fantastic collection by Jewel by Lisa...

Made in Nigeria???
Better quash all those rumours Jewel by Lisa garments are beaded in far away India, Seriously Doughnuts saw some of her staff backstage beading frantically backstage to finish up some of the outfits that were due to hit the runway..we were completely blown away, the intricate beading involved is no joke, that'a 3 people working  on one outfit. All we can say is more grease JBL!

As you can see, Jewel by Lisa is proudly made in Naija...We likey! God bless Naija Fashion!
Look out for more of  Seriously Doughnuts' coverage of MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week! It's the grand finale today you can trust us to bring you all the fabulous gist...

See ya!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

MTN LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK PICTURES: Nigerian Fashion Set To Go Global as International Media Storm Lagos

Backstage: Bunmi KOKO's rail of design wonders, including the coat the eyes of First Lady, Michelle Obama

Yesterday I had a 101 reasons to be proud to be associated with the fashion industry in Nigeria and it was only DAY3 of The MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week. The calibre of designs, intricate detail and the level of craftsmanship on display was just mind blowing...I could have stood on a mountain screaming 'I LOVE NAIJA FASHION'. There are many talented Nigerian designers popping up here and there and that I believe is something we should feel very proud of. The industry is brimming with so much positive energy it feels as though we can do and achieve just about anything. Mark my words, Nigerian fashion demands a place in the international fashion scene and by God we are set to take that place soon and very soon. Indeed the world is preparing for our grand entrance with visible representation of international media, infact, Seriously Doughnuts met Darrell Vydelingum, PR Director of the UK's Blow PR, Graeme Moran of Drapers Magazine, Jeanette Nkwate of WGSN, Yu Mesui representing Japanese Media and Rob Young of UK Vogue..
On the Lagos crowd front, the event recorded a surge in audience in "It's friday-night-where-is-the-party-at-?" style and as though to satisfy the average Lagos rocker, the shows ended and the after party started right in the same venue courtesy of Moet and as the tipples started to flow, people loosened up a little and the smiles began to flow but although I don't drink, I was smiling too, thinking to myself -"Lagos  is fun meeeeen"
Checkout a few photos below from a Seriously Doughnuts night out rocking with fashions finest on Lagos soil!
Darrell Vydelingum of Blow PR UK

Graeme Moran of Drapers Magazine 

Jeanette Nkwate of WGSN

Yu Masui - Fashion Writer from Japan

Rob Young of Vogue 

A piece we loved by young Naija designer, Kate Williams of Pegwell Hill

Ona Nwachukwu (Uti Nwachukwu's  Sister)

A fabulous statement  necklace by Anita Quansah

Our girl Akpos Okudu with one of her creations

Chex, Photographic Director of Pernisckety

Ene Maya Lawani

I love this chick...!


Designer behind Sunny Rose, Maureen Ikem Okogwu-Ikokwu

Columnist, Ayodeji Rotinwa of ThisDay Style 

Funke Bucknor-Obruthe

Damola K.

Kemi Oluokun

Mai Atafo and Deola

OMG! Elohor was looking sooo pretty, she has such fantastic skin...
and her hair was just lovely plus she was nice...
I officially like her...!!!

A friend of the house,
Moriam Musa of Morsi PR

Mr Orange Culture himself with a tape over his neck had been working
 backstage...I still love his unique style - Mr Oke-Lawal
One of the people keeping Lagos funky!

I met and hugged  Seriously Doughnuts reader, Deola Kamsom..Yay!
it was so nice to meet you Deola (smiles)

Bimbo Otuyalo

Pastor Tony and Nkiru Rapu love fashion too

Tokunboh Akerele

Mrs Alakija (Frormer president of Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria)

The beautiful, Adeyinka Oloyede of Arik

Tolagbe Martins of The Social Place.

Tolagbe Fawole

Pepper Okwesa

Mr and Mrs Uche Knuckles

Boye Asenuga, Modupe Ayeni and Funke Bucknor-Obruthe

Nollywood Producer, Kunle Afolayan -  Absolutely nice bloke

Waldi Wepenel of Blackberry ( RIM)

Pastor Rapu and Daughter Uju

Omotola Jalade in Bunmi Koko she looked  absolutely stunning

Oyinkan Momoh and Mr 'FAB Magazine' Familusi

Celine Loader

Uti Nwachukwu looking fine meeen...LOL!!!

fashion Stylist Ian Audifferen, after a hard day working backstage

Olisa Adebua

...and the boooze kept flowing!

Seriously Doughnuts reader and fashion lover Jumai Shaba

Her dress is by Toju Foyeh

Rukky, Designer behind GREY

Say cheeese....! 

Blogger, Dammy of Dammy's Dairy


Ezinne Chinkata, Taofiq Okoya, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

I love Ezinne's vintage chic look...This  girl is always on point!

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and I
I absolutely fell in love with Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde yesterday, she was ever so nice, vivacious and chatty
You know what peeps??? You should never judge a book by it's cover..
not that I ever do...but
Omotola is beautiful inside and out...

Omotola Jalade wears Bunmi Koko and stands next to the designer
Bunmi Olaye

It's the last day of MTN Lagos fashion And Design Week and I'm looking forward to all the fun. If you are in Lagos, honest you really really must be there...and yes, do say "hello", I would love to meet you...
See ya soon...:)
More gist from MTN LFDW to follow.....I said it before and I say it again " There Ain't no party like a Lagos Fashion Party Meeen"

Lots of love,

Photo credit: 
Bola O for Seriously Doughnuts
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