Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brand New High Street Fashion Label 'DUOB APPAREL' Hits Nigeria in Style

Young, Fresh and Trendy - Doub Apparel now in Nigeria
When UK-based Jennifer Oseghale and Nigeria-based Leah Adamu joined forces to create DouB Apparel, they aimed to create young, fresh, comfortable and trendy fashion pieces like you would find in High Street shops like Zara, H&M, Miss Selfridge and the likes.
Inspired by Jennifer's love for simplicity and style, DuoB Apparel brings High Street trends to Nigeria with  fabulous designs and great pricing. According to the designer, Jennifer, the idea of DuoB Apparel was strengthened when most of her friends relocated to Nigeria but always shopped online and requesting she sent their items to Nigeria on their behalf. Realising the stress of it all, Jennifer birthed the idea of DuoB Apparel to fill the gap of the lack of High Street fashion in the Nigerian market, eliminating the stress of sending money abroad, shipment costs and creating convenience for the Nigerian Shopper.
Working closely with their manufacturers to create stylish and up-to-date fashion and with new designs and new stock arriving monthly, DuoB Apparel shoppers are promised an affordable fashion feast to help create effortlessly chic looks, every single day.
Below are pictures of pieces from the DuoB Apparel range...We absolutely love....!
Style:11493 - High-waisted shorts, N6,100
TREND WATCH: Angela Simons rocks a pair of shorts (similar to
 DuoB Apparel's) in Vibe Magazine Photoshoot

Playsuit, N10,000

Mustard pleated skirt N10,000

Style 8612: Beige Skirt, N5,600

I love this! It's snip at just N5,600

Duob Apparel will be at the Designer Marketplace in Abuja on Saturday the 1st of October. Venue: City Park, Wuse 2, Abuja. Time: 12noon

For more information about DuoB Apparel in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, please call: 0813 317 7615


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Senken boasts to be the worlds largest circulation of any fashion industry newspaper. It provides news, research data and new business ideas and has a great influence over the fashion trade in Japan.
Yes o there is such a thing as a Fashion Newspaper..LOL!  I recently read the headline of the biggest industry paper, The Senken which reads "Even with Sluggish Recovery, Fashion Consumption is Brisk".  Recession? What Recession? Turns out that when you Fashionistas hit the shops the  'recession' gets put on hold. Is this true? Has your wardrobe really felt the impact of the recession? Are you still shopping like you were before the recession? Has your spending pattern changed??? Is The Senken's research true to your closet?

Are you the ultimate 'Recessionista' - price tag watching when you shop? What is the most expensive/cheapest fashion piece you bought since the recession? What sealed the deal for you, the style or the price?

Feeling Sorry For Myself Dot 'Blog-Break' Dot Com.

I have not been in the mood to write lately..It's not fun when you are angry with yourself but it gets worse when you are 'feeling sorry for yourself' tooo!!! You just don't feel like doing anything!!!  basically here's whats up....

I recently decided to do the one thing I have dreamt about for years - Take a Masters Degree in Fashion - Fashion???? YES! Fashion....!!! As ridiculous as it sounds to most people around me its a desire I have had for so long but never addressed as 'Fashion' as we know it (and in the Nigerian sense) had been seen as a vocation rather than a respectable career path.
Asides the cheeky and derogatory comments I often get when I express my desire to study fashion, truth is I should have fought my corner and followed my heart so rather than blame anyone, I take full responsibility for not fully embracing my path sooner. Growing up, I was what many described as a "Brainy" child always one of the top 3 students. A school report card described me as "very academic and unwittingly intelligent" (I'm still not sure exactly what that means) but I inevitably found myself chasing the ideals of a somewhat 'professional' career path expected of someone with 'unwitting intelligence'. I didn't mind being a Doctor like my parents prescribed but as fate would have it I ended up graduating with a joint degree in IT & Business while fashion remained my consistent and faithful sidekick..
Although I'm proud of my achievements working as a fashion/art director and stylist for 12 years, I wonder if I could have done more if  I had given it my all. Fortunately though, I have been doing a lot of soul searching and lifestyle re-working.Thank God for the freedom and perks of being an adult. I call the shots in my life these days and I have been following my heart and  'fashion' dreams more. ToTe Collections was born along the way and running with my new found freedom, I applied for a Postgraduate Degree in Fashion (for real o..."Back to school with Bata Cortina"LOL!) but sadly though, I apparently applied a bit too late and the course is fully booked for this year..!!!! (Shooot! Looks like everyone has been soul searching tooo..)
I was informed that I have to wait till next year. One whole year??? Wait for one whole year??? Oh well I have waited this long I guess ??? What's one more year right? it's just all of 12 months of waiting that's all!!!  Hmmm, I'm officially and utterly upset with myself!!!! Why? Oh why didn't I apply sooner???? Aaaaaaaah!!! (screaming in Queens english, yoruba and pidgin toooo....!!!). I grab a tissue and sob uncontrollably....(aaaaahhhhh!!!! yeeeeee!!!! aaaaahhh!!!)
 Meanwhile, there is one thing you can do to cheer me up sha..LOL! I was nominated along sides some fashion biggies I truly respect for the Eloy awards Accessory Designer of the Year award. Please give me half a chance of  winning by voting for me here.. Thank you..:)
Anyway peeps, please forgive me while I take a "Feeling-Sorry-For-Myself-Blog-Break" one thing is for sure though, I will snap out of it, I will survive and I will be back....*wink!!! (grabs yet another tissue to catch a rolling teardrop....aaaaahh!!!) Hee! Heee! (I'm laughing at the same time....this is really weird!)
Have a fabulous tissue-free day, peeps !

Lots of Love,

PS: If you're still wondering whether to do that one thing you've always dreamed of, I'm not an expert yet but all I can say is "We all only get to live once" ....You must make that decision for yourself to live the life you truly want..! Be strong and be of good courage - Yes You Can!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

SD VIDEOBLOG: Time to do things a bit different here??? Your thoughts please...

Last night, I should have been blogging as we know it,  you know, writing a lil some, some.. but instead I decided to make a lil' video...
It was a few minutes to midnight  and I was tired so please forgive my stoned, tired look.
WARNING: Picture quality is a bit grainy but please bear with me...If we decide to take this forward, I promise there will be NO GRAINY VIDEOS...LOL!

Whoooo Hoooo! We are going PRO!

If you've got a few minutes to spare and a thought to share, I'll appreciate it if you can drop me a line...
I look forward to hearing from you..

Lots of love,


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Leading African Fashion Magazine COMPLETE FASHION is out with its September Edition with cover stars, KAREN IGHO of Big Brother Africa Fame and multiple award-winning artiste 2FACE IDIBIA.In this edition that packs quite a punch, front cover star, Karen Igho dishes on her not-quite rosy childhood, life in the Big Brother House, her style and reveals a never-before-seen side. Back Cover Star, 2Face tells of his achievements so far and why his style stands him out from the pack.

The edition also includes regulars with hottest looks from the runway to the red carpet, and a special feature that includes look books showcasing the best and latest works from designers of the moment and this month, even more exciting for us,this issue features the ToTe Collection Look Book! Whoooo Hooooo!!!!

Please go grab a copy off your vendor today and get your weekend started early... Complete Fashion, September Edition is on news stands nationwide!!!! If you are not in Nigeria, don't dull..get your cousin, friend or whoever to get it for you..LOL! Yes oh I'm plugging this one big time!!!! 

My sincere appreciation to the Complete Fashion Team, you guys Seriously Rock!!!

That said, I guess its not news that 2FACE IDIBIA is one fine boi sha...any hoooo have a kwool day all.

Lots of love,

N.B: Ohhhh! Yes! Yes! I've got lots of gist but I've been so so unbelievably busy trying to clear a backlog of work. Once I do, we'll be back to gist galore...meanwhile stay fabulous know I love y'all....*Wink! Wink!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrating the UK Black Entertainment Community at The 3rd Annual UK Beffta Awards Nominations Launch Party

Seriously Doughnuts was invited to the 3rd Annual BEFFTA  Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) nominations party at The Hilton Park Lane on 16th of September 2011 where the nominations for the forth coming awards were revealed.

BEFFTA Awards is a distinctly special awards ceremony honouring the best showbiz and entertainment personalities in the black and ethnic communities in the UK, USA and globally. Founded by Pauline Long,  BEFFTA Awards is the first of its kind rewarding under one roof outstanding achievements and contributions from Africans, Caribbeans and Asians in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts. This international prestigious ceremony celebrates an all round accomplishments of a hard working community within entertainment and showbiz especially the unknown talent that need exposure. 
After two successful years of BEFFTA awards in the UK and one year in the US, BEFFTA awards UK is back with a prestigious press and nomination launch 

Specially invited guests on the evening of the launch included the recently celebrated veteran entertainer and British popular soap Eastenders actress Ellen Thomas and Choice FM founder Neil Kenlock who have been great role models for the black community in the UK. The flamboyant double BEFFTA award winning model trainer and the official swimwear model trainer for Sandstorm boutique’s Miss World 2011 fashion show said, “I’m excited about the 3rd annual BEFFTA awards, the award ceremony has laid great foundation for what I am now and I’m so grateful”.
The public nominated in June and July while the panel of BEFFTA members carried on with their research and nomination until September when they came up with the final list. BEFFTA founder Pauline Long said, “the nomination process is usually lengthy and involves intense research but it’s all worth it, you only have to look at the individuals nominated to see that we are a community of very talented and creative people. A lot of the people that have been nominated work very hard behind the scenes and are very talented, these people need recognition for their contribution in the industry and that’s what BEFFTA is about”.
BEFFTA awards voting is expected to begin on 1st October with the main red carpet awards night taking place on 22nd of October at the prestigious Light House. 
Below are a few pictures of guests we met at the event...

Members of UK International Dance group-Dankira

Jean Louis

The UK's Catwalk Professor ( Swimwear Model Trainer)

Blogger Jestina George

DJ Abbass, Lanre Davies and Adesope Olajide of Factor 78

 Obonjo (Comedian)

Miss Nigeria UK, Chieni Okafor


Beth belay 

Model, Halima Ali

Model, Habenab Tesfamariam

Felix Kadzombe, Ashliegh Cloete, Lewis Machipisa

Miss Zim Diamond, Pearl Natasha Doherty

Fashion Stylist Pride Achu

Cast and Crew of TV Production - Breach Drama

Queen of Zambia, Victoria Mtonga

London's Top Youth Culture Bloggers, Peeks and Lolo of MO-AM Network

Talk Show Hostess, Princess of Arize! Princess Deun Adedoyin Solarin

Fashion Blogger, Peeks

London's  favourite youth culture fashion bloggers Peeks & Lolo with Queen of Zambia

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Karen Salandy, Erela Thomas and The Catwalk Professor


Amber and Miss Central Africa, Katherine

Peeks and Lolo with UK Girl band 4Flava

Artist Manager, Maria Adesoye and Lekan Shobiyi (Musician)

Celebrity Stylist , Savanah Barthorpe
Kelan Hunter

Blogger Mambo

Joan Makoge

Singer Khadija  Kamara & Peeks

Stylist, Pride Achu

The UK black community has certainly got talent worth celebrating...Here's wishing all the nominees the best of luck.. Checkout the list of nominees here
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