Saturday, January 29, 2011


Michael Neri's Blackberry Profile Picture as supplied by
our source
1980 something. Location: Ikoyi Club: Young people swimming and a girl runs to the pool area announcing with glee…"Michael Neri is here".
What followed was absolutely unreal; every girl in the pool screamed as though a super star had arrived. I was young (Sec School) and I had never witnessed such frenzy over a bloke. Not even Michael Jackson (God rest his soul) could have whipped up a louder 
applause that day. I was absolutely gobsmacked…but  in true celebrity style, Michael Neri walked the length and breadth of the olympic-sized swimming pool and then he left….If memory serves me well that was the day, Michael Neri of Kings College, Lagos, etched his way into my mind as a young celebrity..OK..maybe a child celebrity…but evidently, he was adored by many with 'R. Kelly-like' following and even after I went off to university, the legend of Michael Neri continued…he threw the coolest parties and everyone wanted to be on the guest list. One of which was one he threw with his brother . No one would miss his parties for the world…and yes Michael Neri's party was yet again the coolest joint.

Many years down the line I just simply forgot about him…except when reminiscing over the good old 'rocking days' until I got the BB message today (29 Jan) which read  " Michael Neri and Ify Eneli kidnapped while leaving Likwid nightclub in VI@1am yesterday.They were driving a black mercedes benz c-230 Plate *******. Please broadcast and report to police if there is any news". 
My first reaction was shock and then hope followed...maybe its a hoax, maybe not!

Unfortunately at this time I cannot tell you whether or not it is true but everyone in Lagos has got the broadcast and nothing has yet been sent to say it isn't true. Fade@Beat 99.9FM kinda mentioned about the BB broadcast but declined to talk about it in detail on air as she is also not sure if it's true. His close friends are putting up his picture on their profiles saying it is true but like I said I just don't know. Evidently Michael Neri still has a huge fan base in Nigeria, I can't imagine what his parents and family are going through if it is but we are all praying that if it is indeed true that he would be found safe and sound. 
The Seriously Doughnuts team certainly hope it's not true but we will keep you posted with any new information…in the meantime please  continue to pray for Michael Neri and Ify Eneli…

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Storm of The Returnees..

It's 2011 and Nigeria is swamped with British, American, Swedish, Italian and all manner of nationality of Naija-born returnees coming back (like my peeps say 'from abroad'..LOL!) with foreign degrees and mixed up accents...Take the case of my favourite Nigerian Radio Station -The Beat 99.9 FM, where all its Radio DJs  speak with British, American and mixed accents including accents of untraceable origins.. Tune in and you’ll be entertained by a variety of accents from one ‘accent-phrenic’ Dj to’s absolutely hilarious. It certainly makes going through traffic a breeze - You wont find better entertainment in Naij...I promise you..I love it! 

But seriously though, returnees are storming Naija with a game plan and they’re not taking ‘No’ for an answer...The brief is clear It’s ‘Mission: Nigeria Must Obey’. They have chosen not to be distracted by Nigeria and it's downers but have instead come here on their own termsLadies and Gentlemen, guys and girls...may I introduce you to some of Nigerias latest and coolest ‘brain-gains’ and intellectual warriors AKA Naija- Oyinbos, JJCs, Se-se-days etc - ChyDynma, Bobby Taylor, Eku Edewor, Tiwa Savage...

ChyDyma  Okebalama’s sensational performance at Bella Adenuga’s wedding last year spelt the beginning of a homecoming move for her. This gorgeous Electrical Engineering graduate  from North Eastern University in the United States, worked for a few years as a Software Engineer  but has recently swapped the streets, sights and sounds of America for Lasgidi to further her passion for music.
I met this super-beautiful girl and fell in love with her and her sultry voice..I asked her how she was coping in Lagos and she mentioned she takes regular ‘outta Naija’ breaks when  Lagos gets a bit too stressful... Her new single ‘woozy woozy‘  is so far receiving rave reviews... Lets just say she’s ‘living la vida loca’ in Lagos...She is apparently good friends with the MoHits Records Crew (Don Jazzy, D-banj -who also happily swapped Charlton, London for Lagos, Nigeria some moons ago) Rumour has it that she might just be the first lady to join the MoHits stable...You go girl! Welcome to the real God’s own country - Nigeria!

Bobby Taylor
Bukky George Taylor AKA Bobby Taylor is the Head of  Bobby Taylor Consulting (BTC), a PR company she started while based in Canada. BTC, boasts of a worldwide client base. From the  entertainment industry to corporate bodies, Bobby Taylor has successfully created a ‘buzz’ for her brand and clients she represents so much so that BTC’s services are readily available on ground in Lagos and across the nation.It is therefore, little wonder that Nigerian Newspapers and softsells are hailing Bobby's arrival in town. This phenomenal woman is keeping Lagos on her toes. She is most definitely a brain gain for Nigeria. Bobby - Welcome to Lagos...what can I fabulous friend, for you....Eko o ni baje o...LOL! 

Eku Edewor
Eku Edewor is a TV Presenter with Studio 53 Extra. The first time I saw her  I didn’t know who she was (JJC2..LOL!) but I remember thinking ‘Wow’. She wore the shortest pair of shorts you can imagine (Ok maybe not that short...LOL),a sleeveless top and a pair of sandals..she looked absolutely gorgeous but almost didn’t fit into Victoria Island. It was as though she had walked out of the set of ‘Sex and the City’ know a bit too risque for Lagos..but I guess that’s why she seems to have Lagos agog.
I kid you not when I say that she has been on the cover of every single magazine in Lagos..Everywhere you look Eku is on the cover page...Beautiful people have it easy eh? But wait this beautiful returnee, has brains to back it all up...She studied at the New York Film Academy...and yes..Nigeria listens when she speaks...I guess the morale is If you are pretty and have a degree or need to come back home to Naija! Heee hee! Just kidding..There’s only 1 Eku Edewor. Welcome Eku...Long live Nigeria!

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2007. If you’re a member of House on the Rock Church, London,.you might remember sending her forth into God’s blessings a few years ago.. She participated in X-Factor (UK Music talent show) making it to the top 24 but since relocating Tiwa has  made it to No.1 in the hearts of her Naija fans..Her single ‘Kele Kele’ is the ultimate easy dance track with a killer video to go with it...
Nigeria has certainly embraced Tiwa in all her gorgeous long-legged ‘returnee’ glory...I spoke with her for a few minutes at the MTV MAMA awards and there I saw her truly British, polite and smiley side..I doubt anyone would have ‘kele kele’ love for you girl...X-Factor's loss but a fabulous Naija gain! Love that dress tooo!

Are you Ready?

So there you go peeps...I guess you have to take the bull by the horn to get ahead in this town...The only thing is Nigeria is a raging bull with a non-existent infrastructure.....Truth be told Nigeria is a tough terrain. You’ve gotta have one plan to win - YOUR PLAN...

Hello World! Helllo My Nigeria!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After much dreaming, wondering, contemplating etc,etc ...I finally decided to move to Naij.....I took the plunge...Yes! I'm trying out living in Nigeria (Note: I said trying out, so London, hold my place oh)  and so far what can I say? 17 years away and  Nigeria is still Nigeria...

Not much has changed..NEPA is still a pointless waste of public funds..the roads are nothing to write home  about...I could go on and on...but hey..didn't I say Nigeria is still Nigeria...?? Nigeria still knows how to party hard...No wonder, Johnny Just Come..Banky W said "Aint no Party like a Lagos Party"...he has a big point! And yes! I can testify to that. Despite the madness on this side of earth, Nigerians still know how to lay their burdens aside every week and party like its a 'God-Given' right..from birthdays to weddings, naming ceremonies to house-warmings...Parties are everywhere....I've lost count of the number of shindigs I've attended since I got here a few months ago...but wait, I have an excuse's all work related...LOL!!! But many Aso-ebi's can one girl really handle...??? Ankaras are now competing for space in my closet...and they just keep pilling up... O ga oh!

Anyhow, I realise that quite a few people out there want to come home too but are wondering whether or not to take the plunge...I certainly can't make that decision for you need to see past a lot of things to want to stay need to see what only you need to see what God holds for you in your minds eye. What I'm trying to say is that you really must have a  personal conviction to be here especially if you currently live abroad..
What I can do though is to share my Naija journey with you indulging in my passion for life, fashion, entertainment and all things 'quirky-Nigerian' through the SERIOUSLY DOUGHNUTS far its been lots of fun for me...( minus crazy Lekki and Lagos-wide traffic, pollution, useless pointless NEPA/PHCN...unreliable staff)...but inspite of it all Nigeria holds a promise and I completely buy into it...well for now...LOL! So do stay tuned...

While I was writing this, perfectly timed, my little son came up and said Mummy "Why do you like Nigeria? " He is still trying to understand why we swapped planets.. LOL! I looked at him and all I could offer was a smile because the truth is I really don't know....but for some innate reason I really do....I really love Nigeria...

So...Would you relocate to Nigeria? Do you like, love or loathe Nigeria? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The next 'BIG DEAL' in Nigerian Music...

We listened to his songs and we're SOLD...hook, line and sinker.
This guy is seriously fabulous. His hook-line 'Ti -gen-gen' has certainly got the Seriously Doughnuts Team bumping. Trust me that's an achievement.

We are proudly nuts about music and we can't wait to share what we believe is going to be a major hit in Nigeria and beyond.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is our singular pleasure to introduce to y'all..
The Seriously Doughnuts Scoop of the year....It's DEWAVES !!

The Seriously Doughnuts Team  is working behind the scenes on an official unleashing of DEWAVES the talent on Nigeria...All we can say for now is watch this space!!!!
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