Monday, February 28, 2011


 My Sister-in-law sent me and my boys a trailer load of 'janded' food this weekend..Whoop! Whoop! and for the first time ever I understand the correlation between food and happiness.
Of course, these foods are available here but they are thrice as much money and not always from the UK. Often times they are from Dubai, Egypt, South Africa etc maybe its my mouth but they don't taste the same joo. Even the little 'nik naks' I used to take for granted in London are a luxury here in Naij but you know what with my kitchen stocked up with all my 'jand' food, my boys are hugging and kissing me more knowing they'll get more delicious rewards than 'Kpako' biscuits. I even noticed that my son's british accent fully resurfaced last night (Halleluyah!) as he pleaded for another pack of chocolates ...hmmmm! maybe chocolates stimulate the part of the brain that controls 'foneh' oh!
Kai! wonders of jand food! As for me, I'm super happy that for the next 4 weeks my boys will be under my 'jand spell' .  In fact I'm already planning my next London trip from the Airport straight to 'Food shop' at  Tesco Supermarket hoping it'll help secure my son's 'foneh' (British accent) so he can work as an intern at The Beat 99.9 FM, Naijas only 'foneh-speaking' radio station LOL! (Shhh! I shamelessly love em!) Hand to chest I pray, so help me God of Jand!

PS:Thanks so much Sis Feyi..We'll call you tonight so you can hear Tob's foneh..thanks to your chocolate overdose..LOL!



Yep it's 2011 and this picture is from a popular PRIVATE HOSPITAL in Lagos. I doubt the contraption pictured here works. It was probably an ECG monitor a hundred-million years ago. It looks like its job now is to collect dust. A task it seems to be doing very well. Nothing looks right in the picture, not the bedsheets or the cluttered table but on the bright side, they are known to have fantastic doctors but just to be on the safe side..
Pray yourself to good health and cram 'Psalm 23' urgently!! Especially the part that says;"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of deathI will fear no evil, for you are with me;thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me" 
Cos boy,  this sure looks evil....!!!



I popped into a Lady's store asking for a product. She showed her version of  it to me but it was the wrong item. Frankly, it looked fake so I apologised and gave back the item saying "I'm sorry, that's not what I was looking for" She gave me one look and said "Sorry for yourself, why did you waste my time when you knew you wouldn't buy from me?" Shocked, I simply walked away and that's just one experience out of many...
In Lagos, if you're able to manage your expectations you will not be disappointed. First things first, be clear in your mind that the idea of a Customer Service department is a 'White Elephant", much talked about but never seen but if you miraculously find one I promise that like the one that I visited here, it will be  CLOSED. When you come to Lagos you have to be your own Customer Service Department. Stay cool, calm and collected. Don't bother unleashing the dragon within, just walk away. Trust me their madness is greater than yours but if you just happen to have received great Customer Service here in share your experience. So far mine has been quite 'rubbish' really...!


Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning at the Fountain of Life Church,  Mr Odegbaike, Enioluwa’s father described the grueling journey he had to endure in order to have his son returned to him safely in his testimony of God’s goodness 15 days after he was snatched from their Magodo home by a Hired help/Nanny.
Seriously Doughnuts received the following details of Enioluwa Odegbaike's safe return as the Testimony of Mr Odegbaike:
Enioluwa Odegbaike 
It was said that Mr Odegbaike narrated the story by stating that after they had done everything asked by the kidnappers, still his son was not returned to them. That the kidnappers would call promising to release him day after day but would again call to postpone until they received a text message on friday evening at around 6pm asking them to get to Benin Republic for 7pm.
When they arrived at Benin, they called the contact number the kidnappers gave but were told they were too late but they were given another location requesting that Mr Odegbaike went to the new location alone by Okada (Motorbike) at around 2am.
On arriving at the said location, Seriously Doughnuts, gathered that a woman (who may have been his Nanny) arrived at the same location also on an Okada with Eniloluwa strapped behind her. He mentioned that the woman was guarded by around 10 men, none of who covered their faces.
As Enilouwa was being handed over to Mr Odegbaike, one of kidnappers said to him I took care of your boy because you were nice to my staff”. ( We believe he was referring to the Nanny).  The woman on the Okada (who might have been the Nanny) was also reported to have thanked Mr Odegbaike ending the horrible ordeal for the Odegbaikes.
Our source observed that Enioluwa’s hair had been cut to disguise him and that Enioluwa looked nothing like the pictures circulated online and on Blackberry phones as pictured here. We are indeed grateful to God for his mercies for Enilouwa’s safe return.
May God’s hand remain graciously upon us all. Stay safe people and God bless you and yours!



Finders Keepers..The young clubber rocking Ikechukwu's glasses picked up
 at Ikechukwu's Rehab Fight..toh critical..! 

Driving through traffic I noticed a street trader that had a copy of Neato C's new album - Super Season, so I bought it but just before we drove off, the vendor blurted out in pidgin english "You no go buy him brother own?". Curious, I asked "His brother sings?", the vendor quickly whipped out another CD at me and said "Ikechukwu na him brother", I laughed and bought that too not because I like Ikechukwu AKA Killz,but because I'm trying to forgive him. Truth is, I'm scared of Ikechukwu. When I think of 'Killz' as he likes to call himself, I remember the night of his big fight outside the Rehab when a few friends and I had stopped by at the club to pass time before the MTV Awards After-party commenced.Well, you all know what happened. Right before our eyes, International Musician, Killz almost 'Killzed' the Bouncer when he was refused entry into the club after Neato C and others where allowed in.
The Musical Karate Kid...
'Killz' took his shirt and 'shakomended' glasses off, the happy dude pictured next to him picked up Killz  glasses and started rocking it (I think he also picked the shirt too).So Ikechukwu, you know who to go to if you want your 'goggles' back but please 'Killz' don't  'Killz' the guy, he was just having fun on the night watching the Real Karate Kid, live at the Rehab and in Killz words the fight was really 'critical'. That's actually Track 2 (Critical) on Killz' album..The Alliance Reconstructed. Ikechukwu has since issued an apology albeit 'half-baked' but an apology all the same, so forgive him too and grab a copy of his new album. Just ask for Neato C's brother on the streets or Karate Kid if you're around VI. Their albums looks loaded although I haven't had time to listen to either but I'll let you know what I think when I do but from air play, I love Naeto C's 'Share my Blessings' (Track 12) featuring Asa and from Killz album…emmmm? O Critical…!
The Gentleman and that's ten over ten..Shikena!
(Track 10)
Obviously the street trader's understanding of family structure is a bit warped when it comes to these two but if Neato C and Ikechukwu were really brothers one would be the gentleman and the other, the soldier. I guess you don't need any clues there. Clearly  O digital...! LOL!

*LOL - Laugh Out Loud*

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Kidnapped Enioluwanimi is now home!
Seriously Doughnuts is happy to announce that kidnapped Enioluwa Odegbaike has been returned safely home.

Below is a Broadcast released from his family yesterday, 25th of Feb 2010:
Our dearest baby and now yours, Enioluwanimi just came back home safely at 8.20am this morning!!!!!! Alleluia! We cannot begin to express how much we appreciate you for your prayers, visits, phone calls and support which eased the traumatic experience of the last 15 days. I am truly overwhelmed and I only ask the Lord to bless and reward you indeed!
Ese gan ni o! E ku a duroti!Our hearts are full of rejoicing!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!

Seriously Doughnuts joins the Odegbaike Family in thanking all Nigerians for the support and prayers. Indeed, we stood united on this. May God receive ALL the Glory!



Friday, February 25, 2011


Kenny Saint Brown (KSB) is one of Nigeria’s most popular gospel singers, she is an Executive Director at KENNIS Music, a one time KORA award winner  and winner of NMVA Best Gospel Artiste Award (2010) amongst many other musical accolades. I have loved her music from afar for years so I was quite excited (well, cautiously) when we finally got our photoshoot and interview with her scheduled.
It was to hold at her older brother Kenny (Keke) Ogungbe’s home, I didn’t know what to expect as interviews are never that straight forward but I love to connect with my  interviewees, it just makes things flow and both parties get the best out of it but connection or no connection I had one mission: KSB exposé...
As we drove through the massive gates of Keke of Kennis Music's home. KSB was politely waiting to receive us (Photographer & I). We made eye contact and then she gave the legendary 'KSB smile’ and somehow I knew we would be just fine..
I walked into the house, impressed with the gorgeous decor.I complimented KSB and she in turn spoke lovingly of her Sister-in-law (Bolajoko, Keke's wife), who she described as a fabulous interior decorator who made their home that beautiful..Evidently KSB adores her...
We looked through the outfits to be photographed and once we got started,I fell in love with KSB. She was the perfect professional, 'playing with the camera' and making the shoot such a delight but before I could really settle into getting to know her, I got a phone call and had to rush off leaving the photographer with her...
We rescheduled the interview and we finally met up yesterday but this time at KSB's home. One knock on the front door and there it was again..The delightful ‘KSB smile’. She looked 'on point' even though she was casually dressed with no makeup on, wearing a track suit and Tottenham Hotspurs face cap. She explained that she had just got back from the gym excused herself briefly and offered me a tall cool glass of ice tea..
A little small talk after, we started the interview. I asked her so many questions about her choice of music genre, gospel, I asked about her take on the Nigerian Music industry, about tabloid rumours of a  romantic involvement with MI , I asked about how she copes with life as a single mum to her lovely son and daughter,  about the issues that plague the Nigeria music industry, Nollywood, her new love, her relationship with Dagrin, PMAN  and so much more..
And she duly obliged as she passionately tackled each question in great detail.The interview was only meant to last 1hr but 3hrs after we were still there talking and sipping on even more ice tea..
She believes she is ‘called’ by God to service and whatever your take on that is , I can tell you that it's a calling she takes seriously, one she has dedicated her life to and one she is willing to do for as long as God says so..
I saw a side of KSB that not a lot of people see, a happy, astute, energetic woman, content with her lot in life and a huge love for God, she is aware that many may question her calling, many may try to hold her back but she is clear that as long as she stays the course, the one that called her will surely reward her if he finds her faithful! What a vivacious, down-to-earth, real, passionate and switched on woman she is! If she had one message to share it would speak directly to the heart mobilizing each person to set their eyes on God alone while enjoying all that God has made available..That message I personally find timely.I guess that’s why after my longest interview to date I came out feeling refreshed and it was nothing to do with the ice tea. 

KSB is deep and I like that in a woman. She’s had her fair share of trials and tribulations, heartbreaks, disappointments et all but still she remains an unstoppable trail blazer in the gospel music genre carrying on and holding up the gospel of Jesus Christ with swagger and I truly admire her strength.

Yes, I’m unashamed to say I love Kenny Saint Brown and while I carry on with my daily grind of paper chasing or ‘rat racing’ as its called on this side of the world, I can’t help but but wish for the prayer points in ‘Turn Around’, an upbeat clubbanger KSB wrote featuring the Late DaGrin..God rest his soul.

Love her or loathe her, KSB is taking gospel music to the streets and places where ‘trado’ gospel outreach programs may never reach. Now how can you say that is not God-inspired?? 

KSB’s New Album TURN AROUND featuring Dagrin, Eldee, Terry G,
MI,Jaywon is now out on the streets of Lagos.

KSB, Seriously Doughnuts salutes you..


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Muma Gee is Nigeria's very talented Musician, Nollywood Feature Actress and Men's Underwear Designer. A fantastic entertainer who has perfected the art of grabbing the nation's undivided attention not only with her gorgeous face but also with her eccentric sense of  style. Mind bugling as it was, I finally managed to rationalise the idea behind this very red look here..It's just Pure Entertainment..the Muma Gee way!
Fashion and Style according to Muma Gee..
Entertainment in a dress..or is it?
You just try to describe this dress to a friend, I guarantee you will no doubt sound like you've lost your marbles..
Muma Gee's creative license gives free reign to dish out her 'take on fashion' on Nigeria afterall, we cant really expect her to look like a mere mortal now..can we? so, like every other issue that plagues Nigeria (NEPA etc), we have learnt to love and live with our lovely Muma Gee and as one man's food is another man's dog food, I'm guessing some 'foodie' people like this outfit so much and can't wait to copy it in Ankara..
My advice? Don't do it - It wont turn out like those Vlisco adverts, just let this one go! Nigeria has room for just one Muma Gee besides the Fashion Police are now on the streets of Lagos, if you are not MUMA GEE, you will get rumbled. 
As for the golden Amigo's hair..Dang! I'm completely speechless... !!!
Ladies and Studs, this week on Seriously Doughnuts' Sack your Stylist, we give you the Un-sackable Self-Stylist and Men's 'pants' Designer, Muma Gee...
But just in case you didn't notice..She actually has a very beautiful face...
Muma Gee as our peeps say.."SD dey hail oh"
The back view.. you like?



I bought my very first copy of COMPLETE FASHION MAGAZINE yesterday in traffic…Whoop! Whoop! 
It was Nneka on the cover that helped clinch the deal, so I  happily parted with N500 (£2/$3.50) for it. Sony BMG Record Signee, Nneka was styled by Ebun Aboderin. I actually bought it out of curiosity 'cos I noticed the image of Nneka on the cover was rather 'raw', minimal makeup (just lipgloss) and the clothes looked unironed but on a closer look the idea kind of works as the image is reminiscent of  Oliver Twist's 'peasant boy' look. I guess Ebun was trying to keep in with Nneka's tomboyish side. So, my brief inspection over,I quickly flicked to her interview and boy, was blown away by this down-to earth personality...!

A self confessed lip gloss junky, Nneka always wears a natural look, big bouncy hair and speaks with a strong unmistakable 'Warri' accent. She is completely unfazed by the international celebrity status that her music career has bestowed on her, she remains a self assured real Naija girl..

 Born Nneka Ebuna to a German mother and and a Nigerian Father from Anambra state she was raised by a woman from Ekpoma. In her interview, she reminisces about a time in her life when all the clothes she had used to belong to someone else (Pass me downs). She decribes how she left Nigeria for Germany ending up on an Asylum project living alongside other asylum seekers and foreigners and how the racism she faced forced her to become a 'crazy revolutionary' proud of her African heritage and her Nigerian accent.. Trust me, she is one truly incredible young lady must read that piece!

As for the rest of the Magazine..It's picture-overkill, I mean it has tons and tons of images to look at from red carpet events from around the world to to Naija, fashion and life style events, pictures of designer pieces, celebrity fashion and hair plus a 'Fashion Jury' spread where their fashion experts score unsuspecting pundits on their style 'hits' and 'misses'.. Ouch!
I got through the magazine in about 20 minutes but I'm not letting go of it just yet..!  Its still got 'flip through me a bit more' written all over it…I absolutely love it!

These are interesting times in Nigeria. Although still a bit rough around the edges, fashion and fashion reporting is really coming of age here. So the next time you're in town I recommend you pick up a copy ..Its no where near Grazia or Heat..but what the heck..its Naija cool...!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In a photoshoot with MONASH  and some of her 'clients' who also doubled up as her models on the day. In Pic: Oyinda Olashoju, Tutu Abbas, Monsurat Shobayo(MONASH), yours truly, Bola Obileye, Yosola Kuku and Maylin Adebayo

Maylin Adebayo and Yosola Kuku in MONASH
Direction:Bola Obileye
Pic by Koya for Ovation Magazine

The Monash Label is the brain child of Monsurat Shobayo. Mona as she is fondly called, is an avid fashionista who returned to Nigeria in 2008 from the United States of America.
Her motherland journey started to evolve in 2007,when she began toying with the idea of returning home. So, she  spent  most of that year going back and forth between America and Nigeria.By 2008, she finally made the decision packed her bags and returned home to Nigeria with her husband and sons after 14 years away.

Today, she happily lives in Lagos where she runs her label, MONASH. Over the years the MONASH label has become synonymous with wearable style and exquisite design. 
In less than 3 years, she has built an A-list clientele that includes celebrities and politicians but she is much loved and adored by 'Elite Lagos Fashionistas', who trust her creative knack. Indeed, whenever there is a big 'A-List' event in Lagos, the house of MONASH becomes a fashionista haven..Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, Louis Vuitton handbags, Aunty Funmi Hair all stroll in and out ..A day with MONASH truly brings to mind the essence of Lagos life,where fashion and style rules..

I caught up with Mona for a 'slam dunk' interview after a fashion shoot that I styled showcasing her collection for Ovation International Magazine, do look out for that issue.


I took 4 Minutes of Mona's busy schedule to ask her 4 Random Questions

SD: Why did you start the MONASH label?
Mona: I'm passionate about fashion, MONASH just came naturally..

SD: What would you say to a Nigerian in the diaspora that wants to come back home but isn't sure?
Mona: I would say have something in mind that you want to do before coming to Nigeria, do your research and invest time coming back and forth for sometime before packing and moving down. Whatever you do, do not come without a plan, have a business idea  or something just make sure you  come prepared.

SD: I have known you as a serious fashionista for many years, tell us what your top 3 most loved  fashion accessories are?
Mona: My brown platform shoes, chandelier earrings and clutch bag.

SD: Fashion is so alive in Nigeria but its also a tough terrain to live in…! Would you consider going back to live in America?
Mona: Yanke ke ? Noo oh! Never!  Omo Naija ni mi oh!
SD: Swagger!!! LOL!

PS: For pictures from the photo shoot and a more detailed interview with Monash look out for Ovation International Magazine. Do grab a copy!
For more info about Monash feel free to email me..

Below are blackberry pictures of Mona's favourite fashion pieces...picked from her closet..I love Lagos meeen...!

Her fav shoes: 
I had a quick look at
 the shoes..

Ohh YSL..Nicey!
Her fav earrings:
OMG! Diamonds..
Le Magnifique!
  Love it!
Her fav bag:
Chanel...Ohh! Tres Chic!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Omotola wearing the outfit that
 fuelled the uproar..Pic:VangaurdEnt.

The nation seems to have turned against our Nollywood Sweetheart, Omotola Jalade regarding her weight gain and her choice of outfit for the Grammy awards 2011 but he whole thing just upsets me because this country is full of deceitful people…
Yes! Deceitful people I said..! Did we not all sing merrily together Wande Coal's song 'Oroboh toh bad'? Was Dr Sid not gallivanting around town wearing a T-shirt with 'Oroboh Sweet Pass Lepa' printed on it? Did Sound Sultan not sing another 'Oroboh' anthem, all praising the voluptuous woman ? Could they all be patronising liars ? 
Dr Sid of MoHits wearing his legendary
well-rocked 'Orobo Sweet Pass Lepa'
I mean, how else can I sum up all the horrible comments concerning Omotola's little bulge which every woman has by the way on webpages, blogs etc..
People, listen! I'm also an 'Oroboh' a size 16 going on 14  'Oroboh' and in Nigeria as you can see, it's not easy for 'plus-size' ladies..The tongues just keep wagging..!!!!
"Get yourself a girdle or tummy trimmer or body magic" I hear you say …I say "whatever" or in Wazobia speak "na you get your mouth oh.."
Cos you know what sometimes not even body magic can handle our junk, after all we are REAL WOMEN bearing scars of life's throws not 'plastic fantastic' as the world chooses to impose on us..

In fact forget the world for now, even on the streets of Lagos, skinny girls AKA 'Lepa' rule. Strutting their 'stick meat' legs around town and making life even more difficult for us the chubby ones. Thank God for our REAL MEN (esp. our husbands) that prefer us with a bit of flesh at least they say the love us as we are...probably lies but its all good..we like anyway!

Between you and I though, since I got to this town, I have wanted nothing more than a 'Naija Body' but now I think I need it urgently 'cos if I was on the receiving end of half of the insults hurled at Omotola, I would probably be on the next plane back to England but you know what? on second thoughts, I won't even bother instead I will stand up alongside my 'Oroboh' comrades and face the world..! Bulge to bulge, bumper to bumper!

The Real 'Naija Body'
Miss Funmi Iyanda
We will fight for our right to strut our stuff  like anyone else. We will wear what ever we like not only because its available in our size but because LEPA OR OROBOH, every woman should have equal opportunities when it comes to fashion..
We refuse to be bullied by 'skinny' people about our 'not so flat tummy' and if fashion is our witness..WE SHALL OVERCOME…

So I warn you 'skinny' lot desist from your insults, we only need to sit on you to silence you and forget about trying to steal our men cos we'll seat on them too..even if we don't they won't go anyway, just ask Dr Sid why...Got it???

You have been warned..!!!

Now where is my Gym bag???  The treadmill awaits me...heeee! heee!

To my 'Skinny' friends I was only joking, eh! (you don't have stick meat legs..honest!)...I will soon join your 'Lepa' camp but seriously peeps, please leave OmoT alone haba!



This description reads: Feminine Hygienic Herbal soap that keeps
your private part clean and free from unpleasant odor due to bacteria. It also tightens
vaginal muscle. Clinically proven to be safe and mild and gentle. Use morning night or as needed
for best great feeling..LOL!!!!!
The thought of Beyonce endorsing a random Naija product is slim, the chances of her endorsing one called 'ORIGINAL FEM-TIGHT" is even slimmer and when it is additionally described as an 'ANTISEPTIC V-WASH' that would just make it impossible to imagine and extremely laughable. So like you, I was surprised to see this Beyonce or her look-alike on the packaging of this Soap. Produced in Sweden with licensee company in the Phillipines and probably available in Nigeria only. This soap and it's outlandish description left me laughing out loud for the better part of the day..It is available across Lagos and you never knowTesco and Walmart might just order a container load of them one day..haaa haaaa!  
I really can't help but wonder if it was a valentine's day best seller…(bb laugh)!
But if you want one just ask your  cousin to buy you 'FT' and your secret will be safely kept within your family…LOL!

ORIGINAL FEM TIGHT, ANTISEPTIC V-WASH available Only in Naija..!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Remember Modupe Ozolua? If you don’t this might jolt your memory..She burst unto 'Nigeria social scene' around 2002/2003 pioneering Nigeria’s first Cosmetic Surgery Agency offering the rich,famous and the vain everything from tummy tucks to  boob jobs..Beautiful Dupe, was certainly the perfect muse for her trade. Busty , pretty and stylish. She had the body every woman thought she could die for until someone actually did.
On the 23rd of October 2005,The First Lady Chief  Mrs Stella Obasanjo died a few weeks before her 60th birthday from complications of cosmetic surgery at a private health clinic in Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain. May God rest her soul. 
Suddenly Naija women were once  again happy with their lot (more like fat lot) in life. Cosmetic Surgery no longer sounded like a good idea and Dupe Ozolua disappeared from the social scene changing her cosmetic surgery focus from boobs to looking after children with deformities...
But guess what ...She’s BAAAACK! 
Armed with her killer body, Fearless, Dupe Ozolua poses half nude on the cover of new Magazine 'MANIA'..which launched yesterday at the Federal Palace Hotel. Published by Fashion Photographer, Kelechi Amadi Obi with Fab Magazine Award winning Stylist Dimeji Alara as Editor-in-Cheif , Lagos is gearing for a  fashion revolution...well, in April to be precise when MANIA is due to hit the newsstands...for a very affordable N1000..Can’t wait....:)

As per Dupe Ozolua, I wonder what she's up to this time. By the way, we all have our 'ardyss bodymagic' now oh..LOL... !


I drove past the Marina Beach front where the Sunborn Yacht Hotel is moored in Lagos and I just couldn't believe it was the same hotel that only a few years ago was decribed as 'The Pride of London and Great Britain'.
Instead it laid there like the 'waste of Lagos' with broken windows, rusty shells, unused and derelict..I did a double take like my eyes were playing tricks on me and then took some pictures on my phone. Looking at the pictures, I can't help but feel sad..what a waste..! I remember back in England how the Sunborn Yacht Hotel was a choice venue, for weddings, birthdays and exclusive events and even more personal, I remember spending a whole day there with some of my models and photographer on a fashion shoot for a whole day in what was a truly breath-taking location..I touched and experienced every nook and cranny of the Yacht and I can tell you..It was truly ostentatious, opulent, beautiful, elegant and world-class..

This picture was one of the shots we took on location at the Sunborn Yatch Hotel when it was still in London. (I styled the shoot, hair, accessories the lot...It was lots of fun! The corset dress was designed by Adebayo Jones Couture). The theme of the shoot was 'Opulence' and the Sunborn Yacht was the perfect location. Beautiful on the inside and outside...Absolutely need to see the rest of the images from the photoshoot..which I would happily release if it could save the yacht..but I doubt it very much..

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel London was the world’s first custom built Yacht Hotel offering business travellers and holidaymakers a truly unique accommodation experience. It was originally set within a breathtaking waterfront environment in the historic Royal Docks and adjacent to the ExCeL centre (West entrance). According to reports, A Consortium, including the Lagos state government paid £20 million for the 5,800-tonne vessel whichwas towed away on 6 August 2008 for its new home in Nigeria.

When the Sunborn Yacht Hotel arrived in Lagos in November 2008, an official described the yacht hotel as "a delightful addition to the Lagos skyline as it would add value by being one of the very few floating hotels in the world thereby putting Lagos in the league of cities like New York, Barcelona, Paris and Finland just as it has already put the state ahead of cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, which are said to be at various stages of setting up similar floating hotels..."  

Yet to date, the Yacht lies derelict, unused and in ruins...In my opinion, the Sunborn Yacht hotel has been robbed of its rightful position as a pride hotel of the world..I have personally seen, touched and experienced the Sunborn Yacht hotel and I know that no matter what the issues are around it, finances,corruption, mismanagement etc, the Sunborn Yacht Hotel does not deserve to rot away before the very eyes of the world in this manner ..Nigeria..My Nigeria..

Wake up Nigeria from your slumber and rescue this dying beauty at our doorstep...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This week on Blackberry Broadcast:
Yet again we have received a broadcast of another high profile personality kidnapping in Lagos, circulating at the speed of light via blackberry phones. According to the report, Mr. Saheed Alao, Managing Director of Blueprint Business Technologies Limited and Nephew of  Business Mogul Arisekola Alao was abducted at his office  in Victoria Island yesterday at 8.20pm.
10-Month Old Enioluwa Odegbaike was kidnapped
 on the 13th of Feb 2011
At present we hear that a ransom of 200M is being demanded. Details of the kidnap remains sketchy and Seriously Doughnuts is currently unable to confirm the exact situation of things at present. 
Last week, also via Blackberry, we received information of 10-month old miracle baby, Enioluwa Odegbaike born after 5years of waiting and praying to his parents, who was kidnapped by a house help working for a kidnapping ring.We understand that Enioluwa's Kidnappers have since been in touch with his parents demanding a steep ransom payment.
Meanwhile, please stay vigilant and keep praying for Enioluwa, Saheed and Nigeria.
God be with us all.
Have a blessed Sunday!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


MAMA PUT FOOD.. 'On dee faya'
One of my staff seemed unwell, I asked what the matter was and she said the had bought a snack from a high street restaurant and that she had since been stooling (in her words..yeah, yeah we ain’t as posh as you guys..LOL!) My gateman cut in, in his serious yoruba accent saying angrily and I quote..(Pls read in yoruba english...)"I said it, I said it..all dose restaurant that dress like Mr Biggs arand tan...they are bad! they are bad! I wee nefa buy food dere! nefa! Instead I wee go to 'Mama put' where I kan see de food on dee faya before I  kan eat dere..' I laughed so much and then took his advice. These days at lunch’s 'Mama Put' food all the way..So If you are relying on Nigeria to help bring the carbon footprint down..wake up and smell the ‘Mama Puts’...cos it ain’t gonna happen any time soon. Our beloved Mama Eba, Ghana High, Mama Modinat type restaurants rely on good old carbon via firewood to achieve that decadent authentic charcoal taste we all love besides its not like they have another option so as you can see from the picture. Firewood is big business here in Naij and so is my favourite 'Mama Put' joint...The famous Mama Eba of Moloney, runny stomach there just seriously delicious food on ‘deee faya’..LOL!

The next time you get cheesed off with fruit and veg shopping at Tesco,Waitrose, Morrisons, Asda, Marks and Spencers or Sainsburys. Tell them you are taking your business somewhere else and come to ‘Jesus is Lord’ Market in Lagos
They sell fresh fruits and veg and believe it or not regardless of NEPA they also sell frozen fish too in fact you can get everything you need but without the shopping’ll almost feel like you’re shopping in Selfridges or Harrods..! Yeah right!!

Saw this sign on a beach. ..A few words for the ‘English’ Naijas..Same plus a threat for ‘Yorubas’...discrimination even in our own state..or do yorubas break the rule more? 
Na wa oh.. LOL!  My yoruba peeps 20,000 is £80 (± $110)...lets just pretend to be english..yeah? We do our thing in the loo..innit?

If you are in Lagos, you MUST stop by at MegaPlaza,Victoria Island  to sample out Super Suya Spot, it’s in the food court on the ground floor. I guarantee they serve the BEST SUYA in Lagos by miles. Forget the Old Ikoyi Hotel Suya peeps they’ve relocated to another Ikoyi address but honestly SUPER SUYA is in a class of its own.Succulent, tasty and so moorish but unfortunately I can’t comment on their claims to make your ‘man-woman’ relationship better..but trust me, in Snoop Doggy Doggs words..”it’s the fizzle nizzle shizzle

Punch Newspaper Cartoonist, Benne Omeke takes the 'micky' out of our President in yesterday's papers. In his defence President Goodluck Jonathan said he was misunderstood when he referred to governors in ‘South-West’ states that are not controlled by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as ‘Rascals’. His gaffe got him in hot water with Governors and their supporters but Presido has inadvertently created a new street speak..on the street 'Bad' is governance 'Rascal' is Efficient. My favourite 'Rascal' ? Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola. Here's wishing our President lots of 'goodluck' with his future addresses..hopefully they'll be gaffe free..

When last did you see this tin ??? I recently went to see my cousin in hospital in Lagos and there it was..A real blast from the past...Back in the days it was energy in a can, we almost overdosed on it during inter-house sports...I can’t believe it’s still on sale... I wonder if it's legal anywhere outside Nigeria...

Naija thieves are bold oh!  A friend’s blackberry got stolen and by the next time the phone's BBM service was activated on his phone some odd looking guy had updated the profile with his picture on it. Here’s the 'jankorikos' you know him? is he your friend? LOL!
I have since renamed his old profile 'OLE'  (Theif)..
IF YOU KNOW HIM PLS NAME AND SHAME and then call the police..(like they care..LOL!)
But I guess it could be worse another friend's phone too was stolen and that thief decided to keep the phone and SIM card. Unfortunately my friend can't get the SIM replaced as he did not register the number with the service provider. The most annoying bit is that the theif keeps telling everyone that calls to speak with my friend that he is DEAD. 
You can imagine the number of people my friend has to convince that he isn't a ghost when they finally get hold of him...In Naija, Blackberry phones are like gold 'em or they'll get swiped....

Have a Seriously Fun Saturday Peeps...I’m still having fun in ‘Jesus is Lord’ know how we roll...

It's Bola, Seriously on the town...

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