Monday, December 8, 2014

The Afro Inspired Christmas Sale Event, London - 20th Dec 2014

It's going to be an absolutely fabulous Christmas and you get the chance to be the PERFECT SANTA by coming to shop truly unique African Inspired fashion, jewellery and lifestyle pieces designed by some of the Best British Designers.. From Handbags to shoes, jewellery to dresses..Christmas 2014 is going to be SUPER DUPER fun!!!

The AfroBrit Design Show 
The Afro Inspired Christmas
The Grand Suite
10 Stroud Green Road
N4 2DF
For more information visit:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Africa Fashion Reception Set to hold in Paris this Weekend!

Africa Fashion Reception  is set to hold in Paris at the picturesque - Salle Wagram, Paris on the 25th of October 2014 and I just can't wait!
Following its successful debut in Bayelsa state, Nigeria in July 2014, Paris is set to host the best of fashion players from across Africa including Fashion designers, textile designers, manufacturers, photographers, creative directors, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion writers etc and best of all, Nigeria's Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation has kindly included Nigerian designers in the diaspora ....Yaaay!
I was invited to join the Nigeria 'diaspora' delegate and yes, yes, yes.. I will be armed with my camera to bring you all the fabulous fashion nuggets from Paris or as my naija floss puppies like to say.."Pareee"!! LOL!
Meanwhile that word 'diaspora' sha...makes me cringe a little. On that note and a bit off topic, enjoy 2Face Idibia's new song Diaspora woman...

I'm off to pack my bags...Paris! oh gorgeous Paris...This very proud Naija girl is coming your way...:)
Do look out for our Africa Fashion Reception, Paris coverage on Seriously Doughnuts...Wink*


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TOTE London Store Opens in Swanky Crouch Hill..Halleluyah!

Hey Peeps,
Long time no blog.. .:) Yes I know ..its been a while but I am so glad I can finally exhale. It's been an extremely busy 2014 for me...A truly notable one with many ups and downs but thankfully with God remaining at the centre of it all..Best of all for me an idea I birthed in Nigeria in 2012 is starting to take shape with the opening of my London Store. TOTE London! Yaaay!

Come and checkout our fabulous Ankara Chiffon and Silk fabric....we can even print your designs for you...
Planning the whole thing (Shop design, fitting, stock etc) just seemed to zap my energy/time but now I can see the light..My pet project has finally come together and its my singular pleasure to invite you to come check us out at TOTE London, 190 Stroud Green Road, Crouch Hill, N4 3RN.

 I managed to create a little quirky store that marries Vintage, African Prints, Lush Silk and Chiffon Fabrics and lots of bling accessories..( wink!) I like to describe it as 'Africa Meets West Aladdin's Cave'...

From Vintage eyewear to African print accessories, our range is truly eclectic...

The Ankara 'Boy' Bag...Its seriously plush..if I do say so myself..(in JayZ's voice) :)
Funky day bags..we've got you covered!

This is my personal 'practical & durable' everyday bag ..TOTE Oil Cloth shoulder bag..grab yours too..

You must, must come down to say hello and shop (Yes ke!)...I'll love your input/ideas to take TOTE London forward..
So now that my major distraction from Seriously doughnuts blog  is done( well stage 1 at least)...let's talk fashion peeps, shall we......??? 
I will do my best to be on point with the posts...So help me God..:)

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you at the shop...wink*! 


Friday, March 28, 2014

Lyrics to Dance in the Rain by 2Face Idibia.... The Gospel according to a Living Legend !

Lyrical Legend 2Face... 

I and many middle aged people I know are going through an 'approach-to-life-renewal' know that time of your life when you suddenly realise that nothing matters that much, nothing is worth killing yourself over. I'm talking about that great realisation phase of your life when you know for a FACT that ALL as in 'ALL is vanity'..and that all you really need to do is take everyday at a time and enjoy it with the people you truly love to the max after all as they say, "Life is short" I guess you can understand why 2Face's new song 'Dance in the Rain' feels like it was written for me...
I listened to it and was hooked right away.. I absolutely LOVE this song..Soteee I close my eyes feeling every word....I promise you, 2FACE is a living Legend...!!!
"I love this dude abeg Annie allow me...":
So what the heck, I went through the trouble of listening and writing the lyrics for your pleasure (thank me later..*wink). I think its as accurate as much as possible but trust 2face with his hypertech line remained impossible to clarify further (Line 2). Listen and help me if you can...LOL! Any hoo.. whilst you can't close your eyes to really feel this song since you have to read the lyrics, enjoy it anyway and feel what middle-aged people feel (as in 2 minutes to 40years old and above ...ahhhhh!!!)... its called 'Living Life In Spite of the Odds' now thanks to 2Baba also known as 'Dancing in the Rain'

Lyrics to Dance in the Rain by 2Face

1. Take a seat, enjoy the ride
2. Beyond known, I won't be afraid of (****Hypertec tinz..I dear you to correct me if you can***)
3. I'm just goin'(g) relax and enjoy my life
4. Try to live it, try to, appreciate it
5. 'Cos every breath I take I'll feel the air
6. I'll take sometime to smell the grass and the flowers
7. There is so much to live for here I swear
8. I will bask in the sun and dance in the rain

9. Oh Oh Oh I'll dance in the rain Oh yeah
10. Oh Oh Oh I'll dance in the rain, I'l dance in the rain

11. Take a deep breath and then come alive
12. There might be so many things you're missing out of
13. Try to know it, try to feel it ee yeah,
14. It's your life yeah,  try to live it yeah
15. Forget about tomorrow live in today
16. Tomorrow will be fine so don't let your worries take away the beauty of today
17. Just bask in the sun and dance in the rain ohhh

18. Oh Oh Oh I'll dance in the rain, I'll dance in the rain,  oh yeah
19. Oh Oh  Oh I'll dance in the rain, I'll dance in the rain

20. Take a seat and relax you're my brother man
21. Love people from other lands  and see them as one
22. If you believe you can fly..
23. Why don't you try instead of doubting yourself, living  in negative vice
24. Get up and say yes you can and appreciate the simple things
25. Like the mountain and trees and the land and the trees
26. And the flowers and leaves, the air that you breathe
27. A wonderful world, a wonderful world.. Ooh Yeah

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

End...but feel free to play it back again :)
Ahhhhh! Now was that refreshing or what??
Yep feel free to call me the 'Hypertech chick' *wink!
Have a great day peeps and remember 'Live while you are Alive'

Lots of love,


Monday, January 13, 2014

SD Fashion: Ankara Chiffon..Chiffon Ankara, Ankara Silk...Fashion Fabulouscity hits Nigeria and beyond...

Waje rocks Ayanski Chiffon Ankara beautifully in Zen Magazine....!
Last year a friend of mine and I talked about our dream of seeing African print in fabulous breezy chiffon and then spent a bit more time dreaming about the possibility of creating them in even more versatile fun fabrics like sequinned georgette and velvet etc ...We then took it a step further and had some samples made showing them to close friends, family and associates who  loved them so much that needless to say a new trend was born and as they say, the rest is history...

Designer Monash of Monash Inc rocks the "Green Pepper" Chiffon in one of her creations
Ankara Chiffon or shall we call it Chiffon Ankara? (What comes first, the chicken or the egg??..LOL), Ankara Silk, Georgette, Velvet etc is now available and is quickly making waves in Naij and beyond and we've started spotting them on Fashionista designers across the board and its so exciting to see. Chiffon Ankara is just so much more versatile than traditional cotton ankara and with the current trend of iro and buba being worn in chiffon and silk combo, the timing couldn't have been better...
Imagine wearing a chiffon buba and a cotton or silk iro in the same or contrasting print as pictured below (last pic)'s fashion fabulouscity time peeps..

A close up on Monash' top...

We love how she rocks her Ankara Chiffon Top  with traditional Cotton Ankara pants..the texture mix is super cool
Designer, Toks Opaleye of Opal Eye Accessories rocks her Ankara chiffon her way in a simple yet chic flowy dress
I rocked mine in traditional Iro and Buba in contrasting prints at African Fashion Week London 2013..*wink!
I absolutely love Iro n Buba..infact a lil' too much.
BBC London Crew...loved it too :)

The best thing about chiffon ankara is how designers have taken the trend on board creating the most fascinating pieces like the skirt worn by Waje in the current issue of Zen Magazine..I am personally excited about how the trend is catching on and knowing fashion savvy Naija..I cant wait to see how the trend evolves...
Chiffon Buba wih Pleated Silk Iro...with a ToTe Ankara Satchel Bag...Sweet!
With so many classic prints and exclusive prints to pick from, how would you rock yours??
Go on let your creative juices run wild....and when you do, do send us your creations we'll love to see and share...:).. African Fashion is truly evolving....

To buy, visit
London/USA -
 +44 (0) 7462 862 840
Lagos, Nigeria :
Ebun O - 0803 388 4768
Monash Inc: 0705 673 2232


Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year - Usher 2014 in With Ese by Kemie Kayode

Hello People,
It's been a looooongg time... :) Boy am I glad to be in a brand spanking New Year...Happy 2014 everyone! So I've been a lil MIA but trust me 2013 was one seriously hectic year, so hectic  it was impossible to blog. So I did the right thing and let it go..but here is to new beginnings..Seriously Doughnuts is high on my New Year resolution pick up list.. (Well, high enough..Number 5 is not bad right?)..lets just say Seriously Doughnuts is back..Yeaah I said it (again..Lol)...!!!

Naija was lots and lots of fun while it lasted but I'm back in London doing this and that but hey Nigeria remains on the menu shaaa (we'll see how that pans out)..Let's just have lots of fun this year and as usual nothing needs to be taken too seriously, just fun and games and what better way to usher in the New year than with  praise and thanksgiving to the One who made it possible for us..

Enjoy 'Ese' by Kemie Kayode  Nigerian born, US based worship Minister...I'm a worshipper at heart and I couldn't help but fall in love with the song by Kemi AKA Voicy and I am sure you will too.As we all look back on 2013, we have so much to be thankful for, too many blessing to count and if like me you had a hectic (mixed-up) 2013..I bet you are also just as grateful to have made it to 2014 alive and well..
Listen to Ese and thank God that we made it...Kemie's gorgeous voice and delivery certainly sets the tone for starting out the year with God...

Nigeran Born US-Based Gospel Singer, Kemie Kayode AKA Voicy

 Don't you just love her voice? Here is to a wonderful, prosperous and progresive New Year....Happy 2014 people...!!!
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