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On the 1st of July 2011, Tayo Aderinokun (8 May 1955 - 14 June 2011), Co-Founder and Managing Director of GTB bank was laid to rest following a series of events celebrating his beautiful life and contribution to the financial sector in Nigeria.
Mr Tayo Aderinokun died at 56 years old following a long battle with Cancer but his legacy as a man of integrity, excellence lives on.
Many paid moving tributes to the man Gauranty Trust Bank describes as "An astute and erudite gentleman and one of the most influential and respected bankers in Nigeria" . One of the tributes that touched us was by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr Lamido Sanusi who openly wept at the funeral as the reality dawned that indeed Nigeria had lost a gem..
Mr Lamido's tribute reads and we quote:
"Tayo was a model of who a professional banker should be. He helped to build one of the most successful banks in Nigeria and the Bankers Committee will miss his wealth of experience greatly. This is a major loss to the banking industry and the country as a whole.
Apart from our professional relationship, Tayo was a personal friend. We met when he was at Chase Merchant Bank in Kano in the 1980s. I was at that time the Head of Credit and Treasury at Icon Limited (Merchant Bankers).
In fact, when I was first approached to come and be the CBN governor, he was the first and only bank chief executive officer that I confided in and he told me to take the job. He felt it would be good for the industry.
I'm happy that I was able to see him and talk to him in the hospital in London before he went into a coma. All I can say is I'll miss him greatly"

Mr. Lamido Sanusi
Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria
Management and Staff of GTB, family, friends, professional colleagues and members of the public turned out en masse to celebrate a life well lived and to commit his remains to earth and to pray for the repose of his soul to God the creator.
The funeral ceremonies started with a GTB Commendation Service on Monday 27 June at Harbour Point Victoria Island, the event featured international musician Asa and GTB Mass Choir rendering choruses. On Tuesday the 28th of June, Service of Songs were held at the same venue. On the 30th of June 2011, lying -in-State at his Ikoyi residence was followed by a Wake-keeping Ceremony at Eko Hotel and Suites.
On the 1st of July, the funeral service was held at Ikoyi Baptist Church after which his remains were buried in a private interment ceremony at The Vaults, Ikoyi Cemetry.
Below are pictures from the events.

Musician Asa rendering choruses

GTB Choir

Asa and her band

1st Wife and Children

Daughter, Mode Aderinokun

Daughter,Ireoluwa Aderinokun

Son, Babatunwa Aderinokun

Babatunwa carrying his Father's Coffin

Mrs Olufunlola Aderinokun with Governor and Mrs Fashola

Gorvernor Central Bank , Lamido Sanusi

Ndi Okereke-Onyuike

Mr & Mrs Pascal Dozie (Chairman Daimond Bank)

Mr & Mrs Soleye

Grace Egbagbe

Femi Pedro

Aliko Dangote and Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi

Donal Duke (in Suit)

Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola and Wife

TY Bello

Designer, Remi Lagos

Pastor Itua Ighodalo

Mr Olutoyin Okeowo and Mr Biodun Shobanjo

Mrs Salamatu Aderinokun
(The Deceased's 2nd Wife)

Mrs Olufunlola Aderinokun
(The Deceased's 1st Wife)

Mr Segun Agbaje
New M.D of GTB

This Day Publisher, Nduka Obaigbena

Mr and Mrs Atedo Peterside (Chairman Stanbic IBTC Bank)

TV Presenter, Mo Abudu

Joke Silva-Jacob

Ifeoma Williams

Mrs Olufunlola Aderinokun with Femi Pedro

Mrs Salamatu Aderinokun with her baby
(The deceased last child)

The Aderinokun's

Mrs Aderinokun being consoled by Mrs Fashola

Mode Aderinokun (in white) with her friends cousins

Bola Shagaya

Comedian Basket Mouth

Mr and Mrs Willy Anumudu

Leke Alder

Jim Ovia

Jeri Salter

Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede
M.D Access Bank

Gov Peter Obi
(Anambra State)

Designer, Deola Sagoe

Bolaji Balogun

Mrs Salamatu Aderinokun

Governor Ibikunle Amosun and Wife
(Ogun State)

Mrs Olufunlola Aderinokun, Ireoluwa and Mode Aderinokun

May his soul rest in perfect peace...


  1. men!!!! I really am surprised he had a mistress or whatever. I am truly disappointed. Kai. She con show for burial.

  2. i don't get the 2nd wife and the baby sha...dang this affair thingie is becoming a pattern sha. soooooo unnecessary...looking the baby's age, you can tell the whole time he was sick, he was procreating with his mistress turned wife. God rest his soul. Amen

  3. KemiismyrealnameJuly 12, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    People can be so silly. It was public knowledge a couple of years ago when Tayo married Salamatu. She was his girlfriend for a long time since she joined First Marina years ago. That she was his wife was not hidden. No one is saying it is right, but understand the situation before you talk. anyhow it is Funlola that is my egbon, so I am not part of Salamatu's supporters club.

    Bola you have done well with your coverage here. No other blog has reported this as well as you have and with pictures too! I assume you were the only blogger that took a camera to the events. You are too correct! O yes, the girls with Mode in the picture are her cousins. I can see one of Bode Agusto's daughters there? Funlola is nee Agusto.

  4. Yeah like Kemiismyrealname said, well done Bola. Been looking for a blog that reported the event in details and u did just that...had almost resigned myself hoping it was covered in Ovation. Well done dear.....soo sad about Tayo....I was bummed about the second wife, but hey, who am i to judge?? My husband might even have one and i'd be here judging (lol!!)...Anyways, may his soul rest in peace and may the good Lord give his wives the wisdom not to get into any ugly fight(s)!!!

  5. @ Kemiismyrealname ...well thanks for shedding some light. not that it matters. againt it still reflects a distrubrin pattering in our society. women following men who are obviously marrried. so friggin what they married her? well between her and funlola, who needs another husband now that Tayo Aderinokun has passeD? i mean what' sthe sense of bringing that little girl into the world where, she won't even remeeber anything about her father? our men need to check themselves sha. and our women need to have small chain. even from the photos, you cna tell there wasn't a happy big family. each wife was looking another direction. c'mon is that really necessary?

  6. KemiismyrealnameJuly 12, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    I assume all the responses have been by women abi? Truly the pattern is bad. Women allowing men to belittle them like this. On top of their education and good home training.

    I think the solution to this type of second wife/born for syndrome is for us to speak truthfully to our brothers and sons. As a mother, drum it into your sons head about the folly of cheating on his partner and make him realise that you will NOT support any extra marital relationship. The same thing for our brothers too.

    If you see your bros with a chick and he is married, if you are quite unpleasant to
    the girl - intact nasty, she will think twice about the man. It is only what is
    tolerated that is accepted.

    Me sha, NO woman will dare try this nonsense with my brothers o. If they want
    to hide it, then they have chosen to remain hidden for the rest of their lives (who
    wants that kind of crap for themselves?). My brothers have been told that if they
    do it, we will NEVER support them and even if the woman is strong headed, then her children will suffer, because, they like her will NEVER be acknowledged as part of his family.

    Now with this kind of scenario, why won't women just go and find your own husband and have peace of mind? But some people will never learn. Obviously, I am referring to men whose marriages do not permit them to marry more than one wife.

  7. Is that a smirk I see on Segun Agbaje's face?

  8. Where’s Fola Adeola? After his first family, he’s the main guy...ish!

    Anon July 12, 2011 5:43 PM; same thing i thought. Maybe, he was smiling and remembered where he was and he wiped that smile away. He’s the top guy now.

    Still so sad!

    Yeah, i remember the story about his 2nd marriage. It was in City People a few years back. I don't think it diminished him. Pity about the little girl and i'm sure he'll sort her out. It's also good (i think) that the second wife came for the burial, even though i heard she wasn't allowed to see him while he was ill (true or false, i don't know.)

    He was a colossus and from the turnout you can tell. He helped to revolutionise banking and his legacy lives on.

    GTB; correct bank.

  9. One can see looking thru the pics, no one recognize the second wife, all the attention was given to the first wife. I hope the first wife children will accept their little sister. RIP Mr Tayo

    1. Which little sister business?

      Why do men or people try to drag children of separate women into whatever they created?

      Did the man ask for their permission before producing #2's child?

      What has it got to do with !the first wife children'? I guess everybody answers their mother's name in this and many cases.

  10. @ Anon 5:43pm: Yeah!!! So I didn't imagine the smirk on Segun Agbaje's face!! Hmm...the hearts of men, only God knows...Meanwhile, Bola darl, spotted u on Bellanaija @ the Oniru wedding. Looking nice me love.

  11. Thanks for sharing..
    I must say that it was very disappointing to hear Tayo took a 2nd wife 3 years ago. From what I heard he even went through IVF with Sala for her to have the baby.. Very sad to do that to your first wife who has been with you since high school days.
    I dont blame Funlola for trying to keep Sala away, imagine her furstration over the years from this other woman sitting on top of her husband. Only in Naija can someone say " we dated for 19 years and married for 3 years" when talking about someone else's husband. You dont date a married man, you are just using each other.. Very sad for the little girl who will not know her Dad.
    I hope other men learn from this. Tayo's obituary started focused on all the great things he did for banking and arts and ended with scandal about 2nd wife and fights at the graveside.
    Nothing is hidden under God, Men if you are not happy, divorce your wife, give her 50% of your assets as they do in countries with good divorce laws, and move on openly, this second wife thing is so stone ages!

    1. "Only in Naija can someone say " we dated for 19 years and married for 3 years" when talking about someone else's husband."


  12. This is how we comment about issues we know very little about.I am no supporter of mistresses and 2nd wives but folks who have first hand knowledge of this case make an exception for Tayo's case.I am told that Tayo's first wife made his life hell on earth even without the mistress angle and the man only found solace outside.
    It is reported that the man's family and close associates were the ones who insisted that the 2nd wife must be present at the burial irrespective of the security and bouncers that were detailed to keep her away by guess who?
    If folks who will never touch 2nd wife/mistress with a long pole are willing to make an exception in Tayo's case,then i will hasty in passing judgement.
    This is my first time on this blog and it seems i have been missing,big time.
    Well done for a job well done.

  13. @Naijagrlabroad said, i appreciate your view but i wish we could ask a few salient questions?
    Were Tayo and his 1st wife living together before he took ill?
    If not for how long had they been living apart?
    Who moved out (a decent way of asking,who abandoned who)?

  14. Salamatu is very much loved in the Aderinokun family. Funlola ni terror!!! One wife is ori aku, the other is ori ato. Tayo was a descent gentleman to the core. People, please don't judge!!!

  15. Pls pls!
    Marriage is not by force. I am a first and only wife to a rich man. If he is no longer in love with u then u move on. It don't matter who he meets first. If ur man doesn't cherish u enough to be one and only then good radiance! I hear he had to marry wifey 1 becos of family. Niger ladies u don't force luv. If it's becos of name and status! Then u have no confidence in ur worth. Pls don't say for the sake of the children. We all have our own lives to live. Pls everyone live in harmony? Tayo rest in peace . May his family find comfort in his memory!

  16. Why would people try to judge fellow human being even in death? Tayo lived a worthy life and having a 2nd wife wasn't a smear at all. You must get to hear the stories of why he did that before you conclude or judge him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  17. Death ever so painful! The man is gone but the living can learn from his shortfalls. My humble advice to his son. Commit to one wife till death do you part. It is always a more honorable legacy and less complications for everyone. It takes discipline but with faith in God it is possible.

  18. Tayo Aderinokun was a gentleman, a pioneer, visionary, leader, example of what Nigerians should be. His personal life is what it was. let us celebrate greatness. Tayo, Thanks for the Jobs you provided, the precedent you laid with Fola. I rememeber you for your good work. I am short for words.

  19. we as Nigerians re sick in d head,all we could do is to reduce Tayo Aderinokun work to marrying two wives is sad.Tayo was the quiet Titan who traversed the earth and left indelible marks on the sands of time.He set standards and surpassed status quo.His carriage was that of meekness and simplicity.He struck a fine balance between the drive for success and integrity .He embodied a passion for execellence.

  20. Show me that rich man whose family loves the first wife/family. of course!!! the family will love the second wife to bits. ever heard the saying- enemy of your enemy is your friend.
    Truth is she wouldn't have remained his mistress for 19 years, if there were no goodies attached to it. May his soul rest in peace but all this animosity- very unnecessary- esp for the young girl.

  21. unh,our men May Almighty God forgive you,Funmi changed as a result of her inablity to absorb the shock of an undevoted husband, Sure Tayo in his lifetime was a hard worker, no time for home, children,only time for mistress at work,90% of his time at work the remaining 10%AT HOME think about this? How many of our women will not go crazy?Lets not judge the dead,May his soul rest in perfect peace, aunty Funmi,take solace in the fact that all of us will leave one day take life easy and pray to God,accept the baby and take her as your last child .SALAMATU go and look for a life partner re-marry, you still have some beauty in you,enjoy your life, one child is not enough, dont be frustrated.All is well with you.

  22. Haba!! People! Especially women!! For a man to think of marraige to a second wife then there must be a problem with his first! Women think that once they marry a man and have his kids then they can stop loving him and treat him anyhow! Some don't regard him cause they feel they are stock together! Well girls you have more coming to you! Especially Nigerian women!!tayo is a nice man that didn't kick the motherof his children out and marry a second! He tried to keep the two of them despite all! Too nice! That's what killed him! Nigerian women please stop taking your husbands for granted!love and care for him the same way you did when you were dating! Its not only tayo but most men will do the same cause our women are being influenced by silly single girlfriends or women that have problems with their husbands! Why are our grand parents still together and newly weds break up? Weather its divorce or second wife the problem is with the women! They are all spoilt, rude, materialistic and selfish! Pls stop judging!

  23. Tayo was a nice man that didn't want to kick his first wife out despite all but considered the children she had for him! Women take their husbands for granted once they have children for him! They feel he is not going anywhere! Most Nigerian women are rude, selfish and ignorant! For a woman to agree to be no.2 means she truely loves the man and is ready to sacrifice her being with the man! Nigerian women should change and start treating men with care and love just like how our grand mothers treated our grand fathers cause they stayed together till death!mean are not robots or machines! They need to be respected and loved and women will be loved times two in return! Please women stop judging and learn from this! A woman keeps her home! Once she says its over, then its over! Let's all learn from this and put our house in order!!


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