Wednesday, June 29, 2011


His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan
The No1 Naija Hat Man
We all know our President's story...His humble start and struggle in life, born to poor canoe makers. How can we forget? It was his ticket to the hearts of ordinary Nigerians as during the run up to elections, him and his campaign team constantly reminded us that as a child he walked to school with "NO SHOES ON" .....blah! blah! ...what they never told us though was if he "ALWAYS HAD A HAT ON" but we suspect he did... You would have to be seriously lucky to bump into him without his trade-mark hat on in true traditional Bayelsan style (in fact you would have to be lucky to bump into him..full stop..LOL!). I like how President Jonathan is assured in his identity proudly turning up in his Niger-Delta regalia on National and International soil and guess what? Wearing hats is fast catching on. I've often wondered if it's a result of  the  'Jonathan Effect' ...due to daily over-exposure to the President's 'hat-attack' pictures in the media or just a personal style choice like our favourite 'Hat Man' Banky W..
Checkout the 'men in hats' below and see if you are a fan of 'HAT MEN'..
The No2 Naija Hat Man - Banky W

Dayo Adeneye in the Studio at Rainbow FM

Veteran Broadcaster, Bisi Olatilo

Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme

Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo

Veteran Reporter, Patrick Doyle

Billionaire, Oscar Ibru

Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze

Unlike ladies who wear hats to cover up a multitude of sins on a 'bad hair day or two' (but swag it as style so no one knows), men seem to wear hats as part of their 'Style Statement' (or maybe to hide missed Barber's appointments too) but would you say these men (including Sir Presido) look stylish in hats? If you're a hat loving bloke/lady please 'Hat-ducate' us..Why????

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Nigeria's Ramsey Nouah and Ghana's Majid Michel 
Lately Ghanian 'fine boy' Actors - Van Vicker and Majid Michel have been dominating Naija screens courtesy of Nollywood movies...These guys are seriously good-looking and with the number of fans they've gained in Nigeria already, I can't help thinking they're stealing the shine from Naija blokes or are they??!! Nigeria's Ramsey Nouah is now facing steep competition from 'yellow-alike' Van and Majid... and as much as I love Jim Iyke, he can't rep Nigeria  here..we're talking 'yellow paw paw fine boy sturvs...' LOL! So I've had to look outside 'Nollywood' to rep Nigeria...So ladies and gentlemen, kindly judge right ..which tag team is the finest/most handsome..Team Ghana: Van Vicker and Majid Michel or Team Nigeria: Ramsey Nouah and Ifedayo Olarinde AKA Freeze of Cool FM (standing in for Jim Iyke/Desmond Elliot/Emeka Ike and other Nollywood boys )...
Meanwhile, is it my eyes or do they all look alike???

TEAM GHANA - Van Vicker

TEAM GHANA - Majid Michel


TEAM NIGERIA: Ramsey Noah 
TEAM NIGERIA: DJ Freeze, Ifedayo Olarinde of Cool FM
OMG!!! I just found a pic of them  together in my picture loft..LOL!

So whats it going to be? Nigeria or Ghana?? Who is your choice for the overall finest dude?



Ohhh Boy!! A thousand apologies (BB hand over my eyes) if you noticed that I've been MIA for a couple of days..I'll soon be back in Lagos cos meen this trip is messing wiz my flow excuse is longish but to cut the story short weekend kicked off on friday with chilling out with my fab family (Mum&Dad-in-law, Sister-in-law and my dear hubby). On saturday I spent the day with "die-hard fashionista" friends (Tito, Folabi, Ronke, Meg) on both days quality-time was 'key' which meant my laptop/bloggng was not permitted...While on Sunday I spent the  day preparing for a fashion shoot which took place today...(Fab!fab! fab! will show you pictures later)

What a packed weekend and crazy day I've had but it's always such a pleasure hanging with loved ones and my 'fashion' girls...!!! I love these girls, they live and breathe fashion. Folabi probably has the biggest collection of HOT!HOT! shoes ever...she's mad about Marni, Gucci, YSL...and always knows when the new season shoes hit the shops!!! Tito is our fashionista Prefect...loves to shop in quirky west-end boutiques, loves accessories so much she sells them and will never be caught without great hair. Meg is  a Solicitor.She is certainly the prettiest of our fashion club..LOL! Absolutely gorgeous and everything looks good on her, she is also our expert USA shopper and runs a company called Megatrim (Especially for  ladies with 'not-so-flat' tummies).While Ronke is our fashionista bigz-girl..Loves handbags especially the ones that start with the letter 'H'  (with a long-waiting list). She look's after and co-ordinates most of our days-in or out!!!When we hang out we just let our hair down and talk fashion! fashion! fashion! and then about our men and our children,work and then back to fashion..These girls and I are going to grow old still loving shoes, bags , clothes, makeup...Oh and let's not not forget the  'brazillian/whatever hair' ..very important..hee! hee!  Oh Lord! I wonder what we'll be like when we turn 50...LOL! Excuse please forgive my slackness...!!! I promise I will change when I get back to Lagos..where no one will seize my laptop..!!!

Anyway back to SD Fashion and still on the subject of growing old in love with fashion, checkout some of Nigeria's most celebrated 'fashion-loving' over 50's. ...

Chief Abba Folawiyo

Daisy Danjuma

Erelu Abiola Dosumu

Helen Prest Ajayi (ExBeauty Queen)

Betty Irabor (Editor of Genevieve Magazine)

Mrs Folorunsho Alakija ( Used to be the Late Maryam Babangida's
designer when she was the 1st Lady)

Grace Egbagbe (Winner, Vangaurd Allure Style Icon 2009)

Onyeka Nwenu

Yeye Oge of Lagos, Opral  Benson
She is so fashionable, she has a traditional chieftaincy
title to prove it..:)

Mrs Oluremi Tinubu

Florence Ita Giwa
These women have over the years been consistently regarded as 'fashionable'  but what's your take? If you had to pick your 'fashion-future' from the above women, who would you choose?


Friday, June 24, 2011


US-Based, Olabisi Waller, CEO EC Cosmetics
So I've been strutting around town with amazing full stunning lashes...kai! I can't believe I'm about to share my newest and hottest beauty secret but hey I'm nice like that..LOL! Well, I 've been playing with DivaDerme 'Lash Extender'  and I'm absolutely sold!!!  Trust me this is HUGE!!! It's a bestseller in the US and UK and has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Magazines...It's  Magic...NO GLUES, NO FAKE STRIPS OF LASHES, NO PAIN...yet you get the most fabulous long and full lashes just at a stroke of your mascara, laced with a stroke of DivaDerme's Lash Extender ...I met up with Olabisi Waller, CEO EC Cosmetics and sole distributor of DivaDerme in Africa and as expected I was sceptical, thinking.."Nooo...Not another makeup line" but as we settled down into our interview..I found that indeed Olabisi's American import was certainly not another makeup line..DivaDerme boasts of a unique line of  peak performance beauty products that have been shaping beauty through salon and spa professionals for over 30 about a well-kept secret but the lid is off and astute business woman, wife and mother of two, Olabisi introduces DivaDerme Lash Extender, Lip Extender and Brow Extender to Nigeria. I took the DivaDerme Lash Extender challenge, first applying Mascara, followed by DivaDerme's brush on lashes adding hundreds of tiny natural fibre lashes to mine, followed by another coat of mascara (and as much coat of lashes as required)..I was completely blown away!!! Batting my eyes and checking myself out..infact I'm topping up on my contact lenses and dumping my glasses just so I can keep the batting up..LOL! Now I want the lip extender, which works like a lip stain to keep my lipstick colour longer..
If you like your makeup (especially your lashes) looking on point, why not pick up a bottle. The Lash Extender costs around N5k but will last you about 2 months..

DivaDerme Mascara - N5000

DivaDerme Lash Extender (Lashes in a Bottle) - N5000
As for US-based  Olabisi Waller, she is one vibrant business woman..I totally enjoyed interviewing her. She is a complete package of a strong woman in business. From her early days in Nigeria to life in the United States and how she views business in Nigeria...we talked on and on..I 'll aim to upload our interview tomorrow so please check back..I think you'll really like her..
In the meantime for more information about DivaDerme products or stockists please visit
Tel: 0803 3861549 / 08055453284 (Nigeria)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Poster advert for the movie BRIDESMAIDS - really made be laugh..reminds me of Naija Tailors..hee!hee!
By the way I hear the movie is super funny and it's currently showing at cinemas in London so catch it if you can
I'm not sure when it'll be in Lagos though..
I was walking down the tube station when I saw the poster ad for the movie 'Bridesmaids' and I just burst out laughing..!!! Why? Well, the pink bridesmaids dresses took me back to Lagos where tailors and designers stay awake 24/7 making clothes. In fact if I didn't know better I would have sworn the dresses in the ad were made by a Lagos tailor..NOT a designer oh...a tailor (yes.. there is a diffrence oh)!! I mean just look at it..It's nice and all but there is just something about it that borders on what a local Naija tailor would churn out in a less than a day..don't believe me? Just have a look at a similar dress worn by Nollywood actress, Oby Edozie below..hers is just longer..LOL!

If you know your way around Lagos, this should cost you no more than N10,000 (circ. £40, $60) to make but if you're a bigz girl, not a local or you're a visitor to Lagos, you may want to treat yourself to the upmarket touch of a designer from around N25,000 - N100,000 (£100-£400).. Shhh!!As for me I get a media discount..!!!! Halleluyah!!!!
As much as it's the 'in' thing to brag about who your designer is..I have to say that the designers are fast winning my vote and it's nothing to do with the money or my discount..Hee!hee!!!! It's the quality of what you get. Although, there are some very good tailors in town but let's be honest most times you get what you pay for but the only trouble these days is that Lagos is awash with 'Tailors' that call themselves 'Designers' how do we tell them apart??? Surely by their fruit we shall know help us God!!! Checkout the pictures below and see what you think....

Nollywood Actress, Oby Edozie..Same style as above right?
well almost..hee!hee!
Nollywood Actress, Amaka Ononibaku
Nollywood Actress Bukky Wright..
Oh boy!!...This one is soooo by a ????
Actress, Chioma Chukwuka
Actress, Funke Akindele

Backview of Funke's dress

This one is a give away...Easy! 
Singer/Rapper Sasha

Geeeez... It's Actress, Eucharia Anunobi
Grace Amah
Hon. Abike Dabiri

Ifeoma Williams

Actress, Ini Edo

Actress Mercy Johnson
Ex-Beauty Queen and Vangaurd Allure's Fashion Icon Award Winner,
Omowunmi Akinifesi

Actress, Rita Dominic..

Rita's back view..

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal

Not that it matters sha but just wondering, can you tell who wears a 'Naija- tailor-made' or 'Naija-designer-made' outfit? Who would you trust with making your trad ensemble?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When it comes to fashion these days, plus-size ladies are giving the 'Lepahs' a run for their money..Ruth Osime, Editor of This Day Style (who was nominated alongsides Nike Oshinowo-Soleye and Eku Edewor for  the Arise Fashion and Style Icon Award,won by Nike Oshinowo-Soleye) and Sike Saro wear the same outfit in different colours both ladies look vibrant but who rocks it best?
Ruth Osime, Editor This Day Style
Sike Saro
Ruth rocks hers up with a neck piece,while Sike goes without but peeps which of the ladies rock your boat?
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