Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 "If we want to change our lives, our relationships or even the world we must start by understanding and overcoming the shame that keeps us silent." - Anonymous 

Patricia Omoqui and guest looking fabulous on the night!
Seriously Doughnuts' Thought Dr and the Original Naija Oyinbo, Patricia Omoqui took part in Women Empowering Women in Philadelphia (USA) an event with a goal to build awareness and understanding of the issues connected and surrounding homelessness. The event, which was  of two parts; The Terri Cohen Afternoon  Discussion Forum and the evening fashion event kicked off with the discussion forum with local inspirational business women and formerly homeless people from Project H.O.M.E, who successfully turned their lives around and re-entered the workforce. At the conclusion of the forum, the women were later joined by 40 incredible women from the Philadelphia community in an unforgettable fashion show featuring women of ALL shapes, sizes and backgrounds and of course our very own Patricia Omoqui..

Below is Patricia's account of the event;
Last week I had the honour of being part of a day of Women Empowering Women in Philadelphia (U.S.A.).  The day kicked off with a discussion forum attended by 20 women from various walks of life—there were C.E.O.s as well as formerly homeless women.  Over lunch we sat and discussed the challenges we have as women, sometimes extremely intimate ones.  Common struggles that emerged were abuse and betrayal by boyfriends and husbands, rape, abandonment by fathers, addictions (drugs, alcohol, work, shopping), low self-esteem, difficulty with body image and triumph as we healed our pasts.  Many who shared their stories shared progress, triumph, and healing.  All who sat in the room that day were changed.  Hearing the commonality, seeing the raw emotion and knowing that if another woman made it through –then I can too…this uplifted our spirits, created a sense of sisterhood.  I truly believe that more open sharing like this would change our world.
After the event one of the formerly homeless women and I were talking.  I asked her what the experience of the discussion forum was like for her.  Her response touched me deeply.  She said, “I was nervous about the forum because I knew powerful, successful women were going to be there and I felt like I didn’t belong at the table.  But hearing these women speak so openly and honestly about their struggles made me realize their lives are not perfect.  I saw that even successful people deal with similar things to me.  I had been afraid of success but now, I know that I am a woman, a strong one and I can achieve success like they have.”
I believe that as we share our personal stories in an honest, open way, we begin to see that each of us is more similar than we are different.  While some may carry more expensive handbags than others or drive fancier cars, the inner struggles remain the same.  Perhaps those with more money simply have more access to hide their difficulty beneath the fancy masks they wear.  
There was power unleashed in the room as women, some for the first time, shared their stories in a group setting.  Tears, laughter, sighs of relief – this is what comes when we take off our mask and give our stories a strong voice.  And, we can hear from other sisters who are further down the path, those who have gone through the struggles we currently face and know that we too can grow beyond any challenge we face.  Honest sharing gives strength to our spirits and a vision that not only can we survive the pain, we can grow wiser and thrive...  
Here are a few pictures from the event as our very own Patricia Omoqui hit the runway in support of women like us...yes, no matter the race, colour or circumstance, we are ALL the same.. 
Make-up time...

SD's very own Naija Oyinbo on the runway..
Patricia wears Calvin Klein

A fun filled day of great connections, sisterhood and empowerment!

 Patricia Omoqui and Jami from Philly Fit Magazine...yes, she is STRONG and FIT. . 

Fab ladies from Project H.O.M.E

Lynn Doyle (Presenter at Comcast, It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle) and Sarah Keating,
Owner of Phoenix Salon and Spa with Patricia Omoqui
"Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."  Brene Brown

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.™, is an executive  coach and business consultant, the author of Clarify Your Purpose and Live It!  She is sought after as an inspirational speaker, life coach and corporate/civil service trainer.  Patricia is an American married to a Nigerian.  She is a passionate facilitator of positive change.  Visit http://www.patriciaomoqui.com . To contact Patricia, emailinfo@patriciaomoqui.com or text 08026221202 or BB PIN:  25EDC807


Sunday, May 29, 2011


DO RE MI FASHOLA TI DE! I have just settled to down with a cool drink and feet up to watch the inauguration ceremonies of my Governor elect - Babatunde Fashola and that of our President, Jonathan Goodluck..Well I will do a lot of tv channel shuffling..but guess what? NEPA also known as PHCN has just struck..Choi! It's the generator to the rescue..Hopefully this is not a sign of what to look forward to in the next 4 years....God forbid oh! Presido..remember your promises oh! God and the people of Nigeria are watching you o!
Anyway, while I prepare pictures and watch the rest of the ceremony, enjoy Sammy Okposo's ..Nigeria Dey Bam.... 

Eh hen...
Just digressing a weee bit, I have some good news for Lagos tenants (and prospective diaspora returnees) on the 27th of May 2011,The Lagos House of Assembly passed a New Tenancy Bill into law, with key provisions to the benefit of tenants.  You will be pleased to hear that it is now unlawful for sitting tenants to pay rent in excess of one year, for yearly tenants. Penalty - N100,000 or 2 years imprisonment.
It is now illegal for Landlords or its agents to receive more than a year's rent from a new tenant. It is also unlawful for a new tenant to offer to pay more than a year's rent. Penalty-N100,000 or 3 years Imprisonment. Landlords must now give written notice in a case where he/she  needs to inspect the house being occupied by a tenant. No more surprise visits all in the name of 'Na my house'!
Power to the people I hear you say...!!! Housing can now be accessible to people of Lagos a state where hitherto was notorious for extortionate demands by Landlords making it difficult for common Nigerians to have a roof over their heads...HURRAY  for Tenants! HURRAY Lagos State! Eko o ni baje o!

My Governor Fasho is looking cool with his wife and 2 boys all wearing baby blue trad..Lovely!
Presido is looking good tooo sha but the Dame's makeup is on point o! she looks really pretty today, I wonder who did her makeup!
The Presidential inauguration match past is sooo 1977 but with a funky spin on it..lovely!!!
I think I spotted Bianca Onoh...Gosh that woman is beautiful!!!
God bless Nigeria! Happy Democracy Day People!

We will certainly get there by God's grace.. see you soon..!!


Friday, May 27, 2011


Fashion has always been my first love..I style it, watch it, photograph it, write about it, in fact I live and breathe fashion, its my release from realities of life..For some reason I particularly love accessories and as much as I have created pieces for photo shoots I have never dreamt or considered myself a designer..I'm just a fashion enthusiast..

But since I returned to Nigeria, I have rediscovered a creative side of me that I knew existed but never paid attention to. The truth is if you have an ounce of creativity in you, Nigeria forces it to the fore because things you want and  need are never easily accessible, so you make things if you really really want them. As a fashion stylist, I'm often challenged to find perfect accessories for a photoshoot in Nigeria so rather than complain I get creative and make what I need and now I'm hooked! Over the past 4-8 weeks, my creative knack has gone into overdrive.A friend of mine Bella May, had a fashion sale at home so I joined her to show some leather and ankara bags I had created and I invited a close knit of friends to privately view and critique my pieces but to my surprise I was truly overwhelmed by the positive feedback.I took lots of orders from that single show and the rest they say is history...

Now I come up with  new designs everyday and I can't believe how much fun I'm having especially when clients pick up their bags and go "Wow"...that really gives me an unimaginable drive...so Yes people, it looks like I'll be making handbags for as long as I can churn out designs...

As for the brand name TÓTÉ, my older sister (Dunnie Olukoga) came up with it, it's the first 2 letters from my sons names (Tobi and Terry in true Naija business naming convention style..LOL! )but I love it (Thanks Sis). I'm planning a photoshoot at some point next week but in the meantime I thought today, Children's day is perfectly timed to share with you a project dedicated to mine that started off as a celebration of my new found love for Ankara..

Many of my leather pieces are one-offs as I often buy rare leathers such as the one used for the TÓTÉ vintage Bag. I have made quite a number of bespoke pieces for friends and so far I'm loving every moment of this..

Here are just a few pictures from my collection of Ankara and leather infused handbags bags, laptop and ipad cases...

Hope you like..

Praying Out Loud  - Ohh Lord, please let them like my bags...IJN...:)

PS: Don't get it twisted though I'm just a fashion enthusiast..LOL!

My first ever bag sold was bought by Bunmi, pictured here with her  TÓTÉ vintage box bag.In the plain red dress is my friend Bella May, I showed my bags for the first time at her home ..thanks babe..
Fabulous TÓTÉ Laptop Ankara and leather bags
TÓTÉ Ankara Clutch bags
My lovely friends Cynthia and Funmi Ademoroti (Funmi, I know you're  gonna shoot me for this..LOL!)

My childhood friend, Ifeoma Bosah holding a TÓTÉ Ankara clutch bag
TÓTÉ Weekender

Ghana Kente Style TÓTÉ clutch bag
Cynthia modelling my Epileather bucket bag

Leather and Ankara box bag

I stopped by at Fusion Fashion Market on saturday to see a friend, I showed her my bags and "Wow" ladies loved it....Whooo hooo!

For Enquiries; 0802 4113305, 0816 599 4201 Email: o_obileye@yahoo.com
TÓTÉ Ankara Clutch bags and Ankara Kente Print and Leather Laptop Case

The Creative Director of Graces Hats loved the bags..I jumped up when she commended me..Listen guys this woman has been blazing the design trail in hat making in Nigeria for over 20 years..so yes I got excited.
I need to grow up I know...hee! hee!
This is my favourite bag, most people order them in half the size but i love it huge
Errrm...Hope you guys like what you see o.. but I'll really appreciate constructive feedback..*wink! *wink!
For Enquiries: Feel free to call me on  0802 4113305 or email me at: o_obileye@yahoo.com

Happy Children's Day Peeps!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The funky blings loving, DJ ShyShy Shyllon - Nigeria's Finest Diaspora  DJ back on Naija Soil!
Former OGBC and Raypower  Radio/ On Air Personality DJ ShyShy Shyllon is back in Nigeria from his 15-years sojourn in United Kingdom - Whooo! Hooo! I love, love love this guy! Back in England he DJ'd at almost every event that I had a hand in organising - When it comes to true DJ-ing talent - trust me on this one, DJ ShyShy Shyllon is truly one of the best Nigeria has ever produced besides when it comes to disc-jockeying experience, DJ ShyShy is a Don with over 30 years experience... He was certainly the finest Naija DJ in the (UK) Diaspora

He started DJ-ing way back in 1985 when he was in Secondary School (Baptist Boys High School Abeoukuta), he then went on to work at several recording studios before auditioning to become an On Air personality at OGBC where he worked from 1990 as presenter/continuity Announcer, He left OGBC in 1993 as one of the most famous DJ's of his time to join Raypower in 1993-1997 where he also quickly became a top radio personality  that listeners adored.
Passionate as he is, ShyShy Shyllon, whose real name is Olusegun Shyllon (Yes, Shyllon is a real Naija name..Can yo believe? LOL!) left the shores of Nigeria for England to broaden his knowledge of broadcasting and in 2006 he graduated from Thames Valley University in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Digital Broadcast Media.
DJ ShyShy and his Shy Angels
Even while studying in the UK, DJ ShyShy remained consistently relevant within the DJ-ing scene and over the years he has achieved credibility in club and Radio DJ-ing in the UK, Nigeria and around the world.
On the subject of coming back home,DJ ShyShy says he has always had his heart set on returning to Nigeria. In his words "Ever since I travelled, I"ve always wanted to come back to Nigeria but I was just waiting for the right time. Naija is home and I know there are great opportunities here. I love it here!"

Soft-spoken, Cute-faced ShyShy is a single father of two gorgeous 'Shy Angels' as he loves to call them. A true master of his game, DJ Shy Shy Shyllon  is a fabulous gain to Nigeria.He is now stationed with Kennys Music's Rainbow FM. You can catch him live on his programme 'The Happy Hour'. From 1pm - 5pm  Monday  to Friday  and 5am- 9am on Saturday..He is simply fantastic!

Now Lagos get ready to RELOAD YOUR CONCEPT OF P-A-R-T-Y-I-N-G!!!  The real McCoy is back!!!! 

DJ ShyShy Shyllon here is a Seriously Doughnuts salute...!!!! Braaap! Braaap!!! (Shhh! my hubby hates that! Too 'yardie' for him but you get me sha! LOL!)

N.B: Just a reminder ladies, he is single...! Just saying o...!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Mr and Mrs Taofick Okoya
 Taofick Okoya is a regular face on the Lagos fashion and social scene but Lagos does not get to see his other half as much as evidently she doesn't do as much partying as he does (probably looking after daughter et al). I met Lola, Taofick's very pretty wife on saturday and like her hubby, Lola is also very into fashion. She had a fabulous collection of clothes, shoes and real hair on display at the Fashion Auction 2011 under her boutique label "....by Vicky Vaph"  which will be unleashed on Nigeria soon..
In the meantime, may I present to you for the first time on Seriously Doughnuts, the beautiful Mrs Lola Okoya and regular SD fashion subject, Taofick Okoya...Fashion wise, we think this couple seriously rock!!!



I had a rather crazy saturday(21st) I was all over town trying to catch up on all sorts and Lagos traffic was extra mental but I just had to make a stop at Taofick Okoya's fundraising fashion auction on saturday the 21st of May  in support of The Children's Fiesta, a child empowerment program designed to celebrate the African child's positive attributes, through fun filled and enlightening activities which takes place this Friday ( Children's Day).As expected, there were lots of fashion bits and pieces to see and buy. I liked some of Kiki Kimanu's pieces but in the end I bought the most beautiful silk scarf  in the world or so I tell myself...LOL!
The venue 'SU CHAO' Chinese Restaurant, VGC (owned by Taofick's sister) was quite impressive but I couldn't really stay to try out their food..I had another evening appointment to catch up with so I took a few photos ( as in very few...Sowwwy!!!) and I was off for another few hours in traffic...hmmmm Naija life sha!
Any hooo! here are the very few pics from the event...

Funky Tees by NS1463.COM ( The CEO Olumide NS, is an SD reader so please support..LOL!)

I love NS1463'spackaging..supercool

Taofick's Queens of Africa Dolls

Some designers that supported the event

Fashion by Vicki Vaph

Kiki Kimanu

Kiki Kimanu

Ankara Print Mugs by Ituen Basi

Taofiq Okoya (Organiser)

Lola Okoya

osi Umole
Edi Ekohomu

Matthew Ohio

Bolaji Ajayi


Monday, May 23, 2011


Music Video Director and Film Maker, GINI
Hi  Guys, So I went to Fashion lover, Taofick Okoya's Fashion Auction 2011 on Saturday the 21st of May, in support of his favourite charity event (The Children's Fiesta which holds on Children's Day). Taofick introduced me to Gini and I just got super excited when I realised who he was. I'm completely mad about Naija music and I have been seriously impressed by the wave of creativity in Nigerian Music videos of recent. You see, Gini is the genius film maker behind TY Bello's Land is Green, Dagrin's Pom Pom Pom Pom, KAS' - Wine for me, MCheddah's Koma Roll, Jmartins - Iva music videos amongst others. I had been curious as to who was behind Dagrin's video since the first time I saw it, in my opinion it's one of the most engaging music videos Naija has ever experienced but for some reason Gini has always maintained a 'low profile' so on that note, I just had to interview him there and then to demystify the man the industry calls "Gini..The film maker"

GINI stands for Great Individuals No Imitations and from Gini's videos you know that indeed this dude is in a class of his own. He returned to Nigeria from New York in 2007 and he is loving every moment of being here that he says he is here in Nigeria for good...Supercharged, I got my dictaphone out, pressed record and we started talking, we talked fashion, his inspiration, Dagrin, Governor Fashola, his projects etc and guess what he says Tillaman is coming home to Nigeria next week...whooo hooo!! I love Tillaman and Dolla-billz ...can't wait!!!!! (You must checkout their music on youtube if you don't know them - these guys are London's funkiest Naija musicians - I love how well styled their videos are..)

You can listen to our interview here... just press play...*wink*( like you didnt know that..LOL)

 If above does not work on your browser, try listening on windows player here:

Gini shows off his T-shirt - The only other one produced belongs to
 Governor Fashola

Fun loving Gini..in his music model pose..

Ex- New Yorker in Lagos, Gini the 'Single' Film Maker

Remember ladies, he is single and searching. In his words "I'm looking for a lady who understands creativity and can cook a nice meal" if that's you do hurry up ! Gini is waiting o! I will happily play match maker..(smiles) ...
Meanwhile, Gini, Seriously Doughnuts salutes you...
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