Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TEE A's 15th Year On Stage Anniversary Pictures - Celebrating One of Comedy's Finest!

15 years of Tunde Adewale AKA Tee-A giving us all  some 'Tyme-out'  to laugh has certainly passed quicker than we realised, yet we still find Tee-A's wit and humour endearing! Asides being one of Nigeria's foremost frontmen making a living out of the noble act of comedy, Tee-A seems to be one of those 'Mr Nice Guy' type of people that everybody loves. So it was no surprise at all to see the movers and shakers of comedy and the entertainment industry in general  turn out to celebrate the man we all know and fondly call Tee-A....

Sorry about the watermark...Software issue :( ..Yes it's Don Jazzy...

Tee-A and Wife
 Wishing you many, many, many more years...!!! Kudos Dude!
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