Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After much dreaming, wondering, contemplating etc,etc ...I finally decided to move to Naij.....I took the plunge...Yes! I'm trying out living in Nigeria (Note: I said trying out, so London, hold my place oh)  and so far what can I say? 17 years away and  Nigeria is still Nigeria...

Not much has changed..NEPA is still a pointless waste of public funds..the roads are nothing to write home  about...I could go on and on...but hey..didn't I say Nigeria is still Nigeria...?? Nigeria still knows how to party hard...No wonder, Johnny Just Come..Banky W said "Aint no Party like a Lagos Party"...he has a big point! And yes! I can testify to that. Despite the madness on this side of earth, Nigerians still know how to lay their burdens aside every week and party like its a 'God-Given' right..from birthdays to weddings, naming ceremonies to house-warmings...Parties are everywhere....I've lost count of the number of shindigs I've attended since I got here a few months ago...but wait, I have an excuse though...it's all work related...LOL!!! But meen....how many Aso-ebi's can one girl really handle...??? Ankaras are now competing for space in my closet...and they just keep pilling up... O ga oh!

Anyhow, I realise that quite a few people out there want to come home too but are wondering whether or not to take the plunge...I certainly can't make that decision for you...as you need to see past a lot of things to want to stay here..you need to see what only you can...you need to see what God holds for you in your minds eye. What I'm trying to say is that you really must have a  personal conviction to be here especially if you currently live abroad..
What I can do though is to share my Naija journey with you indulging in my passion for life, fashion, entertainment and all things 'quirky-Nigerian' through the SERIOUSLY DOUGHNUTS Blog....so far its been lots of fun for me...( minus crazy Lekki and Lagos-wide traffic, pollution, useless pointless NEPA/PHCN...unreliable staff)...but inspite of it all Nigeria holds a promise and I completely buy into it...well for now...LOL! So do stay tuned...

While I was writing this, perfectly timed, my little son came up and said Mummy "Why do you like Nigeria? " He is still trying to understand why we swapped planets.. LOL! I looked at him and all I could offer was a smile because the truth is I really don't know....but for some innate reason I really do....I really love Nigeria...

So...Would you relocate to Nigeria? Do you like, love or loathe Nigeria? 

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  1. I love Naija and would love to come home, but maaaaaaaaaan, NEPA and the Naija-style politicking are my vices. If there's light, I can def handle Naija, even with the politics. But I need power. Must have power.

    That being said, I'm still planning on returning at the end of the year...that's my goal. I grew up in Naija for 14 years, and I go home every year or 2 so as far as whether or not I know what it's like to live there, I'm set. Certain things we're used to and take for granted here is a luxury over there so it will definitely take a lot to get used to it. But I'm ready. Good luck with your plans and dreams.

    Let's go!


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