Saturday, January 29, 2011


Michael Neri's Blackberry Profile Picture as supplied by
our source
1980 something. Location: Ikoyi Club: Young people swimming and a girl runs to the pool area announcing with glee…"Michael Neri is here".
What followed was absolutely unreal; every girl in the pool screamed as though a super star had arrived. I was young (Sec School) and I had never witnessed such frenzy over a bloke. Not even Michael Jackson (God rest his soul) could have whipped up a louder 
applause that day. I was absolutely gobsmacked…but  in true celebrity style, Michael Neri walked the length and breadth of the olympic-sized swimming pool and then he left….If memory serves me well that was the day, Michael Neri of Kings College, Lagos, etched his way into my mind as a young celebrity..OK..maybe a child celebrity…but evidently, he was adored by many with 'R. Kelly-like' following and even after I went off to university, the legend of Michael Neri continued…he threw the coolest parties and everyone wanted to be on the guest list. One of which was one he threw with his brother . No one would miss his parties for the world…and yes Michael Neri's party was yet again the coolest joint.

Many years down the line I just simply forgot about him…except when reminiscing over the good old 'rocking days' until I got the BB message today (29 Jan) which read  " Michael Neri and Ify Eneli kidnapped while leaving Likwid nightclub in VI@1am yesterday.They were driving a black mercedes benz c-230 Plate *******. Please broadcast and report to police if there is any news". 
My first reaction was shock and then hope followed...maybe its a hoax, maybe not!

Unfortunately at this time I cannot tell you whether or not it is true but everyone in Lagos has got the broadcast and nothing has yet been sent to say it isn't true. Fade@Beat 99.9FM kinda mentioned about the BB broadcast but declined to talk about it in detail on air as she is also not sure if it's true. His close friends are putting up his picture on their profiles saying it is true but like I said I just don't know. Evidently Michael Neri still has a huge fan base in Nigeria, I can't imagine what his parents and family are going through if it is but we are all praying that if it is indeed true that he would be found safe and sound. 
The Seriously Doughnuts team certainly hope it's not true but we will keep you posted with any new information…in the meantime please  continue to pray for Michael Neri and Ify Eneli…


  1. Nice blog. I also thought it wasn't true, however considering who sent me the BBM, I thought it must be serious. I hope for the best for him and his family.

    As an ex-returnee, why not check me out at

    Take care and God bless.

  2. Thank you. I sure hope he is alright too.

    PS: I checked out your blog :), cool stuff!


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