Wednesday, August 24, 2011

STEP ASIDE VERA WANG...TÓTÉ IS IN TOWN...( and much, much , much cheaper tooo..LOL!)

OK, so Kim Kardashian got married on the 21st of August and we all have to wait till October to watch it exclusively on E! and pictures soon in Peoples Magazine...meanwhile a few paparrazzi-guerilla style photos hit the net and it's not the bride that got my attention..I'll patiently wait till October to see all Kim's 3 dresses clearly. LOL! For now it's Kris Kardashian (Kim's Mother) that has my attention with her big bow Vera Wang dress...
I screamed so loud when I saw it on sunday when we got back to Lagos as I also chose a huge bow as the focal point of the outfits I designed for me and my siblings for my brother's wedding ...I wanted to make  something that would make us 'stand out' but I couldn't really go to town as much as I wanted as 2 of my sisters are Pastors (actually one is a Reverend) and wanted to look respectably so, while Dupe and I (the Jesus-loving non-pastors), were happy to show a bit of skin ( just a bit sha..LOL!) but the challenge was that Rev.Bisi, my eldest Sis insisted we all wore the same style as much as the end we reached a compromise that it didn't have to be exactly alike as long as the concept was essentially the same. So I went back to the drawing board and created a fun strapless exaggerated bow top for Dupey and I and and an all covered up square neck top for Rev.Bisi and Pastor Dunni but also with silk bows and as Kris Kardashian's  Vera Wang dress too was massively bowed, thank God we rocked ours a day before Kris, we would have probably been accused of copying but you know what they say "Great minds think alike" or so I like to think....

Kris Kardashian and daughters
So now that I'm thinking and designing like Vera Wang...ermmmm what are you waiting for peeps...'Holla' at your girl...*Wink!Wink! TÓTÉ IS IN TOWN...( and much, much , much cheaper tooo..LOL!)


  1. Great job mamacita, how I wish I'm in

  2. Chris stole the day...she looks fabulous


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