Thursday, February 16, 2012


NYSC band at today's Ceremony
Corper Weeee, today was the NYSC 2011 Batch A passing out ceremony and I'm absolutely ecstatic and proud that like millions of Naija graduates, I too dedicated 1 year to the service of my motherland...Yes indeed, I came, served and I conquered!!
I actually graduated about 13yrs ago so I had thought I would be exempted but as I graduated before I turned 30, there would be no escape for me, so I took it the news on the chin and decided to give it my best! 
I was democratically voted in as the 'Project Coordinator' of my Community Development group and along sides some seriously dedicated and committed Corpers, we executed developmental projects across  Lagos Island...
Fun stuff but absolutely stressful and time consuming to the bone but as stressful as the whole NYSC thing was it actually felt nice to give back to the community but best of all I got first hand experience of seeing how deprived our society really is...I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually believe that NYSC plays an important role in the development of such deprived communities and should therefore carry on for as long as Nigeria n Nigerians need help!

That said, I'm so pleased to have passed out today...I since passed on my Project Coordinator role to a another Corper...Miss Faiza, who is also doing a brilliant job and who has facilitated visits to Homes for Orphans such as Little Saints Home etc!

I have to say, it feels absolutely fantastic to be an Ex-Corper and like my hubby's friend says, I'm now a proper Naija indigene ....Halleluyah!
Checkout some pictures from some of our Community Development Projects as well as pictures from today's passing out ceremony..(we didn't have a parade for the fear of Boko Haram)

Blogger Yinka AKA YExclusive ( Who was our  Corper Liaison Officer) with Boni who was our Financial Secretary
This is what we went through every week to get our attendance cards signed...!!

UK returnee Dayo, Naija Moi and America Returnee Tunji at the local NYSC office during one of the weekly CD group meetings
Some of the girls from a school on Lagos Island were we worked
Some of the project team members  while we were out on a project...
My CD group helped turn dirty orange water at a girls school to....

Clean usable water..The headmistress was more than pleased...
At the State School in Sura with the Headmistress

But today, the sound of freedom came as THE PASSING OUT CEREMONY was held...

Fashion designer, Tubo was in my CD group

America Returnee Tunji loves Naij and will be staying to work

UK returnee Dayo..misses London (& sanity) and is saying goodbye to Naij...

I found this Baby Corper..LOL!

and another baby corper...

Our Zonal Inspector, Mr Jolayemi with a fellow corper

and then we hustled for our certificates....

Emikay, Tunji and moi rocking my Tóté :)

 Phew! I got through it peeps....I'm officially ready for Naija!!! Halleluyah!!!!



  1. Oh my gosh ... LOL @ the baby corpers. Congratulations to you, Bola and all the other ex-corpers. You made it!!!

  2. Aww congrats..... , i graduated before i was 30yrs old, i am over 33yrs now, live in the US can i still do NYSC? it looks like u had a grate experience,i love the pictures

  3. Many Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ The Relentless Builder: Gracias...I am so glad it's all over!! (smiling from cheek to cheek) Cheers!
    @Anon Feb 19 8:52: I was one of the oldest Corpers o..LOL! On paper, there is absolutely no escape for you o. The rule is if you graduated before 30 you must serve if you intend to work in Naij..
    @Ovuoke - Thanks a million!

  5. ahy girl, na real congrats i go tell you o. Mine wasn't stressful at all. I conveniently didnt get into a group in camp until the man o war trainings were over. I was ill on the day of the endurance trek and so wasn't allowed to go, i served in a school that was on break for 3 months and strike for 7 months and i lived in town so i spent most of the time watching movies lounging and i had pp to do stuff for me. even getting the certificates wasn't strefful at all (no bif me o, lol)
    We should hook up soon. saw your tote at L'espace, nice.

  6. Awwwwwww Just saw our pictures!!!! :* :* :* :* :* :*

    LMAOOOOO at the first picture! Gosh I'm so happy we touched lives!!!

    GOD bless us!! :)

  7. Hi Bola, glad to see my pic on here :-p ... It's Michael. I got robbed and lost all my numbers and stuff...holla at me on

    P.S - my songs are coming out soon...yay me lol.

    And yes!!! I see my bin bag photo article (Lady Gaga challenge) is still a foundation article on here, whoop whoop! :-)

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