Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello Peeps! It's Play Time...

It's play time again...Yaaay!!!
Where have I been??? Hmmmm! Where do I start? "At the beginning  I hear you say..." So here goes...

If you've followed my blog previously then you know how spontaneous I can be when it comes to making decisions so when it came to moving to Nigeria, I did it in a heart beat with all my heart or that's what I thought until I flew to London on holiday. So we (my boys and I) landed at Heathrow Airport into sheer sanity and got back to our old home for what was supposed to be a summer break but ended up loving the sanity a bit too much and staying for 6 months and counting and until I landed in Lagos 2 weeks ago I didn't realise how much I had missed vibrant "gidi" but guess what I couldn't have picked a better week than the very busy week of Love!
Lagos loves to love just like it loves to play and Valentines weekend in Lagos kicked off turbo charged on friday night with Banky W's concert , Classic FM's Maxwell gig on Saturday night and Darey Art-Alade's totally fabulous "Love Like a Movie" concert on Sunday Night  featuring  Kim Kardashian (and her cute preggo bump) in Nigeria..
Trust me, Lagos was mad fun and in true SD style, I got into position with my camera around my neck to capture it all...
I had a 'whale of a time' shooting on and off the red carpet especially at Darey's concert so why don't we start with that??? Go on, quickly grab a tall drink while I put it all together.....Yes ohhh! Playtime on SD is back...Yaaay!

PS: I promise to try NOT to disappear again...My sincere apologies! :)
Meanwhile how've y'all been?



  1. 6 months is a long time yes. Glad U are back.

  2. Missed you! Glad you are back! Visit too! We are big fans.

  3. We missed you. Kept checking site. Am glad you are back.

  4. Welcome tired of visting and no new posts....i don't mean to intrude, but are your kids home-schooled? Just wondering how they were able to miss school for 6 whole months. Good to have you back

  5. Na waa oo.. Ma se bee yen mo oo. I missed my daily dose of SD


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