Sunday, February 24, 2013

SD MAGIC: A Sneak Peek At Darey Art Alade's Magical 'Love Like a Movie' Concert Production Set

Coming up to the concert rumour had it that Darey had planned a night to remember for his audience not only with Kim Kardashion but also with performances by the famous Cirque Du Soleil (a Canadian based entertainment company that describes itself as a "mix of circus arts and street entertainment") but guess what on the night, it was no rumour.  Darey Art-Alade's 'Love Like a Movie' blew us all away...I just couldn't believe the set and production set before my eyes..
From start to finish, the concert was produced like a love story and the subject of his love interest was the fabulous Waje, who looked absolutely stunning in red while the Cirque du Soliel and their acrobatics made us oooh and ahhh to the sound of Darey's voice....
Kim Kardashian introduced herself and the show and then disappeared but nothing could have put a damper on the show..It was just FANTASTIC...!!!
Here's a little sneak peek into Darey's amazing imagination...

It's a wrap!

Make no mistake people, Darey Art-Alade lives in the future Nigeria and I am glad to have had a glimpse of what was to me the best production in Nigeria EVER! 

And when the show came to an end a very humble Darey knelt down on stage to thank everyone....
What can I say ? Darey and his team nailed it big!! Well done...


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