Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SD MUSIC: Photographer Toni Tones Set to Launch into the Music Scene With Debut Single...

Toni Tones gears to drop debut single...'I know what you like'
Yes it is super duper true
Toni Tones prepares to extend her creative frontier...

You know her as a photographer, online editor, the Mavinbot, actress, now meet Toni Tones, the artist as she gets ready to launch her debut single, titled: 
' I know what you like'.
Produced by Mavin Records' Baby Fresh, we hear that 'I know what you like' is a fun afro-pop song guaranteed to get you off your feet and get you dancing. 
OK, it's coming real soon and we can't wait to hear it too but may I whet your appetite with the cover art and promotional images..?  I call it 'Hotness!!'

 Hot! Hot! Hot...!!!
PS: We'll update you once the single drops....Bring it on Toni Tones..!!!



  1. who is this heaven's sent girl? ;;)

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