Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TOKE MAKINWA - Queen Nice or Queen of *WASH*

You've prolly (dats naij for 'probably'..heeehee!)heard about Vic O, Italy based Nigerian R&B Singer with  the most hilarious 'wack' songs and music videos EVER but what we don't see or hear Vic. O does and believes in himself and although he gets us in stitches every time he opens his mouth, he just carries on belting out more and more musical comedy for our enjoyment ...checkout his 'After Party' video below;

So Toke Makinwa of Flytime, interviews Vic. O and completely lies to the guy through the interview...I know I'm all for love but meen Toke Makinwa is either the Queen of love or Queen of *wash*...just check out the interview...

This Vic. O guy we know but this Toke chick is on another level meeen, she is such a pro, no giggles just major *WASH! WASH*....LOOOOOL!!!

Meanwhile if you don't know what *Wash* means in Naij just ask Eldee :)

OK peeps, how do you crown Toke Makinwa? Queen Nice or Queen Wash-Wash!
But dang...., I liked her rendition of the 'Hafter Parry' ...LOL! Maybe we should all have a 'Hafter parry'....hee!hee!



  1. shes a good presenter very professional at it but i must say she was rather decietful and exxergerated a lot about VicO which then comes across as taking advantage of him and making fun of him,as a presenter she shouldnt ridicule but i must say Tv presenting is her call,good composure and no fake wanna be accent,flytime needs to retain her shes an asset

  2. Wash! But the guy sha, he didn't even send.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing throughout, this guy is a joke for real. I love Toke, she's a beauty!

  4. damn, i never thought there would be a singer/rapper worse than "bangs" but this guys dissproves that theory. :( lol

    Its all fun and games until he staarts winning awards and actually gets big a la soulja boy.

    p.s you didnt answer my question deciding if coming back to nigeria is a good option, in respect to things developing or staying stagnant

    pls reply. thanks

  5. this babe is strong oh..i would have fell out laughing in Vic O face.

  6. toke is just a meanie. i love vic oh he is so stylish cant stop laffing at dat.

  7. what's d meaning of the term 'wash'? I watched d interview n i think the girl is totally stupid, what is worse is the expression she has on her face, she is the one doing the interview so why make a fool out of urself? The boy is quite annoying too but both of them together did make a fool out of themselves.

  8. kini gbogbo kati kati yi ke LOL!!!orisirisi!LOL!! This Toke girl na real Queen wash wash LOL!!

  9. Flytime Ent and Toke Makinwa haff kill meeeeeeeeeeeee o lol.Please, who and where did this guy originate from?All through the interview my eyes kept on rolling and my mouth was wild open,Toke na the true Queen of Wash Wash she was so serious through out the whole interview.i for don laugh tire if to say na me interview dis ode.All d same Flytime Ent and Toke fall my hand sha.

  10. Toke Makinwa is great! she held herself together, her appearance was on a another level, she's such a beaut! She's an amazing presenter and she should get more credit for what she does!
    And the person calling toke makinwa a fool must be an uneducated jealous ass-hole who wishes they were just as talented and beautiful as ms makinwa.


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