Friday, June 16, 2017

Fine Dining Friday: KETO Chilli Pepper Okro Soup by Yours Truly.. @bolasings

According to my diary, its Fine Dining Friday and as I am super fussy about everything I eat these days and I am aware that I have become an unapologetic food snub of some sort. 
I count my calories, I know my fats, I banish the carbs ( much as possible) and I'm keen on my grass-fed meats but all for a good cause and one plan - I want to live FOREVER! LOL!

But seriously though, I am so keen on feeding my body with only good stuff! 
Nutritious meals that do my body a whole lot of good. Surely that can only be described as 'Fine Dining' right..?

So I spent the day cooking up a designer style 'Green Chilli Pepper Soup'  A true original that throws in a bit of spicy spunk into the good old Okra soup recipe. Best of all it's SIMPLE, CLEAN & DELICIOUS.

Catch the Video here and cook up your own 'Fine Dinner' storm.

Enjoy your weekend people!
PS: Thank me later :)

Lots of love,
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