Saturday, October 1, 2011

SD Fashion Must-Have: OMG!!! It's A Zara Handbag....!!!

Actress and model Olivia Palermo, swaps her Hermes Birkin for
Zara Spring/Summer 2011 hangbag...LOVE IT!
The first time I saw this beautiful bag, it was in Lagos during the Arise Magazine Fashion Week - I just couldn't take my eyes off it, as it hung fabulously on the arms of an  uber stylish lady. You can say "It was love at first sight". The bag was just so pretty and classy that I just assumed it was probably by HERMÉS ..It had all the hallmarks of a timeless handbag - 'Understated and incredibly Chic'. I almost had a 'fit' when she smiled and whispered it was from the Fashionista's High Street haven - Zara.   "Zara???? Stop lying" I screamed but she laughed and reassured me that indeed it was, showing me the label.... (I love it when a lady confidently shares fashion tib bits...kudos know who you are...*wink! Wink!!)
Better believe me when I say that the bag is super special. Well... special enough, for actress, Olivia Palermo to dump her HERMÉS Birkin which cost thousands for a bit of high street magic we all love...I guess it really goes to show that indeed price has nothing to do with style...
We absolutely love this bag and if you've got £80 to spare....It's a Must-Have!!!

Pic credit: My Many Bags
SD Tip: How to Rock the High Street...
If you are thinking of buying one but worried it'll be everywhere, here's what to do:  Buy it and keep it for 6 months to a year, by then the shops should have completely sold out, most people would have rocked theirs to death, leaving you to rock yours in relative exclusivity...

We think Zara 'super-nailed' it big time with this bag...what do you think? You like????



  1. Bola, the bag is already sold out in some of the big shops.

  2. @ Anon 8:01 - They've got them on Oxford street...they even have them now in blue, black and black and grey as well...Happy shopping!


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