Monday, October 24, 2011


We absolutely love our celebs here at Seriously Doughnuts! When it comes to Celebs and Fashion, there are absolutely NO RULES, these guys really really MAX out their Artistic liberty and wear whatever they like whenever they like and unlike us mere mortals, these guys seem to get away with it as we all accept their funky or not so funky looks in the good name of "FREEDOM OF THE ARTS"...But you've got to give it to these guys they've got serious 'balls' to leave their homes to mix with the rest of the  "Non-Arty-Farty" world where they standout like a sore thumb but does it look like they give a damn??? I doubt it...
Checkout some of the get-ups our stars wore on the night they celebrated Ice Prince's album launch...
Producer Don Jazzy stepped out in Comfy Pyjamas-Like trousers and he
got away with it...but if you try it, I promise you, you'll get bounced at any event..
Everybody loves Ice Prince...but does everyone love his wardrobe....errrrm
I doubt it...but hey he's a SUPER STAR!

Naeto C shows his feminine side in his skinny pink corduroy , floral shirt
 and pink blazer

Ice Prince....Na wa o, but I still love you sha

Banky W goes for the "Straight from Gym" funk and for the first time ever
he steps out with a chick (Damilola Adegbite) hand-in-hand....
Sorry ladies Banky may just be off the market..

D'banj actually looks like 'us' everyday people....I likey!!!

Don't ask me what D'banj and Prince are up to here o...we are just talking fashion

Prince went for the playful and colourful look... 

Fashion Reporter, Efe Tommy is one of the funkiest Naija dudes, here he goes
for a plunging neckline T 
2Face Idibia goes street with medallions and a ripped denim jacket
in a way that reminds us of  "Bobby Brown" back in the 1980"s

SDEye noticed his plastered fingers...Pele O 2Face hope your fingers heal pweety sooon...

Chocolate City Boss, Audu dares to wear white shoes...

Ara the Drummer Girl leathers and boots up

Don't you just wish you could get try out your own fashion stunts too...Well.. unless you're a celeb.. let's just keep it safe...shall we??? 



  1. Audu's shoes seem a bit off...I like Naeto C's edginess though, that took a lot of guts and dare I say he looked good too...D'Banj ni ti e, I can be his babylet anytime!
    Don J Baba...respect! Only U!
    This is second event I am seeing Banky W and Dami together @...ok o!

  2. Don Jazzy! Do you want to try him? He'll ask you "are you my bank manager?" Go and figure that out. The thing is, he still looks so cool and aloof. It adds to his sexiness.

    Efe Tommy; okay, let me not discriminate right here by calling him something....

    TuBaba; those two fingers tell a story. Were you using them on a girl (under her skin and you bruised them. LOL,) trying to break some rocks or fighting? Answers on a post card please. He needs to trim those nails too.

    Naeto C; nwoko oma. Fantabulous. I like it.

    Ice prince will soon get a stylist. Don't you worry about Mr. Oleku.


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