Friday, July 6, 2012

SD FASHION POLICE: Joseph Benjamin's Street Style...

Joseph in his usual onscreen style suited...just the way we like!!

Always suited and booted, smooth-talking, good-looking Nollywood actor was caught on a red carpet of a recent Lagos Event in street style...
Check out that cheeky grin...
We heard Joseph sing later that evening (wearing a suit...Halleluyah!) and eyin peeps, we can tell you for free that this dude is the bloke equivalent of "Beauty with Brains" only in his case let's just say his "Handsome with talent" in fact lots of it but the suit must have added some too magic I'm sure...Heeee!heee!
As per his street syle, we love the hat but 'erm as for the rest of his ensemble...Biko, Joseph stick with the suit joor! Especially when we bump into you...LOL! We love to think of you as a super dapper dude..Pls don't spoil it for us oh...(bb tongue out face) :)

That's our take but ladies, what say ye? Joseph served up suited? or Joseph Street-Style..?


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