Thursday, July 5, 2012


So are these Ugly? I asked.."No' He said "These are talking about the damn ugly shoes I see all the time on girls"
 Hmmmm! So, I was gisting with a male friend  about 'Social Lagos'...His eyes lit up as he spoke excitedly about Lagos Parties, Lagos Life and Lagos Chicks...and how he can't choose from the very very many pretty girls Lagos has to offer ...."Meen too many girls dey this town o" he beamed...
And as though he had been refelecting deeply, he suddenly frowned his face looking into my eyes seeking the truth he asked "But why do Lagos Girls wear such ugly a**e shoes???"
I tried to laugh it off but he was dead serious....!!! He really wants to get to the bottom of this and so do I...Do we really wear ugly shoes...??? as in bad enough that the blokes are noticing? checkout a few shoes on a typical red carpet day...

I know typical Lagos chicks know how to dress up, but do we get it wrong with the shoes?
Are we really in 'Ugly Shoe' world in Lagos??  


  1. Ok I agree but the 10th shoe down, that was blue with what I think were gold bands were not ugly o... haba! (no be me wear am o but it wasn't ugly lol)

    As for the rest all I have to say is there is a difference between bold and crazy.

    Ankara and feather shoes? #okbye

  2. Wow! I love all dem shoes. You call them ugly, I call them great. Would love to wear all except maybe the blue one that has feathers. My first time on this blog. Lovely shoes.

  3. Please refrain from using profanity. Even if that's what he said, it didn't have to be repeated verbatim :( You could have paraphrased what he said tastefully! It's nice to have you back though. I know you've been very busy!

  4. Ugly? Not all. Cheap and need cleaning? Yes

  5. †ђξ shoe in †ђξ first pix shows how a shoe shld fit perfectly. All †ђξ other shoes either doesn't fit perfectly or is slightly bent. Doesn't look copmfortable @ll but it doesnt mean lag babes no d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ wear better shoes

  6. Just mismatched not ugly. Also, sometimes it's the wearer. If trendy Bolanle wears those feather shoes now, people will praise her! Boots and even the ankle variant are a no no in Nigeria.

  7. Well,some ladies do not know what kind of shoe fits. You need to be able to access your feet before actually buying a shoe. Some look nice and rest ugly.


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