Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year - Usher 2014 in With Ese by Kemie Kayode

Hello People,
It's been a looooongg time... :) Boy am I glad to be in a brand spanking New Year...Happy 2014 everyone! So I've been a lil MIA but trust me 2013 was one seriously hectic year, so hectic  it was impossible to blog. So I did the right thing and let it go..but here is to new beginnings..Seriously Doughnuts is high on my New Year resolution pick up list.. (Well, high enough..Number 5 is not bad right?)..lets just say Seriously Doughnuts is back..Yeaah I said it (again..Lol)...!!!

Naija was lots and lots of fun while it lasted but I'm back in London doing this and that but hey Nigeria remains on the menu shaaa (we'll see how that pans out)..Let's just have lots of fun this year and as usual nothing needs to be taken too seriously, just fun and games and what better way to usher in the New year than with  praise and thanksgiving to the One who made it possible for us..

Enjoy 'Ese' by Kemie Kayode  Nigerian born, US based worship Minister...I'm a worshipper at heart and I couldn't help but fall in love with the song by Kemi AKA Voicy and I am sure you will too.As we all look back on 2013, we have so much to be thankful for, too many blessing to count and if like me you had a hectic (mixed-up) 2013..I bet you are also just as grateful to have made it to 2014 alive and well..
Listen to Ese and thank God that we made it...Kemie's gorgeous voice and delivery certainly sets the tone for starting out the year with God...

Nigeran Born US-Based Gospel Singer, Kemie Kayode AKA Voicy

 Don't you just love her voice? Here is to a wonderful, prosperous and progresive New Year....Happy 2014 people...!!!

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  1. wow wow wow. Welcome back!!! Was wondering why you abandoned blogsville.
    glad you're back, now overload the blog with pictures as usual thanks :-)


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