Monday, January 13, 2014

SD Fashion: Ankara Chiffon..Chiffon Ankara, Ankara Silk...Fashion Fabulouscity hits Nigeria and beyond...

Waje rocks Ayanski Chiffon Ankara beautifully in Zen Magazine....!
Last year a friend of mine and I talked about our dream of seeing African print in fabulous breezy chiffon and then spent a bit more time dreaming about the possibility of creating them in even more versatile fun fabrics like sequinned georgette and velvet etc ...We then took it a step further and had some samples made showing them to close friends, family and associates who  loved them so much that needless to say a new trend was born and as they say, the rest is history...

Designer Monash of Monash Inc rocks the "Green Pepper" Chiffon in one of her creations
Ankara Chiffon or shall we call it Chiffon Ankara? (What comes first, the chicken or the egg??..LOL), Ankara Silk, Georgette, Velvet etc is now available and is quickly making waves in Naij and beyond and we've started spotting them on Fashionista designers across the board and its so exciting to see. Chiffon Ankara is just so much more versatile than traditional cotton ankara and with the current trend of iro and buba being worn in chiffon and silk combo, the timing couldn't have been better...
Imagine wearing a chiffon buba and a cotton or silk iro in the same or contrasting print as pictured below (last pic)'s fashion fabulouscity time peeps..

A close up on Monash' top...

We love how she rocks her Ankara Chiffon Top  with traditional Cotton Ankara pants..the texture mix is super cool
Designer, Toks Opaleye of Opal Eye Accessories rocks her Ankara chiffon her way in a simple yet chic flowy dress
I rocked mine in traditional Iro and Buba in contrasting prints at African Fashion Week London 2013..*wink!
I absolutely love Iro n Buba..infact a lil' too much.
BBC London Crew...loved it too :)

The best thing about chiffon ankara is how designers have taken the trend on board creating the most fascinating pieces like the skirt worn by Waje in the current issue of Zen Magazine..I am personally excited about how the trend is catching on and knowing fashion savvy Naija..I cant wait to see how the trend evolves...
Chiffon Buba wih Pleated Silk Iro...with a ToTe Ankara Satchel Bag...Sweet!
With so many classic prints and exclusive prints to pick from, how would you rock yours??
Go on let your creative juices run wild....and when you do, do send us your creations we'll love to see and share...:).. African Fashion is truly evolving....

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  1. It sure looks good on you. I'm not bold enough to mix different ones like you did just yet


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