Monday, June 25, 2012

Ankara African Print Bags: TÓTÉ CLASSICO by Bola Obileye

TÓTÉ Vince Bag
Hello People,
A while back I mentioned that I had been working on my new handbag collection which I promised to show y'all. The collection is aptly named 'TÓTÉ Classico' as it features tribute bags to some of my favourite classic bags as well as some fresh new designs that I would like to become TÓTÉ signature classics.. 
Making bags in Nigeria is a great challenge given our limited resources, machinery and expertise, it's a huge learning curve for us at TÓTÉ  but we continue to take one step at a time, learning and adapting our production to the reality on ground. As you can imagine we endure a lot of wastage in our aim for perfection but we continue to strive to create handbags of great quality and although it's tough...I remain very very proud of our heritage that our handbags are made on "NIGERIAN SOIL".....
Today, it is my joy to share with you all my second collection of Ankara (and leather) bags... TÓTÉ Classico..

TÓTÉ Chanel Tribute Bag, T-shirt:Tees by Tubo

TÓTÉ Kelly Tribute

TÓTÉ Baby Sling Complete with Padded Changing Mat, T-shirt: Tees by Tubo

TÓTÉ Love Me Set

TÓTÉ Pippa Bag

TÓTÉ Love Me Speedy Bag

TÓTÉ Golden Girl

TÓTÉ Ruks Bag

TÓTÉ Lady Doctor 

TÓTÉ  Vitoria Bag

TÓTÉ Vince Bag

TÓTÉ Office Girl

Can't decide?

Why not grab them all???LOL!
So here you have it peeps... I hope you like...
Should you wish to take a closer look at the bags..check us out at:
TÓTÉ Collection, 46 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
Social Place, 96 Awolowo Road Ikoyi
L'espace 19 Olosa Street, Off Tiamiyu Savage Street, VI, Lagos

Photography: A Fayemi
Makeup: Samantha Lascelle
Model: Monique
T-shirts: Tees by Tubo
Iro & Bubas by Bola Obileye
Fashion Styling & Art Direction: Bola Obileye

Have a beautiful day peeps!


  1. Some of them don't even look like ankara.. I'm impressed!

  2. Post are very interesting,I really like your blog & the way

    you wriiten it ..Thanks for sharing this creative ideas.printed t shirts

  3. very beautiful.. I am featuring them on my blog ! My readers are going to love them !

  4. Bola, I love these bags. Lovely!!!! I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  5. congrats on the collections nomination at The Nigerian Event Awards (TNEA)

  6. Beautiful collections

  7. great collection Bola! Really impressive! do u train?


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