Thursday, June 21, 2012

SD EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Bella Naija Founder, Uche Eze's Fairytale Wedding Dress

When news of Uche Eze and Bode Pedro's engagement broke last year, I wondered what her wedding style would be..a 'Princess bride' with the big puffy wedding dress or the 'classic chic bride' with a silhouette hugging dress..Well, she's seen a million and one wedding dresses in her time on BellaNaija.. For whatever reason, I would have probably put my money on her wearing a mermaid style dress but how wrong I would have been. Uche Eze (Mrs P), founder of Bella Naija tied the knot on on saturday in her expected camera shy 'hush-hush' style but we have exclusive images of her  looking every inch a pretty 'Princess Bride'......
The intricate beading on the dress was spot on..,It wasn't overly puffy, seemed just right on her..Overall she scored a winner with her wedding look...she gets an SD thumbs up.. no doubt on her big day Mrs P was very pretty bride...

When SDEYE took his eyes off the bride, he managed a few shots of guests...or shall I say "creme de la creme guests..."

Happy Married life Mr & Mrs P...

Is it me? or do Naija brides look much much prettier in trad ?? Hmmm
Wishing the couple a happy married life.
(Don't ask me how I got the pictures... Let's just say SDEYE is still about town, even when I'm not..:) )
We are still Seriously Doughnuts about exclusives....:)

Have a great day peeps!


  1. Nice pictures. I'm obviously missing the gene for 'wondering in advance what people will wear on their wedding' , I heard engagement and thought things like compatibility, happiness, ...
    I like the couple, little I know of them. I wish them lurrve!

  2. Uchesgown though I stand to be corrected isn't a perfect dress. D upper part of d dress doesn't fit and she looked like she borrowed her mums gown. Whatever reasons she had in mind choosing dat dress, sorry it is an epic fail. She probably saw so many gowns dat she got confused. What do u think wen dey say doctors don't treat themselves.she sld have consulted stylists sinc she is one herself. Nice wedding altogeda. Well coordinated and she looks lavishing in d trad.

  3. She definitely looks fab especially in trad. Wishing them a happy married life.

    Welcome back hun

  4. Like Uchesynthesis said, i dont think er gown did her justice. Maybe she lost some weight from stress b4 the big day......

  5. Didn't feel the gown though....thought she could have done better....


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