Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Back...RIP Hadiza Otegbeye

It's been a while  since I last updated SD. For those that kept checking back for updates I truly apologise but my absence was somewhat unavoidable. Had so much on my plate, was out of town and I managed to leave my 'camera' behind..so I decided to throw myself into work and sort out all the 'this and thats' calling for my attention. Please forgive me..
Not one day passed that I didn't wish for a bit of extra time in the day to blog and when I actually thought the time had come for me to get my blog on, my family and the rest of Nigeria got the worst news ever of the DANA Plane Crash..first it was a bb alert of  a crash and then a phone call from my older sister, frantic that her husband's older sister, Hadiza Otegbeye (Nee Thompson) was on board..

I tried to get my sister to calm down as we all hoped that she somehow would have survived but along with 152 other passengers on board, we sadly lost Hadiza...It's only the 2nd week and life has gone on for most Nigerians but for families that lost loved ones the pain is still fresh..

I still can't believe that Hadiza is no longer with us, it's just not comprehendible...too painful to accept. I was speechless when I went to her home... Her Mum, her husband and the rest of the family were visibly shattered..
CNN's Vladamir  Dutheir, captured the pain and unspeakable grief as he interviewed Hadiza's Mum (my sister's mother-in-law)..

If above video fails click here:
Hadiza Otegbeye (RIP)
May her sweet soul and those of all who died rest in perfect peace..... A memorial service and wake keep is being held in her honour on Thursday and Friday this week..Please remember the Thompson family and Otegbeye Family in your prayers...especially Hadiza's Mum,her husband and 2 kids and her siblings..life is no longer business as usual for them..

What can I say? Enjoy your life peeps! We only get one stab at it! Non of us will escape death but may God in his goodness grant us long life. Once again please forgive my disappearance ...I'm back and ready to blog...!
Trust you all are doing well...

PS: Many thanks for all the kind emails checking on me.. I truly appreciate..



  1. Once again seeing a family being affected by this crash touches and moves me to tears. I pray the Lord comforts Hadiza's mom, her husband, kids, family, loved ones, all who happen to be affected by this crash as only he can. This is too sad.
    Glad to read you are okay

  2. Welcome back, Bola. You were surely missed. I was one of those coming here now and again to see whether you were back and then I would leave disappointed. What a pleasant surprise for me today to find out that you have been back and already done three posts. I had heard that Hadiza was on that Dana flight. I didn't know that you were related to her. I pray that God will comfort you all and heal the pain.

  3. Welcome back. Really miss your posts. I'm so sorry for your loss. May her soul and that of the others rest in peace.

  4. welcome back! was somehow addicted to your blog sha missd the way and angle from which u take those pictures (so so uncommon)..glad to know yu are back.

  5. THis was hard for me to watch, i pray that God will give her mom the grace and strength to bear this crazy pain, i know she will survive, she is strong, Nigeria will change someday but till then, all we can do is hope and pray for the best.My regards to you and your entire family in this harsh time.


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