Monday, December 12, 2011

Feeling blue in Naija....!!!!

Hey peeps,
It's been a 'lil while since I blogged properly. I can only apologise.
For the first time since I got back so many issues seemed to conspire to really make me question my move to Naija. From the never ending NEPA/PHCN situation, to traffic, bad roads, the crazy heat, selfish fellow citizens, multiple headaches etc, etc everything that I had hitherto coped with, managed to get to me and as if it all wasn't bad enough, my driver got his salary and without warning, he turned off his phone and  disappeared, leaving me 'royally' stuck and unable to find my way around town..I have to admit that his exit really bothered me..I thought I took good care of him, buying him lunch and giving him extra pecks, health care, money here and there just the way we do things here in Naija but evidently it wasn't enough and I didn't even get a resignation letter or a good bye....Oh well "C'est La Vie"!!!

Last week I got a few emails from different people who also want to make the move back home to Naija and I just couldn't bring myself to responding to the emails as with the way I've been felling all I would probably say is "Stay where You Are"...but that wouldn't be a fair statement because as stressful as Naija gets, it has a way of compensating you every now and again and when Nigeria compensates's big time the only thing is waiting for that big compensation though is the big issue - You just don't know when its gonna happen!!!

Fingers crossed, I should be back in form by tomorrow and hopefully loving Naija no easy eh!



  1. aww, its sad about the driver, hope you're up and blogging happier things soon. xx

  2. Hi dear, remember to keep things in persepective. Think about it, if you were still in the UK would have the level of success you now have doing what you love? probably not. u r RIGHT, Naija is stressful, but it is the only place where you are able to work hard and create the kind of life you want. Lets be honest living in yanks or Jand, as peaceful as it is, keeps you at a mediocre level. I've been doing the same damn job for the past 13 years but I can't leave because of this shitty economic, but its all good.

    I love ur blog btw

    JadedbutNOTconfused :)

  3. There is no place like home and I commend you for having the courage to pack up and return home. Praying everything falls into place and you find a better driver.
    Take care and come back to blogging.

  4. I beg jor!!!!! Stop acting like a baby and move on. The driver left and then????? What would you have done if he had walked.....way with your car or even one of your children? The bible says that on the day of adversity you better pray your
    strength is not weak. Thank God and move on.

    As the comment above says, try to keep things in perspective. Things are hard for everybody - for as long as basic infrastructure does not function here. God knows what your driver was going through. Maybe he found a better paying job (to ease his growing financial need), so perks or no perks, he has run to the highest bidder (maybe foolishly - and he may return to beg you when he sees that the grass is not so green! Lol!)

    My dear aburo, just thank God. Naija is Naija. Thank God that despite of all these challenges you are still excelling at what you do.

  5. I am totally feeling you on this one and i can sense the sincerity in your despair and say i complete relate wit you on this one.

    My sister, i made the sojourn to naija in 2007 to "pursue my dreams". To cut a long story short, i came back to UK last year and happy to be back. I made a resolution not to complain about anything here anymore because when i consider all the stress i went thru' (considering that i am aje pako, trying my best to blend in and adapt to Naija), i would say Uk is bliss.

    Sometimes, we dont appreciate what we have here in UK until we go elsewhere. I am suffering in this cold but compared to the never ending heat in lagos whilst jumping okada up and down ikoyi and vi to avoid the endless holdup, it is a much better situation. I got on the train this morning, yes a few delays but it is better than lagos hold up.

    there's no shame in admitting that naija is tough and even in coming back, but i guess you would have to come to that place in your mind where u say enough is enough.

    A lot of enthusiastic returnees would pretend like all is well...u see them at the cinema, bars, events....dont mind them oh. Just follow ur heart. a lot of promise and fail people in naija as well who will tell u " i can do this for u...i can do that for you" when u call dem, they dont pick up their call.

  6. Awww my fave writer.I just want to give you a big hug.I understand you.You seem alot bothered by why and how he left despite I presume,how well things had bden going beforehand.It blindsided you,and threw you off balance.May all be well soon boo,its just a storm you have to ride out.Mwah xxx

  7. if u haven't reached the level where 1]rather than working for money, money works for you 2]u can be 100% self sufficient 3]ur kids are grown are independent then don't try Naija.
    That's my advice to myself

  8. @Pretty Lashes- You are way too kind..Thank you babe!
    @Anon 12:19 - Hmmmm, dats real food for thought..thank you
    @Anon 12:37 - true talk o indeed, there is no place like home
    @Kemiismyrealname- Driver issue is just one of the many issues oh but like you said it could have been worse, so I thank God
    @Anon 1:33- You are a mind reader thoughts exactly, I remember how I also used to complain about 10 minute train delays now that I get stuck in 3-5hours traffic who can help me in Naij oh...Not even Fashola himself..LOL!
    @I.M - Thank you for your kind comment..That driver issue just made me wonder what I may have done wrong and so bad but I'm OK now...Thank you for your concern :)
    @Anon10:41: I had a similar plan before oh, I just couldn't get Naija off my mind so I damned the plan and came anyway...right now I get moments when I wish I hadn't bothered coming but at other times I manage to convince myself that Naija isn't really that's a mind game..LOL!

  9. Great post!

    This is exactly what i am going through right now. I am stuck at a cross-road.

    I detest nigeria in the way you and "anonymous" have described. What made me want to come back was thinking about nigeria's potential in natural and human resources and the future and wealth as a result.

    I rationalize things by looking at examples of places like singapore that were developed in generation or the less and the important contribution of educated returnees in its success.

    That is what I want to know. Are things truly changing in anyway? Are the laws for business open? Are entrepreneurship encouraged? Is infrastructure being built at all? Because if not, I might as well stay here

    Please reply. Thanks.

  10. ...And on the driver issue. Maybe he didnt want to deal with any perceived possible confrontation/protest from in a break-up situation.

    Or, on a darker note, perhaps he stole something valuable and took his salary before fleeing, and left without calling in order to distance himself before you find out what is actually missing. :(

    let's hope for the former

  11. @Anon Dec 13, 2:13- Thanks for your kind comment...As per your questions,now how do I answer without sounding biased???? The truth is that returnees and home grown intellectuals are greatly outnumbered so while we all come here and speak 'grammar' not much really gets done effectively. That aside we have a culture of initiating projects, big plans and big dreams but often times there is no continuity...we just keep getting more and more 'BIG' projects that die when someone else is in charge. It's like running on the same spot - Activity with no true progress in my opinion sha. Addressing your queries; are laws of business open? On paper yes but in reality not at all levels, Is entrepreneurship encouraged? Yes but you are on your own. Is infrastructure being built? Yes but at the expense of existing infrastructure lying damaged and unmaintained. For example, while our roads are pothole dotted and dangerous, a Lagos ail project has been commissioned creating future maintenance overheads we certainly are not equipped for..THE WAY FORWARD? We must amplify our voices as a people and we must get involved..!!! Come and be a part of the change Naija's crazy out here but Nigeria needs people that truly care about the plight of fellow citizens not the 'Pocket-liners' we have been plagued with!!! God save Nigeria

  12. thanks so much for your reply?

    but "get involved" by how?

    my example of singapore was of returnees setting up political parties and then changing the country with their experience and exposure.

    but i am personally not a politics person

    but how can one help in the private sector? and what opportunities do you see there if any?



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