Friday, March 28, 2014

Lyrics to Dance in the Rain by 2Face Idibia.... The Gospel according to a Living Legend !

Lyrical Legend 2Face... 

I and many middle aged people I know are going through an 'approach-to-life-renewal' know that time of your life when you suddenly realise that nothing matters that much, nothing is worth killing yourself over. I'm talking about that great realisation phase of your life when you know for a FACT that ALL as in 'ALL is vanity'..and that all you really need to do is take everyday at a time and enjoy it with the people you truly love to the max after all as they say, "Life is short" I guess you can understand why 2Face's new song 'Dance in the Rain' feels like it was written for me...
I listened to it and was hooked right away.. I absolutely LOVE this song..Soteee I close my eyes feeling every word....I promise you, 2FACE is a living Legend...!!!
"I love this dude abeg Annie allow me...":
So what the heck, I went through the trouble of listening and writing the lyrics for your pleasure (thank me later..*wink). I think its as accurate as much as possible but trust 2face with his hypertech line remained impossible to clarify further (Line 2). Listen and help me if you can...LOL! Any hoo.. whilst you can't close your eyes to really feel this song since you have to read the lyrics, enjoy it anyway and feel what middle-aged people feel (as in 2 minutes to 40years old and above ...ahhhhh!!!)... its called 'Living Life In Spite of the Odds' now thanks to 2Baba also known as 'Dancing in the Rain'

Lyrics to Dance in the Rain by 2Face

1. Take a seat, enjoy the ride
2. Beyond known, I won't be afraid of (****Hypertec tinz..I dear you to correct me if you can***)
3. I'm just goin'(g) relax and enjoy my life
4. Try to live it, try to, appreciate it
5. 'Cos every breath I take I'll feel the air
6. I'll take sometime to smell the grass and the flowers
7. There is so much to live for here I swear
8. I will bask in the sun and dance in the rain

9. Oh Oh Oh I'll dance in the rain Oh yeah
10. Oh Oh Oh I'll dance in the rain, I'l dance in the rain

11. Take a deep breath and then come alive
12. There might be so many things you're missing out of
13. Try to know it, try to feel it ee yeah,
14. It's your life yeah,  try to live it yeah
15. Forget about tomorrow live in today
16. Tomorrow will be fine so don't let your worries take away the beauty of today
17. Just bask in the sun and dance in the rain ohhh

18. Oh Oh Oh I'll dance in the rain, I'll dance in the rain,  oh yeah
19. Oh Oh  Oh I'll dance in the rain, I'll dance in the rain

20. Take a seat and relax you're my brother man
21. Love people from other lands  and see them as one
22. If you believe you can fly..
23. Why don't you try instead of doubting yourself, living  in negative vice
24. Get up and say yes you can and appreciate the simple things
25. Like the mountain and trees and the land and the trees
26. And the flowers and leaves, the air that you breathe
27. A wonderful world, a wonderful world.. Ooh Yeah

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

End...but feel free to play it back again :)
Ahhhhh! Now was that refreshing or what??
Yep feel free to call me the 'Hypertech chick' *wink!
Have a great day peeps and remember 'Live while you are Alive'

Lots of love,



  1. The correction to line 2 is "the unknown, I won't be afraid of"

  2. Original lyrics nigga, long live bro, forever, your lyrics takes me to another world where I see posibilities. Long live 2baba

  3. I can't stop playing this song, 2face #respect the song touches my inner most mind whenever I play it

  4. Wow, this is wonderful, av had this song for long bt has never take time to listen to the word/ meaning... Thanks dear I luv it.

  5. I love this track

  6. Tuface sings from his depths and this song will last forever....for me he's the best musician 9ja has produced

  7. Correction to line 25 is mountain and seas . this is really lovely wow can't get myself to stop playing this track

  8. I play this song every morning, Cause i love nature. The song just gives me hope.


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