Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TOTE London Store Opens in Swanky Crouch Hill..Halleluyah!

Hey Peeps,
Long time no blog.. .:) Yes I know ..its been a while but I am so glad I can finally exhale. It's been an extremely busy 2014 for me...A truly notable one with many ups and downs but thankfully with God remaining at the centre of it all..Best of all for me an idea I birthed in Nigeria in 2012 is starting to take shape with the opening of my London Store. TOTE London! Yaaay!

Come and checkout our fabulous Ankara Chiffon and Silk fabric....we can even print your designs for you...
Planning the whole thing (Shop design, fitting, stock etc) just seemed to zap my energy/time but now I can see the light..My pet project has finally come together and its my singular pleasure to invite you to come check us out at TOTE London, 190 Stroud Green Road, Crouch Hill, N4 3RN.

 I managed to create a little quirky store that marries Vintage, African Prints, Lush Silk and Chiffon Fabrics and lots of bling accessories..( wink!) I like to describe it as 'Africa Meets West Aladdin's Cave'...

From Vintage eyewear to African print accessories, our range is truly eclectic...

The Ankara 'Boy' Bag...Its seriously plush..if I do say so myself..(in JayZ's voice) :)
Funky day bags..we've got you covered!

This is my personal 'practical & durable' everyday bag ..TOTE Oil Cloth shoulder bag..grab yours too..

You must, must come down to say hello and shop (Yes ke!)...I'll love your input/ideas to take TOTE London forward..
So now that my major distraction from Seriously doughnuts blog  is done( well stage 1 at least)...let's talk fashion peeps, shall we......??? 
I will do my best to be on point with the posts...So help me God..:)

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you at the shop...wink*! 


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