Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ohhh Boy!! A thousand apologies (BB hand over my eyes) if you noticed that I've been MIA for a couple of days..I'll soon be back in Lagos cos meen this trip is messing wiz my flow joor..my excuse is longish but to cut the story short sha..my weekend kicked off on friday with chilling out with my fab family (Mum&Dad-in-law, Sister-in-law and my dear hubby). On saturday I spent the day with "die-hard fashionista" friends (Tito, Folabi, Ronke, Meg) on both days quality-time was 'key' which meant my laptop/bloggng was not permitted...While on Sunday I spent the  day preparing for a fashion shoot which took place today...(Fab!fab! fab! will show you pictures later)

What a packed weekend and crazy day I've had but it's always such a pleasure hanging with loved ones and my 'fashion' girls...!!! I love these girls, they live and breathe fashion. Folabi probably has the biggest collection of HOT!HOT! shoes ever...she's mad about Marni, Gucci, YSL...and always knows when the new season shoes hit the shops!!! Tito is our fashionista Prefect...loves to shop in quirky west-end boutiques, loves accessories so much she sells them and will never be caught without great hair. Meg is  a Solicitor.She is certainly the prettiest of our fashion club..LOL! Absolutely gorgeous and everything looks good on her, she is also our expert USA shopper and runs a company called Megatrim (Especially for  ladies with 'not-so-flat' tummies).While Ronke is our fashionista bigz-girl..Loves handbags especially the ones that start with the letter 'H'  (with a long-waiting list). She look's after and co-ordinates most of our days-in or out!!!When we hang out we just let our hair down and talk fashion! fashion! fashion! and then about our men and our children,work and then back to fashion..These girls and I are going to grow old still loving shoes, bags , clothes, makeup...Oh and let's not not forget the  'brazillian/whatever hair' ..very important..hee! hee!  Oh Lord! I wonder what we'll be like when we turn 50...LOL! Excuse over..so please forgive my slackness...!!! I promise I will change when I get back to Lagos..where no one will seize my laptop..!!!

Anyway back to SD Fashion and still on the subject of growing old in love with fashion, checkout some of Nigeria's most celebrated 'fashion-loving' over 50's. ...

Chief Abba Folawiyo

Daisy Danjuma

Erelu Abiola Dosumu

Helen Prest Ajayi (ExBeauty Queen)

Betty Irabor (Editor of Genevieve Magazine)

Mrs Folorunsho Alakija ( Used to be the Late Maryam Babangida's
designer when she was the 1st Lady)

Grace Egbagbe (Winner, Vangaurd Allure Style Icon 2009)

Onyeka Nwenu

Yeye Oge of Lagos, Opral  Benson
She is so fashionable, she has a traditional chieftaincy
title to prove it..:)

Mrs Oluremi Tinubu

Florence Ita Giwa
These women have over the years been consistently regarded as 'fashionable'  but what's your take? If you had to pick your 'fashion-future' from the above women, who would you choose?



  1. 1) The one and only HPA. Every time i see her, i hail her. She's the TTP.

    2) Onyeka Onwenu; naturally pretty, talented, eloquent and so intelligent.

    3) Daisy Danjuma. Very beautiful in the flesh and she's got loads of class. She wears the best diamonds and jewels ever....

  2. Helen Prest-Ajayi takes the crown!

  3. see opral benson and abba folawioy's hands...too much bleaching

  4. Opral Benson is the ultimate style icon of the Naija older generation, she's typically always/almost on point. In this line up of pictures I like Florence Ita Giwa's outfit best but I wouldn't go as far as calling her a style icon. Wearing expensive things is one thing... it doesnt always amount to style. Helen Prest-A and Daisy D are pretty and have aged nicely especially Helen but are not what I would call style icons either. Onyeka Onwenu is definitely not a style or fashion icon and I doubt she'd call herself one either but she's extremely eloquent in my books, kudos! Mrs Tinubu? umm is not a style icon... I don't like when we do tha,t call someone something cos they are or were in position, she's not end of.

  5. HPA all the way baby!!!!!

  6. opral benson .full stop!~


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