Thursday, June 23, 2011


Poster advert for the movie BRIDESMAIDS - really made be laugh..reminds me of Naija Tailors..hee!hee!
By the way I hear the movie is super funny and it's currently showing at cinemas in London so catch it if you can
I'm not sure when it'll be in Lagos though..
I was walking down the tube station when I saw the poster ad for the movie 'Bridesmaids' and I just burst out laughing..!!! Why? Well, the pink bridesmaids dresses took me back to Lagos where tailors and designers stay awake 24/7 making clothes. In fact if I didn't know better I would have sworn the dresses in the ad were made by a Lagos tailor..NOT a designer oh...a tailor (yes.. there is a diffrence oh)!! I mean just look at it..It's nice and all but there is just something about it that borders on what a local Naija tailor would churn out in a less than a day..don't believe me? Just have a look at a similar dress worn by Nollywood actress, Oby Edozie below..hers is just longer..LOL!

If you know your way around Lagos, this should cost you no more than N10,000 (circ. £40, $60) to make but if you're a bigz girl, not a local or you're a visitor to Lagos, you may want to treat yourself to the upmarket touch of a designer from around N25,000 - N100,000 (£100-£400).. Shhh!!As for me I get a media discount..!!!! Halleluyah!!!!
As much as it's the 'in' thing to brag about who your designer is..I have to say that the designers are fast winning my vote and it's nothing to do with the money or my discount..Hee!hee!!!! It's the quality of what you get. Although, there are some very good tailors in town but let's be honest most times you get what you pay for but the only trouble these days is that Lagos is awash with 'Tailors' that call themselves 'Designers' how do we tell them apart??? Surely by their fruit we shall know help us God!!! Checkout the pictures below and see what you think....

Nollywood Actress, Oby Edozie..Same style as above right?
well almost..hee!hee!
Nollywood Actress, Amaka Ononibaku
Nollywood Actress Bukky Wright..
Oh boy!!...This one is soooo by a ????
Actress, Chioma Chukwuka
Actress, Funke Akindele

Backview of Funke's dress

This one is a give away...Easy! 
Singer/Rapper Sasha

Geeeez... It's Actress, Eucharia Anunobi
Grace Amah
Hon. Abike Dabiri

Ifeoma Williams

Actress, Ini Edo

Actress Mercy Johnson
Ex-Beauty Queen and Vangaurd Allure's Fashion Icon Award Winner,
Omowunmi Akinifesi

Actress, Rita Dominic..

Rita's back view..

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal

Not that it matters sha but just wondering, can you tell who wears a 'Naija- tailor-made' or 'Naija-designer-made' outfit? Who would you trust with making your trad ensemble?



  1. Na wa! I cant forgive the tailors that made Amaka Ononibaku, Eucharia Anunobi's attire.. what were they thinking!! na cut n join material :-(

  2. KemiismyrealnameJune 23, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    Hmm now I even fear to comment o.

    The funny thing is I wonder why you do not post all of my comments. I only state my own opinion, simple.

    And I know you very well, way back before you even went to England. It took a while for me to figure it out, but you look so much like your mum and then I knew it was you.

  3. @kemiismyrealname.I promise I have posted all your comments..pls resend any that are missing..also do reload/refresh just so you can see changes applied...Pls keep the comments coming...let's or bb me naaa?

  4. lol... all am thinking is where did u dig up those pictures from lol... Amaka's outfit is just hilarious

  5. i snivel and call all of them tailors! The difference with designers is the finishing. They are quite precise and pay attention to the tiny detail. However, there are some tailors that are better than Designers. The main tailor who sews for my family members is called Azuka. A lot of people know her and sew with her. She’s fantastic. My Mum also has another tailor that was Deola Sagoe’s apprentice and she charges almost like her. LOL!

  6. INI Edo- TACKY and that is all i can think about it must be hard work to get into some of these outfits they don't even fit well !!!!!

  7. buahahhahahahhaha rita dominics dress is hedious. they should hire as their stylist. i wnt cut their neck. mercy shd stop this her cheap synthetic hair. brazillian, peruvian and indian have all crashed. they shd take a cue from genevieve, shes the only nollywood actress that has style.

  8. Everyone has to find their levels and patronize the one they can afford. Some designers churn out dresses like tailors and vice versa

  9. ...well....will we say now that the honorable patronizes the tailors too?

  10. Eucharia,Akinnifesi and Ini Edo's tailor lauren failed or rather the outfits just didn't come out right

  11. stl wondering how Ini Edo & Mercy J stepped out of their houses in what they r wearing uhmn f u like dont post na u sabi

  12. ini and mercy urgently needs a fashion check!!! NOW


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