Monday, June 20, 2011

Sincere apologies...Funke Akindele Spotted London Bound....

Sincere's completely outta order that I haven't served you up some serious juice....but
Peeps meen plenty gist  but sha I'm kinda stuck.I had been looking forward to non-stop blogging for a few days but the unthinkable internet router broke, I have rushed out to get a new one so I should be back online tomorrow BGG  after Talk Talk Engineers help jumpstart my internet access...CRUMBS!!!

But just so you won't say I didn't give you any gist sha...Guess who was on my flight..??? "JENIFA"...LOL! Yes o Funke Akindele is in London..she was ever so lovely humbly saying 'Hello' to people at the airport.I've got to say she is pretty down to earth but you know what? these Nollywood peeps roll big....One of the passengers said she was in "Upper Class"...I dunno for sure sha cos I wasn't in Upper Class O! I was in ----Class..heee!hee!whatever jooo we all got to the same destination naaa...LOL!

Kai too much gist ohhh but again I gottta run...before my neighbour kicks me out...!!!!
Tomorrow..I promise I'll fill you in even if I have to become an Internet Engineer overnight...!!!


Lots of love...

*BGG - By God's Grace


  1. Seriously, do you expect them to fly by coach? You need to see their bank balances to understand they are on a different level. If she flew by coach, wouldn’t you be so surprised? I remember seeing Ikechukwu on my flight last year and we got chatting. I said “big boy” and he said how? He said forget all that, when he wants to travel, his people buy him his tickets and he travels. So, they don’t buy these tickets themselves, some of them get them free and even if they buy the tickets themselves, they can afford it. They are in a better position than people who by all means with their last dosh have the mantra of “they must travel by Upper/First Class!”

    I like when these celebs are humble and nice.....

  2. Yep,
    Flying coach doesn not mean one is broke, i see these celebs at boarding gate and hoping to see them in bizness, they are usually no where to be found, that means ofcourse they are in coach.
    Sometimes i fly coach too, i just feel, everytime we fly a certain class, there is a genuine reason to be there, not necesarily mean we are broke.

    i have on many occasions sat beside celebs, like Tai Taiwo, Fally Ipupa and his manager, stephanie Okereke [ all in biz class]

    Shan George, Festus Keyamo, Lanre Nzeribe [in coach]


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