Friday, June 24, 2011


US-Based, Olabisi Waller, CEO EC Cosmetics
So I've been strutting around town with amazing full stunning lashes...kai! I can't believe I'm about to share my newest and hottest beauty secret but hey I'm nice like that..LOL! Well, I 've been playing with DivaDerme 'Lash Extender'  and I'm absolutely sold!!!  Trust me this is HUGE!!! It's a bestseller in the US and UK and has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Magazines...It's  Magic...NO GLUES, NO FAKE STRIPS OF LASHES, NO PAIN...yet you get the most fabulous long and full lashes just at a stroke of your mascara, laced with a stroke of DivaDerme's Lash Extender ...I met up with Olabisi Waller, CEO EC Cosmetics and sole distributor of DivaDerme in Africa and as expected I was sceptical, thinking.."Nooo...Not another makeup line" but as we settled down into our interview..I found that indeed Olabisi's American import was certainly not another makeup line..DivaDerme boasts of a unique line of  peak performance beauty products that have been shaping beauty through salon and spa professionals for over 30 about a well-kept secret but the lid is off and astute business woman, wife and mother of two, Olabisi introduces DivaDerme Lash Extender, Lip Extender and Brow Extender to Nigeria. I took the DivaDerme Lash Extender challenge, first applying Mascara, followed by DivaDerme's brush on lashes adding hundreds of tiny natural fibre lashes to mine, followed by another coat of mascara (and as much coat of lashes as required)..I was completely blown away!!! Batting my eyes and checking myself out..infact I'm topping up on my contact lenses and dumping my glasses just so I can keep the batting up..LOL! Now I want the lip extender, which works like a lip stain to keep my lipstick colour longer..
If you like your makeup (especially your lashes) looking on point, why not pick up a bottle. The Lash Extender costs around N5k but will last you about 2 months..

DivaDerme Mascara - N5000

DivaDerme Lash Extender (Lashes in a Bottle) - N5000
As for US-based  Olabisi Waller, she is one vibrant business woman..I totally enjoyed interviewing her. She is a complete package of a strong woman in business. From her early days in Nigeria to life in the United States and how she views business in Nigeria...we talked on and on..I 'll aim to upload our interview tomorrow so please check back..I think you'll really like her..
In the meantime for more information about DivaDerme products or stockists please visit
Tel: 0803 3861549 / 08055453284 (Nigeria)


  1. I'm going to because of your write up try this. I hope it works if not ehn....yawa go

  2. I tried it two Christmases ago and it stung my eyes with and without my contact lenses. I found it light and not too heavy but my sensitive eyes couldn’t go with it. Shame.

  3. i really hope it works ooooo

  4. KemiismyrealnameJune 24, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    So Bola, no picture for us to see? I know Olabisi and the product, just want to see the effect on you.

  5. Hello Zizi,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm really sorry this was your experience with our product. You shouldn't have any form of irritation from wearing them even with your contacts. The trick is to apply them face down so that any excess fibers falls on your cheeks, and you can easily brush off. Also make sure you're applying one eye at a time in 3 steps: 1. Mascara 2. Lash Extender 3. Mascara ( to seal the Lash extender in place). Are you in Lagos? I would like to personally show you how to effectively apply our Lash Extenders. Please feel free to send us an email: with your contact details.



  6. Hi Bisi,

    I'm extremely touched by your post. You are so humble. It's a fabulous product but like most cosmetics i use on my face, it just doesn't work with me! I actually used Divaderme a few times but it still stung my eyes. I did all you typed and was extra careful but still no joy.

    I'm not in Lagos presently. I live in London and i'm back there at the end of the year.

    Thanks again for taking the time out to reply.


  7. ok. Bola, if you post pictures, we will believe you. Seriously


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