Monday, June 6, 2011


Way back in 2007, Nollywood Siren, Genevieve Nnaji jumpstarted her PR engine after what was then the raunchiest photoshoot Nigeria had seen on the cover of  a magazine especially on a men's magazine for that matter (MADE Men).Jaws dropped and eyebrows were raised but in the hearts and minds of Nigerians, Genevieve Nnaji emerged suddenly as Nollywood's official sex symbol. Years after, married mother of four, Omotola Jalade's tastefully executed sexy images were released further reinforcing her nickname 'Omo Sexy' and now only a few days ago Nollywood Actress and very married Ini Edo's super sexy topless image was released via her PR agency and even I gasped for breathe!!!!
She looks HOT! Hmmm!!! But after I regained my sanity, I wondered what the purpose of the image was..I thought maybe it was for breast cancer or something ...but Noooo, it's a PR ploy for us all to fall in love with Ini Edo, after all if it worked for Genevieve and Omo would work for her...right? Well right they are by the looks of things and comments I have read on other blogs...even I am re-starting my famous gym run..just for the 'INI' body!
Na wa ooh! Looks like Nigerians are getting more liberal by the day..Ten years ago this would have been a CAPITAL OFFENCE punishable by the lashing of tongues but today we call it 'tasteful PR'...I guess we  have lots of more topless/ sexy images to look forward to from Nollywood judging by the number of Nollywood Chicx out there but please ladies NO NUDE pictures O! Many of us as still 'traditional old skool Nigerians at heart'..Let's stick with leaving something to the imagination but even that is causing commotion in Nigeria o!!

Genevieve Nnaji in 2007 Topless shoot..
Ini Edooooooo Ohhh! HOT! HOT! HOT! 

Omotola Jalade, Sexy Mama of Four's tasteful PR shoot...

Another  pic from Genevieve Nnaji's 2007 Raunchy shoot that set the pace for
Nollywood ladies...

Anyhoooo! Ini Edo give your PR agency a pat on the back, you got what you wanted..You are now officially in league of the Nollywood Sexy Bigz Girlz...
So peeps, Who is your number one Nollywood Siren? Veteran Genevieve Nnaji, The Sexy One, Omotola Jalade or  The New Kid on the Sexy Block, Ini Edo?



  1. Na wa o! but i like Ini's, Damn real for an African chic then Omot T n then our diva-GN

  2. omotola jalade is my number one
    ini edo is my number 2

  3. Hmmm!!!! *SMH*, they are all sexy in their own right.
    Genevieve is a real black beauty. She has flawless dark skin. She also has a beautiful smile.
    Omotola.... She is one hot, sexy mama. When I grow up *Lol* I want to be like her. Her hottest asset is her 'buka buka' (backside).
    Ini...... Oh my! She has really transformed. That picture is beautiful. While I do not encourage nudity, that picture was tastefully done. I did not see any boobies so me no get any problem with it man *in rasta accent*.
    So if u ask me personally who I feel is the hottest chick I will tell you 'all'. They r all sexy and beautiful in their own right.

  4. i aint gonn lie i love me some Genny but thus far INI KILLED IT - i call a spade a spade.


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