Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hey peeps,
It's my very first Christmas in Nigeria in yonks and although in comparison it doesn't feel like Christmas at all with not much fancy decorations or fanfare in town but still, I'm grateful to be here at this time with family and people I really love.I'm especially happy to be spending christmas with my father who is now pretty old and as much as it's tiring to care for him, I feel fulfilled for the opportunity to be here with him. To him this Christmas, I am an answered prayer!

Looking at my dad though, I have summed up that life is such a precious gift, you've just got to get up and make the most of the present as a time will quickly come when you can't do much. We all must find something to do to make our lives fulfilling. Enjoy the love of family (often times they are the only ones that will stick their neck out for you).Celebrate and live Your life to the fullest, choose your friends wisely and trust God only!
Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas...

Today, like everyone else I intend to have a 'food-filled', 'merry-drinks downing' time celebrating the birth of the 'Biggest Gift' to mankind - The Birth of Jesus. I will also be taking time out to reflect on how I lived my life this year and drafting some resolutions on how I can live my life better as the New Year approaches. If you will be doing similar, remember to be kind to yourself whilst being brutally honest. Listen to your inner voice. Don't let dogma get you down.Shake the dust off your shoulder,follow your heart and ask God for direction on your next steps...

I'm trusting that by God's Grace we will all be moved from glory to glory in 2012. I see a new exciting direction Seriously Doughnuts in 2012 and I want to thank you all very much for your continued support, comments and contribution here.

Readers in Nigeria, UK, USA, Dubai, Ghana, Canada, Ireland, France, Kenya... wherever you are, we see you on our stats..Thank you! Thank you !Thank you!! Your readership is much appreciated. Here is wishing you all a blessed Christmas, God's protection and a bountiful and prosperous New Year!

Lots of Love,

NB: If you have aged parents in Nigeria, don't forget to send much love their way, now is the time they need you most- Choose to be an answered prayer!!

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