Thursday, December 15, 2011

FIRE AT DOLPHIN ESTATE: 999 Call In Naija-Professionally Answered and Handled....!

After making numerous phone calls trying to find a welder (needed to fix a metal frame in my shop) with no luck, I decided to hit the streets and ask around, a detour through Dolphin Estate, I found one right at the top of Kosofe Road and just as we started to talk about my requirements, someone screamed in yoruba "Yeeee Yeeee, Inaaa jo Ile yen oh" (translates to 'that building/house is on fire')...instinctively we all turned back to look.

There were sparks and dark smoke puffing out, cables were burning right at the top of the building (3rd block of flats on Kosofe Road)  and even as the maze of cables burnt profusely, just like in movies, heroes emerged, as concerned citizens ran to rescue residents who were probably unaware of the fire.The Nigerian "Be Your Brother's Keeper" spirit was on full display...Everyone had an idea of what could have been done and a crowd quickly gathered with people screaming, watching and hoping ....

I asked someone to call the Fire Fighters but no one seemed to know their number. With nothing to lose I called 999 and was not only  shocked that it rang (with some Lagos state message playing) but also that when it was answered it was done professionally. I was in such a state of worry that people may be trapped that I spoke so fast. The operator must have noticed I was quite perturbed so she politely asked me to calm down.
She asked the details of where the situation was, the nearest bus stop and what I thought was the problem was. FIRE!FIRE! I screamed, she asked my name and said fire fighters would be despatched immediately.....! I got off the phone thinking 'WOW', something actually works in Lagos!

I then hoped that the Fire Truck would turn up like magic but 15 minutes after nothing -  I looked up and realised I was standing right under electrical poles and wires connected to the building on fire and thought - BAD IDEA! I was panicking so much I thought I was better off leaving, I couldn't stop worrying about what happened, so I went back today.

There was good news!!! I was so pleased to see that the fire had been contained and only the corridor was badly burnt. Homes were saved and thankfully no lives were lost "LAGOS STATE FIRE SERVICE" saved the day. According to Mr Toye, an eye witness, 3 Fire Engines turned up yesterday to the delight of residents and onlookers as they quickly and swiftly calmed the situation...

Isn't it great to know that  something actually works in Naija...????
There is hope oh - Nigeria Go Better!!!
Long Live Lagos State Fire Service and yes...Naija Emergency Service..."Very Well Done Oh!"

N.B: Meanwhile I still need a welder oh....infact now I'm wishing for IKEA in Naij...LOL! 



  1. Lol. I know someone who lived on that block. Glad to know all is well that ends well...

  2. Lol Ikea in Nigeria? I'll be hyped if that ever happens.
    Thank God for Lagos State Fire Service o!

  3. I am really shocked that that number works but I'm beyond delighted that something works. Eko o ni baje o

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