Monday, December 26, 2011


Our attention has been drawn to an article quoting a recent post on SD (which has since been deleted) regarding a "Mr Dilly" who was featured in the post.The facts of the matter are as follows; Seriously Doughnuts went to an event and spotted a gentleman who we thought was a Model and innocently shot his picture as we have done with other subjects at several events to be featured here on Seriously Doughnuts as part of our fashion and entertainment content. We didn't know who he was or his history but we were curious as to why he didn't want his picture taken. We had a small conversation and managed to convince him to take a single shot.
The event coverage including the rather peculiar conversation that ensued and our observation on the night was posted but we were shocked to receive an anonymous comment  regarding Mr Dilly's background. We therefore took the decision to immediately delete the post as Seriously Doughnuts positions itself as a 'Fashion and Entertainment Blog Only'.
Our reporting is light-hearted  in line with our ethos as Nigerian lifestyle observers.We are NOT detectives or investigators, neither do we have a crystal ball to see into people's lives. We work hard to create original content that we hope our readers will find fun and entertaining (which ironically, has often been plagiarised / duplicated  by the writers of the article on several occasions)  and we cannot realistically be expected to investigate into peoples lives in the cause of our work .

Thank you for your attention
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