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Pic Credit: NEKS2U

Stylish Duo, Genevieve Nnaji and Nike Osinowo-Soleye were spotted together at the Arise Fashion Week.I wonder what they were talking about...A 'fashion revolution' maybe..Louis vuitton takeover, Gucci ambush, Jimmy choo arrest, Louboutin tango...Who knows? But today as I'm in the mood to talk 'shoes'... hee! hee!

Warning: When it comes to Genevieve and Nike Osinowo-Soleye I confess it's love all the way....

Gene receiving her Style gong..
Genevieve, 31, recently won the award for the Most Stylish Woman in her 30’s at the Elegance and Style Awards. Guys, I saw Gene twice at  the Arise Fashion Week and boy, my girl has seriously stepped up her fashion game and turned up the heat a notch while at it ... Above, her lovely shoes are one of the most loved from Vivienne Westwood and Melissa's Anglomania collaboration Collection. They were first produced in 2009 but they have since become a ‘classic‘  Vivienne Westwood 'must-have'. The cute thing about the shoes is that they are bubble-gum scented...Especially for people that like to sniff their shoes..LOL!
Fellow fashion lover, BoFinni and I have been trying to buy them for a while, they come in about 5 colours or more  but it was a tall order to find them in our size in any colour combo. After a while we just 'fashied' and gave up but evidently Genevieve found her size and they look fabulous on her..
If you want to steal Gene's style and cant wait to get 'google-ing' the shoe is called 'Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon...' 
Much love for you Gene..*wink*!
As for Nike Osinowo-Soleye, 45, she has always been my fashion icon. I have loved and followed her fashion for nearly 20 years so you can imagine my pride when Arise Magazine officially awarded her with the Style Icon Award...I felt like screaming "I said it first.."  Heee! hee! Childish I know but I refuse to grow up...LOL! 
To me this Ex-beauty queen is a fashion trail blazer...I love the exaggerated tassels and the striking colour of the Sonia Rykiel shoes worn in the pic above. Nike Osinowo-Soleye is an avid quirky boutique shopper and she sure knows how to rock her style! 
Listen! The day I styled her for a shoot with Ovation Magazine, I got a sneak preview into her shoe collection..I knew there and then that there was such a thing as a ‘Shoe Heaven’..better believe the hype, Nike Osinowo-Soleye knows her beans when it comes to looking good. As for me when it comes to Nike, I'm shameless..I 'heart ' this! love! love...
A grainy pic of Mrs Nike Osinowo-Soleye & I.. All tired after the photoshoot..
Honestly, my BB camera can be really crap sometimes..Grrrh!
By the way, please look out for the ‘NIKE OSINOWO COVER’ issue of Ovation Magazine (Out next month). I’ll certainly keep you posted once it hits the streets..I’m sooo excited about the issue is my premiere contribution to Ovation Magazine plus I got to style a woman I have admired for so many years. Now her phone number is on speed dial on my phone for my fashion dilemas...LOL! So, its safe to say that styling Nike Osinowo-Soleye was a dream come true for me but the best part is the fact that she absolutely loved my work and for me, fashion wise,  nothing  beats that....(Special thanks to: The Nike Osinowo Project Team: Wunika Mukan, Nike Adebimpe. The fabulous Designer, Ituen Basi, Tope Adeboye@ Duchess Awolowo Road,Hair and Makeup Artist, Becks Buki, Photographer,Jide Alakija, Fashion critic and style assistants, BoFinni, Hauwa Mukan, Bolaji A.)

Shhhh! Nike Osinowo-Soleye has a range of new products due to be launched soon you can be rest sure that I’ll keep you posted once she takes the lid off the brewing pot  but trust me its fabulously NIKE OSINOWO-SOLEYE.. but just a clue though...It's fabulosity in a bottle..*wink*, *wink*!

I'm still Seriously Doughnuts and fashion is still seriously delish....Yum! Yum!

A close-up look at the 'Classic
Vivienne Westwood Mellisa
Lady Dragon 'Plastic' Bubble 
Gum Scented Shoes
Have a fashionably fab Wednesday peeps..

Lots of Love, 



  1. Hahah! Guess I am not the only one who loves Nike's fashion. She always looks good. I think it is her timeless elegance I luv so much and yes I crowned her first *wink*wink*. Looll!!
    Check out my list of best dressed females

    www. .

  2. I cant believe thats aunty nike holding on to you in that pic
    she looks so homely and loving and humble
    I always thot she had her nose up in the air and snobbish
    wow that seems to be a major misconception.

  3. She's by far Nigeria's most stylish woman. She's so effortless unlike a lot of other women who look like they are trying too hard!! Genny is on the way up and oozes grace.
    Their conversation? Mmmmm, maybe a certain AAA (Triple A!)

  4. Re-Nike, i'm sorry but she looks aloof in this picture. Like she was forced to hug you! She should have cracked a smile. All that nose in the air and snobbish thing is so fake!!
    Lovely pic of the two women.

  5. @Yeoal - Yes oh you certainly got in there before me...(smiles)
    @Anon 6:10 - You hit the nail on the head, perceptions are not always right
    @Zizi - Hey girl, you sure know your fashion..
    @Shakara - We had been on a 10-hour photoshoot, she didn't stop for a second for food or drink. She was an absolute professional throughout..Like everyone else on the shoot she was tired..afterall she is human too..As for me smiling...I went to bed smiling- tired but was my stylist dream fulfilled ..

  6. Three fashionistas and a Vivienne 'Mellisa' Westwood..wink wink
    @Bola- top job!

    C'est Jane!!

  7. I've always wondered how models are able to sit the way Nike is sitting...i saw this first on Jerry Hall (as a child) and i have always been fascinated by this "pose"...have tried it but my short legs won't allow me lol!!....I love me some Nike Osinowo anyday!!


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