Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The very stylish, Eku Edewor
Pic credit: Lumi Morgan
Hey guys! I officially met Lagos fashionista and Studio 53 Reporter, Eku Edewor at Le Petit Marche on Sunday..(Nice!) but guess what? She is a Seriously Doughnuts reader too (Smiles..Yay!). Well, I’ve talked about her enough times here so I guess she just had to get to the bottom of all the smoke or so, I tell myself...LOL!  

Anyhoooo! She has graced the cover of almost ALL Naij Magazines so its a given that Lagos and the media love this girl but it’s so easy to see why. 
Her style is effortless and the best of times she stands out. She was actually one of the nominees for the Arise Magazine - Style Icon Award which Nike Osinowo-Soleye won
But if you ever wondered why Eku is so pretty...I'll tell you in one word - “MUM”. That simple people..she cheats...big time with a lot of help from the family tree! I met her mother too on sunday and thought that explains it...!!! 
Yes, people her Mama, is also as gorgeous and a serious fashionista contender too (Sunglasses, IT bag, gorgeous hair..the lot!) For real Y’all Eku’s Mother has got it going on!!!. Infact, they could pass for sisters and considering it was Mother’s day on was really cute seeing the pair bonding, doing what girls love most ...Fashion Shopping!
But I know you lovely people also have gorgeous mothers too and in celebration of your mother, do tell what your best or odd feature inherited from her is?  
As for me, I have my mother’s smile..(Cheese..!), her roundish-squarish face but unlike her I have just one  dimple on my right cheek...Love it! Hee! hee!


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  1. All I know is shawty is a cutie... and I saw her for the first time Sunday. Well good to know she is doing big things.


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