Friday, March 25, 2011


Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dike looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL...

I absolutely HATE lace front wigs!!! Hell would freeze over before an African naturally grows that kind of hair line...The whole concept is great but half of the time it’s badly fixed and wearers have a strange way of looking alike that really makes me cringe. I accept that traditional weaves are fake as well but they are a different kind of FAKE at least you can leave your own natural hair line out and just layer in some lines to add body..but as for LACE FRONT WIGS..'me no like at all'.. they not only look super FAKE, they look ridiculous in almost ALL cases except this one..THE CASE OF NOLLYWOOD’S TONTO DIKEH...
I have to confess her lace front wig installation actually looks really nice! If I didn’t know better and if the colour didn’t give it away maybe I would have thought it was really real (OK, I doubt that)! but there is no sight of that rubbish net and glue marks on the forehead to distract  just the really pretty face we love to see onscreen. Tonto day please share the secret of how to have fabulous lace front wigs on TV so that Naija lace wig lovers can get with the program..
Infact if there is any good Lace Wig Stylist in Nigeria (as in VERY good). Pls email me and I’ll gladly and freely share your pictures and contact info here and on a t-shirt as I have just about had enough lace wig eye torture in Naij.
Meanwhile, I will continue to hope and pray that in every home the mirror, mirror on the wall will tell ladies when their lace wigs are just wrong...
How about you? what do you think about Tonto's hair or lace wigs in general?? You like?

Fine girl no pimples...simple..!


  1. Ewww! I'm sorry to day but there's too much going on her face! The hair and the makeup is just urgh! She's such a beautiful girl, but she needs get rid of all these clown getups! SMH

  2. I seriously agree with you.........
    I think it make them look like aliens....

  3. im not a big lover of lace front wigs as well but i think the make up really brought it all together as a decent lace front wig look, especially in the first pic. Thanks for stopping by the last time!

  4. i think the hair n make up is perfect, not many pple can pull such hair color + lace front like she did. Anyway i think the top n pearls she had on is too much for the hairstyle n color, good thing she didnt go for big ear rings or she wlda looked like a masquerade

  5. you are right. i hate lace front wig too, lol about making them look like aliens and alike.

  6. I fixed a lace front wig about 4 years ago and took it off after 4 days! My scalp and glue don't go together. I swore never to do it again. I find them hideous. Instead, i favour strand by strand weave. I don't know anyone in Nigeria that fixes them well. She's pretty, but the fact that she has a lace front wig just takes away the good looks. They are so banal!!

  7. nahhh..she looks like a porcelain doll with that weave...

  8. Lace front wig! naah.. Some of dem look like Monks in movies when they fix it , its terrible ! .. She looks alright not sure of the makeup tho.

  9. she looks pretty no matter what...cause I love her the way she is..

  10. black suits her better, but she still rocks with that look


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