Thursday, March 3, 2011


Meee, faking the funk with my ' Halle Berry Rendition'
 by Antonia my NAIJA HAIR CHIC..!
Sunglasses in the bedroom wearing my nightie?
Yes O..only in Naija..!LOL!
Halle Berry! Halle Berry! Halle Berry! ...How many times did I say your name ?..Well, listen lovely lady...I'm bored stiff with this 'one hair style' look of yours..You've had the same hair style for  over 3 decades. I admit that I copied your style,  twice in my 20's and once in my 30's  but Sweetie..I am done! Change that hair  it sooo 2000 and late!
Yes, you are BEAUTIFUL AND WE LOVE YOU ....but 'puleaaaze'  explore life, change hairdressers if you have to, go on a hair adventure, break your mirror and dare to do something  NEW! Besides girl, I now 'kind of'  live in Nigeria and here we have a new hair do every week.
So, Halle darling.. "inspire're the Celebrity that's your job"  (foneh over!)
But wait oh..(in my Naija accent),we don't want to confuse these Naija hairdressers oh.. ..hmmmm! OK don't worry oh..Let Sade Adu stay Sade Adu, Anita Baker stay Anita Baker..Halle Berry stay..Yes you guessed win!!!

Anyway, that off my chest...
What do you think about Halle's Red Carpet Look..?
I love the dress but I think its just tooo safe...she looks the same every year....Aaahhhh! (Big yawn..).!!!!


  1. She looks the same every year but that's as a result of the hair not the dress cos in the last award she had the zoroh-like dress n it looked nothing like this one

  2. I like you.. you're your top of your game...RE: Halle's dress..I know what you mean but if you close your eyes and visualise ALL her looks in black and white...they are essentially the same silhouette enhancing styles..fitted at the top and 'flowie' at the bottom/ waist down..

    By the way I love your blog..:)

  3. This is a déjà vu dress. I’ve seen this sort so many times on her and i’ve seen her in better dresses. I don’t like the bottom part of it. The dresses that blew me away were the ones worn by Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow. CB’s dress was so against the norm, very intricate and was a work of art.


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