Saturday, March 19, 2011


Me..before malaria..LOL!

Dang! I spent the better part of yesterday on an hospital bed, down and out with malaria..Yes, the mosquitos got me again. It's my second bout of malaria in a few months but what beats me is how these things get to me. The point is my room is mega fortified with mosquito nets and sprayed every night but forget o! these Naij mosquitos are on a mission. They are mega vicious and they certainly got their target again - ME. I knocked out long with my uncharged laptop and phones but as my dear friend, Moji says "God pass dem" and am still standing...(well, not really am lying down recovering..) and I feel much better than I did yesterday. I have to say "Nigeria is blessed with good doctors" but as for the hospital word - Astronomical! but again I say "God pass dem"....
I'm not used to lying around doing nothing it's just not me but now that I'm forced to slow down while I recover, I find myself thinking about so many things I pushed to the attic of my mind. I never thought I would have the time to consider them but since I have some down time..why not?
In the meantime I sing..."Malaria shame unto you oh ...All power belongs to Jesus"...Heee! Heee! 
Put all the mosquitos in Nigeria together still... "God pass dem..." I will muster up some strength and let you into the ramblings of my mind later but now it's time for the next dose of malaria drugs and then I'll take a nap. See you when I wake for you Malaria.."shame unto you oh ...All power belongs to Jesus,"Malaria shame unto you oh ...All power belongs to Jesus"
...but seriously peeps..there are so many issues in this life sha but be assured that "God pass dem all"
See you later:)  and be's going to be a venting saturday...

PS: Thanks LuMi Morgan for sorting out the watermark issue...



  1. get well soon babes!!!

  2. lol... singing to the malaria eh,
    get well soon darl

  3. Sorry Bola...God Pass Dem True True

    Singing "Up Up Jesus, Down Down Malaria" Loool

    Get Well Soon...

    Mr GaGa...On Behalf Of The Exeat Team Lol


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