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Patricia is Naija Wife and Mother,  an executive coach and business consultant, She is the author of Clarify Your Purpose and Live It!  She is sought highly after as an inspirational speaker, life coach and trainer, a Princeton Graduate.
When I was invited by PR Whizz and Youth Senator, Mr Ayo Moses of to join his Blackberry Group (Women of Influence) nothing prepared me for the energy of the group members.These women are highly successful, highly opinionated and seriously on fire. A quick detour into the group's 'Quotes Room' , I stumbled on an article written by a member of the group. It was about Time Management and it spoke directly to me. It was  as though the writer  had a sneak peak into my life, she could see the madness of my daily schedule how I would be busy from the time I woke up to when I went  to bed and to my busy life she proposed simple yet life changing ideas that would free me up from the circle of 'busy-ness'. It challenged my thinking and I almost burst into was the release I needed and I chose to track the writer down..I just needed to know and thank the woman that dealt so sharply with my mindset with one  single blow..
Patricia Omoqui Inspiring speaker, author,
 poet and life coach. We love..!
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm never one to keep a phenomenon to myself, it is my singular pride and privilege to introduce you to Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.TM, an American woman married to a Nigerian, who proudly calls herself  'A Naija Oyinbo'. She knows and fondly talks about Lagos and Abuja and all the "Wahala" we have here and yet she looks forward to moving to Nigeria with her husband and daughters. She speaks passionately about Nigeria. In fact she describes Nigeria as her 'Heart' and from her heart she has given freely so much so that she was recognized in 2010 by Timeless Magazine for her positive contributions to writing in Nigeria.  She is also the recipient of Now Leadership Inc.'s Legends of Leadership Award, 2010.  

She even speaks 'pidgin english' eloquently, knowing when to add the much needed 'O!' to emphasise statements..Have no doubt my people,  Patricia Omoqui is one of us o! …Naija to the core! 

Patricia helps people wake up to their God-given power, reminding them that they are here on earth to fulfill an important purpose. She  is a featured weekly columnist for Vanguard Newspaper's Allure Magazine (Nigeria) and Leadership Newspaper's  LeVogue Magazine (Nigeria).  She contributes regularly to newspapers and magazines worldwide.  As a writer, Patricia provides ideas that are helping her readers live to their full potential.  Her inspiring video clips have aired on Silverbird TV (Nigeria), Crystal TV (Ghana) and Mind TV (USA)..

More than anything else, I'm so excited that Seriously Doughnuts will have her share with us nuggets of knowledge on how we can train our minds and our thoughts so that we can all individually and collectively achieve more, while living a more peaceful, happy and successful life…

We are truly honoured that Patricia will contribute to Seriously Doughnuts in her weekly date  with us on  .."The Thought Dr Says"

Trust me you'll love  Seriously Doughnuts "NAIJA OYINBO PEPE!!"

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