Thursday, September 15, 2011


So Seriously Doughnuts got an invitation to support a 'Celebrating Nigeria' project - The 419Positive Project, which is basically a series of multimedia projects aimed at challenging the perception of Nigeria. This project is set to take a journey around Nigeria in search of four hundred and nineteen positive attributes of Nigerians & Nigeria.
The project invites Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to share at least ONE remarkable thing about Nigerians and they have gathered quotes from 'well-known'  Nigerians, everyday people and lovers of the motherland. Below are a few quotes we really like..

Chude Jideonwo
Chude Says;

Nigerians like to talk about ʻthe way forwardʼ. We fall into a logjam or dig ourselves into a hole and the next minute, weʼre talking about the way forward! But we always find a way forward!
You push a Nigerian to the wall, heʼll break through that wall and find a way. It is a positive trait. It is the trait that will eventually redeem us, if only we can channel it right.


Seyi says;

Nigeria is a great country filled with intelligent people from all walks of life of which I am proud to be one.

Jeremy Weate

Jeremy Says;
I love the undiscoveredness of Nigeria. Not just what outsiders donʼt know, but what Nigerians themselves have yet to learn.
We know so little about the Nok culture 2,000 years ago; we donʼt know much about the Ikom monoliths and we know almost nothing about Sungboʼs Eredo. And how many people can list Nigeriaʼs 500+ languages? Nigeria is a wonder of diversities.

Checkout some video quotes too...

First, our favourite Nigerian and Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi

Veteran Jimmy Solanke

Morenike Fasuyi

Femi Salawu

I personally believe this is a worthy cause as it challenges even my own thoughts about Nigeria. I have started to look inwards and honestly about how I feel about Nigeria and Nigerians and I have resolved to focus on a more positive look at Nigeria (despite all my pet peeves - Nepa, traffic, etc)...So help me God...(Smiles)
Seriously Doughnuts has therefore accepted the challenge to support this project  and we invite you to do the same by making your voice heard..

Tunde Kelani
and while you mull over positive words for Nigeria may I tease you with the words of Actor Tunde Kelani and I quote ...
....There is a Yoruba proverb, ʻIbi Ori dani si laagbeʼ, My land, chosen for me by my Ori, is a land of blessings.

Nigeria, my country, is a land of multiple blessings....

and as for me and straight from the heart..
Bola Obileye

Nigeria is like a rough diamond covered in years of mud and muck yet valuable and priceless in worth. Its people continually overwhelm the world with intelligence yet the mud covers her beauty but as a  diamond all the same, Nigeria and Nigerians shine in all endeavours of life. Even as many issues plague Nigeria she is being painstakingly-refined yet she holds her place as the beacon and light bearer for Africa  and like the diamond she truly is ...against all odds Nigeria is destined to SHINE! NIGERIA SHINES!!

For more information about how to be a part of  the project visit

Now this is a challenge everyone should's your turn to say something Positive About Nigeria...C'mon you can do it...



  1. Nigeria is a land of opportunities and a courageous people. Versatile in all walks of life, we are a country awaiting our moment to long as united we stand

  2. Im sorry but doesnt this stand in contradiction to an earlier post asking if your move back home was worth it

  3. @ Ada - certainly not! Speaking the truth and saying something positive are two different things..I wrote reeling from 5 hours of a stressful day in traffic and the question I asked is one I ask myself because whether we like it or not, we have realities that need to be addressed in Nigeria. Doesn't mean I hate Nigeria, it means I'm ready to drive a positive change and like I mentioned regardless of the issues that plague Nigeria, we are good people we just haven't found our way yet but by God's grace we certainly will. Don't get me wrong I love Nigeria, I love being Nigerian. I just wish we could do certain things different and I certainly want to be a part of the positive change that will come to Nigeria by God's Grace. Amen.

  4. Ok, Bola

    I hope you dont see my post as a personal attack,
    it just appeared contradictory to me

  5. @ Ada - not at all o..I appreciate your comment..we're cool ..*wink!

  6. Nigeria and Nigerians are spectacularly colourful.
    In the midst of all that is wrong in it, its people are never dull.Not in their speech,celebration nor fashion.
    The vibrancy of their colourfulness is exhilirating.
    I am proud to be a Nigerian and experience such.

  7. Hi Bola O,
    Many thanks for featuring The 419Positive Project on Seriously Doughnuts.

    I appreciate how you feel; the sense of both loving and disliking Nigeria in the same breath. We are often told that we may ONLY express one emotion or the other! I disagree with this! In my opinion, it is possible to both love and hate Nigeria simultaneously.

    There are indeed many positives worth acknowledging however, the realities of daily life in Nigeria tend to relegate them. This project hopes to shine a spotlight on them, in an attempt to inspire Nigerians to fight to preserve the country.

    Once again, thanks for your support.

  8. Lovely people, amazing in the real sense of the word. Everybody that visits Nigeria is always overwhelmed by the hospitality from the people, an attribute I consider as a great gift to the people of Nigeria. Relentless, hardworking, hopeful, faithful, epitomes of loyalty and pride in what is theirs...I could go on and on, but the summary is just that a typical Nigerian is blessed with a beautiful heart :)


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