Friday, September 2, 2011


Lagos loves to look cool and when it come to the ultimate necessary accessory, Lagos loves to strap up in cool belts... Hermes belts are much loved and much rocked..I admit I love 'em too..people just have a way of looking 'correct' ( as in gbam!) when wearing 'em.. (There's something about that bold 'H' that  we seriously love! and its nothing to do with any perceived image) I know we have a way of bleeding trends to death in Lagos but I personally make an exception for 'Hermes strapping' after all, it's not a trend par say, its just a belt at the end of the day..albeit a cool one..
Check out my cool Lagos peeps with their 'cool' on...
Tosin Ogundehin

Fashion Reporter, Nkiru Nwachukwu

Dayo Adeneye

Even the wind co-operates to show off Emeka Ossai's 'Hermes' underneath.. 


Efe Tommy


And when Lagos is not 'Hermes-rocking' they just might be living it up on the Louis Vuitton tip...

Bracket rocking his LV belt..

Efe Tommy...the funky TV reporter

Yep...Lynxx again..
But sometimes any designer will do....

D'banj rocking a Vivienne Westwood Belt...
Iyabo Shola-Oluremi rocks Salvatore Feragamo
Genevieve Nnaji rocks her Reiss belt
Noble Igwe rocks his D&G
Yvonne Nwosu rocks her Moschino..
D'banj rocking a 'Belt-de-illuminati'...LOL! Just playing o! 
Dbanj is blessed jor. Illuminati ain't gat nothing on him..!!
All the illuminati talk just makes me laugh...!!! Hee! hee!
Lagos certainly loves designer labels but hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that...It comes with the territory..Let's jut say it's Lagos Stylay and at Seriously Doughnuts, we still love to our Lagos crowd...fashionable, fun, funky, sometimes predictable but always looking good....!!!! Do we take fashion seriously in Naija??? You bet we do...

Have a fab weekend peeps! Don't forget to keep your cool on *wink!...SD is still about town trend watching...Yes o..TGIF the weekend kicks off today...!!!

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  1. You forgot to add my Ibo brother MI with his Valentino belt. As long as it's not a Hermes belt, i like! LOL!!

    You are laughing at me because of that illuminati stuff right? Have fun. Just wait until u catch you.......

    There are handlers and there are puppets. You need to figure that out!

  2. I am very much over Hermes belts. Naija's have a habit of over doing something and turning it 'uncool' and if im honest, i dont really see the appeal of the belt. Its just cos its a big H and is instantly recognisable as Hermes (assuming its not fake). But we should ask ourselves the following: would you wear a belt with a big T? or any other random letter of the alphabet? Probably not...

    All that being said, I have some lovely chic and understated vintage Celine and Ferragamo belts which i totally love to give my outfits a little bit of edge now and then.

    These is a clear difference between fashion and style. One is followed and the other one is inherently possessed.....

  3. TemiDee, i feel you like i dey feel FICA on my paycheck. Nigerians can overkill something. I live in Cali and thank goodness i can wear my Hermes belt and not feel like jumping off the golden gate bridge just cos 20 other folks are wearing it. the last time i was in Nigeria, i couldn't even carry my chanel bag cos every body carried one. that's the beauty of living overseas...even in LA, yeah people cna be so ostentatious but you can stilll be tickled by your Hermes belt or other designer items. God bless naija and their ability to turn fashion into

  4. Bola, belts ranges from $2.99 to $9.99 no names have being using them since 2006 and they are just fine. I will not spend thousand of naira or all in the name of I want to appear into I belong to big leagues or have arrived on any darm belt.

  5. Hey TemiDee, I'm with you all the way. Trust naija, we have a way of turning fashion trends into national anthem. Na wa o.

  6. it looks like people are overdoing the hermes belt thing jo. Naija abi lagos and trends. when one person does something, the whole world will follow. I tire sha

  7. Thankyou Temidee. two nights ago i was asking my friend why NIgerians like to overkill stuff. Everyone wants to jump on d bandwagon!!!!!

    Look at the Chanel bag that is supposed to be a classic but it has been KILLED.

    Now i just go for the understated stuff that i like



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