Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SD FASHION: NAIJA BOYS LIKE IT CHEAP...Errrm.. actually under N4k to be precise...

Fine boy Lynxx knows all about fashion economics...*wink!
Steal Lynxx' style buy similar £14 from River Island or buy yours from
TOMS (more expensive sha!) like Lynxx..:)
Naija boys are swagging their Lagos style on  cheap-o-nomics! Don't get me wrong we ALL love a good fashion bargain. For example, Ladies, (Naija and non-naija) love the UK's PRIMARK (AKA PRIMANI) the very affordably cheap stylish high street store. You go in there and you find some seriously funky pieces. From shoes to bags, clothes, luggages and now even home furnishing. It's amazing and makes fashion so accessible and giving us all an excuse to look good (except for the label-conscious who claim never to have worn anything from Primark) LOL!
Keeping it real, I like to pop into Primark every now and again  savouring what their designers create  and when I buy from there, I only buy pieces on the account of 'Style'. The trick is not to focus on the price but instead how the piece looks or how special the item is -If it's got general appeal I would not touch it with a long pole. Anything I buy whether from Primani or Armani (notice the rhyme..wink!) must be special. It must say my name all over it but one thing is for sure.I would never overdose on Primark (like wear primark shoes, primark top, prmark bag  etc all at the same time, besides I would NEVER buy shoes or bags there (like NEVER)..but their T-shirts are great!). The trick is to jazz up any piece like a top or bottom you buy with other nice pieces  from other stores to make your style individual to you...
Canvas slip-on espadrilles

Primark aside, girls are not the only ones that can 'funk up' on the cheap. Naija boys are hitting town looking super funky wearing "Canvas Slip-on Espadrilles" in all manner of colours.. Style is never about price and these very confident dudes know it, as they nicely finish up their fashion statements with these casual but funky shoes... Big boys like Lynxx and the guys below probably bought  their's from TOMS espadrilles which are much more expensive  (TOMS are like the the Timberland of Espadrilles)  but if you like a bargain then get similar £14 (N3780) from River Isalnd or £6 (N1620) from ASDA)...
Checkout our Naija Boys looking good...(while pocketing the change...) *wink!

Ebuka of Big Brother


Emeka Omar Yussuf
Iam Audifferen

Ladies, should learn from the boys.Sometimes a little 'Chiconomics' is all you need to extend your wardrobe..*wink! (Rant Starts..) Naija peeps really need to get over the "She is wearing Primark...LOL!" mentality. So what if she is? if it looks good on her, deep down you know you want it too besides if you weren't shopping Primark too how would you know?? *Hiss* (Rant Over!
So peeps what's your take on fashion shopping on the cheap? I know you guys don't do the Primark (LOL!) so do tell, how do you do your cheap-o-nomics or chic-o-nomics???



  1. I wouldnt buy that ish for £1.40, purchasing from those stores is like throwing money into the bin. better to have patience until the good brands are having a sale

  2. lol. To each his own my dear. i buy stuff simply because i like it, whether its from target or LV.

  3. i can't stand primark most of their items are FAKE and wen u get an item from them b sure everyone else is wearing it especially d high school kids n to me these two reasons are big enough to deter me from shopping der
    nonetheless i may do d "Haha she's wearing primani" thing for fun, but dat doesn't mean i look down on those who rock their items cos a lot of my chanel loving friends still sneak into primark, one of them even gave me a primark stud which till today is the most beautiful i've ever owned

  4. well, we dont have a primark in these parts but when it comes to the super affordable brands, like primark, i tend to get the basics; like the white t shirts or just the plain ones, singlets and tank tops. those i can then pair with my nice jeans from the posh stores and also wear with a nice jacket from a better brand and so on. i also buy basic earring studs and plain wool scarves for the winter, i wouldn't buy what is most popular there, lest i go out and see heaps of people sporting the same thing. so thats how i mix and match!


  5. Lol! Who cares.. Tom's made the first "Espadrilles". They're cute and I would only buy one because of the "cause". He gives out a second pair to some poor person after you buy a pair.

    Depending on my pocket, if ninewest looks as good , why NOT!

    Omo, if only we had Primark in Yankee, i would shop the hell out of that place.

    Like you rightly said, fashion is about style, and not necessarily price. Shikena#

  6. U go girl, ur write up wuld sure put some confidence in dem youths wu (like their friends) are thinkin of pimpin or datin aristos just to buy expensive stuff. U define ur style whether Primani or armani

  7. No matter what you buy just make sure that you rock it and it rocks you. It's about style

  8. the "she is wearing primark" mentality is due to ignorance. even if she is wearing primark no be money she pay for am?

  9. I’ve never bought a Primark item and it’s one of those shops I don’t enter. I’m long and lean so the fitting matters and most of these shops (even Karen Millen) don’t cater to long women’s sizes. I can’t identify their items so I’m unable to know when people wear their things.

    Some of these guys can afford the best so the fact that they can shop economically and look good is a testament to their élan! It doesn’t really matter where you buy your clothes, as long as they fit well and look nice. I know so many people that are label conscious yet they always look ropey.

    The picture of the person in red, is that meant to be a boy? Looks like Weird MC.

  10. Like my wife says,whether LV or Primark, they are all made in China! so kini big deal?


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