Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SD Fashion: Have You Lost Your Fashion Youth and Freedom???? GET YOUR FAYOUF BACK!!

Biker Chic Meeee!!!
I shot this 2 years ago for a 80's tribute shoot...back in London with my FASHION YOUTH INTACT 
I think I'm getting old (and noo I'm not talking numbers). I'm talking old as in  'losing my fashion youth and freedom '(FAYOUF)!!!! I mean I still look and feel young and even just 2 days ago, two 20 something year old boys (that could easily have been my school sons) said I looked 'Sexy' LOL! but its nothing to do with feeling sexy...

Fashion Youth and freedom to me represents a state of mind, where one dares to be different with bold  free-spirited fashion statements. Personally, it was that space in time where  I wore what I liked (notice the functional word 'I'), when I liked and to where  liked (within reason of course)....My fashion was my voice...and I freely expressed my voice without fear on CENSORSHIP!!!

But lately, I've been making less and less bold choices, instead opting for a more 'blend into the crowd' type choices which people like to describe as 'classy', 'cool', 'chic' and the worst for me 'SIMPLE'..
SIMPLE??? Puleeeeaaaaze, life is too short meen, forget simple...add a dash of colour, make bold statements with quirky pieces, be playful and adventurous and best of all enjoy your look. Many may find you a bit eccentric but hey as long as you're having a ball...It's your party don't let anyone gatecrash on your fun!!!

Don't get me wrong I do love me a bit of 'classy', I mean I was drooling over one of  Kim Kardashian's  hot looks during New York Fashion Week but I'm sooooo bored with my 'Lagos look' I really miss being spontaneously fashionably  daring!!!! It's as though I've been going around town like I would to my son's school PTA meeting!!! Arrrrrrghhh!

Kim Kardashian - HOT! HOT! HOT! 
The sad thing is I'm not alone, Fashionistas this side of the equator tend to take the 'SAFE' option so much so that everyone almost looks the same in 'giddy', you know the brazilian hair, the predictable denims and T's, designer clothes, Louboutins et al. C'mon people fashion is meant to be fun!
let's ginger things up naaaaaaw! 

We love how Ronke Ladipo of Rouch stands out with one of her designs
the hairpiece is quite chic too! Looooove!!!

I used to say "I'll be 18 till I die" young at heart in fashion and in freedom and I intend to keep that promise to myself...I AM GETTING MY FAYOUF BACK!!!...If you've been feeling a bit fashionably old too, like a bad rash you've gotta treat it before it spreads  so if like me you wan your FAYOU back here are my top tips to get you feeling fashionably fresh again!

1. First of all 'FAYOUF' is NOT about dressing up like a juvenile or inappropriately, it's about self expression, a fashion voice that's you in every way. However, be well guided as to the occasion so that whilst looking fashionably different, you don't look out of place wherever you go.

Andre Blaize reps Lagos Fashion boys real cool. We absolutely love
how he boldly wears brightened up his overall look with a RED
shirt! Fabulous!
2.  Get yourself a full length mirror and create some time for just 'you and your fashion' and just play with items in your closet. Mix and match pieces and  'personally' critique your look till you get the look you want.Play as much and for as long as you like until yo get the look you want. Trust me your mirror won't complain but when you get that look you want you will know and your mirror will agree.

3.NEVER BE AFRAID to experiment with fashion. Break every self-imposed fashion rule but always bear in mind  what you want your overall look to say and let it guide your fashion choices. For example, If you want to look funky to a corporate event, where you must wear a suit, go for something that flatters maybe fitted, funky collars or even a plain suit coupled with a pair of killer stilettos. Whatever you do let it show but DONT OVER DO IT! 

4. A good tip on how NOT to over do your FAYOUF is to make sure your individual pieces don't compete with each other instead they should complement each other. Don't wear blingy shoes, carry blingy bag and a blingy scarf..!!! You'll end up looking like a Christmas tree. Pick one item and let it be the focal point and simply build everything else around it..

Go for exciting accessories, like shoes, bags, hair pieces etc
5. ADD COLOUR! You'll be amazed what a bit of colour can do for your mood and overall look! Personally I love colourful accessories, such as shoes, handbags and necklaces, they just have a way of throwing light on outfits...Push the boundaries first in the safety of your bedroom faithful friend -YOUR MIRROR. Take a subtle outfit and just for the heck of it try it on with a coloured piece..(avoid mix and matching patterned outfits until you become a pro at this)..like shoes, necklaces, earrings etc

We absolutely love how Ugoma Adegoke of Zebra Living plays with colour
Now that's FASHION FREEDOM...Looooove!!!!
6. STYLE THAT HAIR - My mum used to say "a woman's hair is her crowning glory" (well, that's what she said after I shaved it all off a few years ago whilst protesting my hairdressers long waiting list for an appointment..but that's another story..LOL!)  How correct  she was...It's truly amazing how your hairstyle can completely give your fashion  a unique voice. By all means fix a weave but do remember that you can actually style it as well to go with the look you aim to create. I personally love bouffants hairstyles and flicked up fringes. Next time, try out easy to create looks with your stylist and then practice on your own at home as often as you can so that you can have a fresh new look that goes with your fashion each time you step out.

We love how Ogonna Omeruo's (of House of Nwocha) 'Fashion youthfulness
 and freedom
' is always on point....Loooove!
Finally, 'Fashion Youth and Freedom' is a state of mind, you cant force it! If you're not comfortable with what you're wearing, you shouldn't be wearing it. When you are comfortable, you come across as more confident and more swaggalicious ! Remember your FASHION should be all about you and what you like..Yes this is Lagos, you will get judged (by all and sundry including ...!) but hey it's your life...You don't need anyone's permission to "Celebrate Your Fashion..."
Have you got any tips to help take back our fashion freedom in an extremely fashion judgemental city like Lagos??? What's does fashion freedom mean to you? Do share ....

Have a fashionably fabulous day peeps!
Lots of love,
Just have fun and remember  'every perfect looked is planned'  but best of all savour  your FREEDOM!!!


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